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A Family That Plays Together

by theo_minor 04/29/12

Mom smiled as she saw my growing hard-on. "Soon enough, my son," she said, with a wink in my direction. "All in good time."

Mom got up and started clearing the dishes, and before I could say anything, Molly grabbed my hand and led me off to my bedroom. She shut the door, and broke out laughing.

"Can you believe Mom said that?"

I started to relax and laugh a bit. "Yeah, I know. She must have seen everything, and she's okay with it."

"It sounded to me like she was a little more than just okay with it. It sounded like she's got some definite plans for what comes next. Anyway," Molly continued, "let's get on the bed; I want to play with your dick for myself."

"And I want to play with your pussy."

Molly climbed onto the bed, and we situated ourselves so that our heads were aligned with each other's groins, so we could easily explore each other's sex organs. My cock was hard before Molly even touched it, but at the sensation of her feminine hand on my hard-on, I nearly lost it, exercising every ounce of self-control I could muster to keep from spraying my cum all over her face.

"It's amazing," she said, as she slowly stroked her hand up and down along the length of it. I was twitching and jerking at the intense sensations of her movements. "It's like it's alive," she said.

For my part, I was utterly fascinated by my sister's vagina. I had never seen one -- either hers or Mom's -- up close like this before. All the intricate folds were endlessly interesting. I cupped my hand over her pubic mound, and slowly rubbed along her slit, running my fingers through her luxuriant pubic hair. When I tentatively slipped a finger inside her, she gasped momentarily, then let out a groan of satisfaction at the sensation of my finger inside her. When I slid a second finger into her, she gave a sensual squeeze with her vaginal muscles, which made my head spin with excitement.

Soon, Molly was vigorously stroking up and down along my erect cock, imitating what she'd seen me doing before. "Is this how you do it?" she asked me.

"You're. . . doing. . . just. . . fine. . ." I groaned, as I began to grind my hips against her hand motions. I could feel myself slipping past the point of no return. "Oh, Molly," I groaned, "I'm gonna . . . I'm gonna cooo. . ." Before I could finish speaking, thick jets of warm semen erupted from the end of my cock, splashing on my sister's arms, and breasts, and face.

She grinned, as she continued stroking my slowly-deflating cock, squeezing every drop of cum out of it. "I made you come!" she exulted. "That is so COOL!"

I sat there, gasping for breath, feeling like the entire insides of my body had just shot out the end of my cock, while my sister, as she had earlier, rubbed my sperm over her tits and belly, pausing from time to time to give herself a taste.

As I slowly caught my breath, she sidled up next to me. "Okay," she said, "now it's your turn to get me off." She climbed between my legs, sitting with her back to me. She placed my left hand on her tits, and my right hand between her legs, on her pussy.

"Okay," she began, "just follow my lead." She had me run my finger along the length of her slit, then probe inside her, while she groaned in pleasure.

"That's nice," she purred. "You're doing good. Keep doing that for a while." Her musky aroma was filling my senses, as I slowly stroked my finger in and out of her warm, moist sheath, all the while squeezing and caressing her breasts with my other hand.

She moved my hand to the top of her slit, showing me the hard little knob nestled in the upper folds of her opening. "Feel that?" she asked.

I nodded.

"That's my clitoris," she explained. "It's like my little girly hard-on. If you want to get me off, pay close attention to my clitoris."

"Okay," I said, dumbly. I rubbed my fingertip lightly against the stiff little nubbin, which caused Molly to jump.

"Go a little easy, at least at first," she instructed. "Rub around it, not right on it."

I did as she told me, and rubbed little circles around her clit, which she seemed to like. At least, she closed her eyes and purred happily, as she began grinding her hips against my fingers.

"Oooohhhh, that's nice," she sighed. "Don't change a thing you're doing. . ."

After a while, Molly began groaning louder, and grinding her hips against my fingers more urgently. Her body began to shudder and twitch, and she took my hand in hers. Holding it stiffly against her clit, she had me rub her clit vigorously. She was gasping and whimpering, writhing in my arms, until, with a loud quavering cry, she came. Hard. She kept jerking and twitching for another minute or more, as the last tremors of her orgasm went through her. Finally, her body came limply to rest, as I held her in my arms.

"My god!" she exclaimed. "That was incredible! If you can do that to me with just your fingers, what will it be like when we fuck?"

I did a double-take at her question. When? When we fuck? Not 'if'; 'when'. At that moment, I loved my sister more than I ever had.


The next night, the four of us -- Mom and Dad, Molly and me -- sat naked around the dinner table. There was a sense of anticipation in the air, although neither Molly nor I had any idea what was going on; only that Mom and Dad, at any rate, seemed to be excited about whatever it was they had planned.

Dad spoke. "Your mother tells me the two of you have been masturbating together."

Molly and I looked nervously at each other, then at Mom. She just smiled encouragingly, non-verbally urging us to answer our father.

"Uh-huh," we answered in unison, nodding.

"Well, that's great," Dad continued. "That means it's probably time that your mother and I showed the two of you the ins and outs of sex."

"Oh, David. . ." Mom groaned.

My ears perked up. Bad pun aside, he had my attention. I looked at Molly. She was paying him rapt attention.

"I don't want to get ahead of myself here," Dad went on, "but after dinner, we'll all meet on our bed, and Mom and I will help you get things started, okay?"

I didn't know what, exactly, they had planned, but I knew it was gonna involve sex, so I was all-in with it, whatever it was. And judging from how vigorously she was nodding her head, so was Molly.

I don't even remember what we had for dinner that night, but we finished eating and clearing the table in record time.

We all met in Mom and Dad's room, sitting cross-legged on their king-size bed. Mom and Dad sat next to each other at the head of the bed, while Molly and I sat together, off to one side. Dad's cock was semi-hard, and Molly was staring at it. Mom's pussy was openly displayed. I could see her pink petals as they peeked out from inside her pussy. The air was filled with the same musky aroma that I'd smelled from Molly's pussy earlier; I couldn't tell if it was coming from Molly or Mom. Probably both.

Dad spoke. "Okay, now. . . the first thing we're going to do here, is your mother and I are going to have sex together, and we want the two of you to just watch us, and pay close attention. I'm not going to explain much as we go; the two of you just watch and learn, okay?"

I nodded, dumbly. So did Molly. Mom and Dad were gonna fuck right in front of us, and we were gonna watch them. Un-fucking-believable.

Dad and Mom laid down on the bed, facing each other. Instantly, their hands were all over each other, and their mouths were locked together in a passionate, sensual kiss. Dad was slowly stroking along Mom's ass, and down her thighs, and Mom was stroking Dad's chest and shoulders. With one hand, he stroked and kneaded her breasts, and then he leaned down and took her other nipple in his mouth, which drew a happy moan from Mom. After a while, Dad reached down between Mom's legs and began fingering her pussy.

I smiled and looked knowingly at Molly.

Mom gripped Dad's cock, now fully erect, and began to stroke and caress it. I could see a bead of pre-cum growing from the tip, and Mom rolled her hand around his cockhead, smearing the slick fluid all along his length.

Mom got up momentarily, and moved down, positioning her face in front of Dad's cock.

Molly and I looked at each other again. Molly leaned close to me and whispered, "She's gonna suck his cock! Cool!" Mom shot a quick glance in our direction and winked.

Mom ran her hand up and down on Dad's shaft for a few strokes, then she leaned over and covered the head of his cock with her mouth. Her other hand cradled and caressed his balls. She hummed and purred happily as she bobbed her head up and down on Dad's cock. I could see that she was also running her tongue around his cockhead. Dad rolled his head back and groaned at the sensations Mom was giving him.

"Oh, Diane," he groaned, "that is amazing. . ."

After Mom had sucked his cock for a while, Dad touched her shoulder, and she rolled onto her back next to him. "Your turn," he said. Mom gave a little whimper of anticipation as Dad slid down between her legs. He flipped her knees up over his shoulders and began gently nibbling at the insides of Mom's thighs.

Once more, Molly and I shot a wide-eyed look at each other.

Slowly but steadily, Dad drew closer and closer to Mom's opening, licking along her labia, which were soft and puffy now. Then he probed inside her with his tongue, licking along her pink inner lips, while Mom moaned and writhed under his stimulation. Finally, he settled his mouth over the top of Mom's vulva, which drew a deep moan from her.

I leaned over to Molly. "Clitoris?" I asked, whispering.


"Cool!" I whispered back. "I'm gonna do that to you, later."

Molly groaned, and began lazily rubbing her hand on her pubic mound.

At first, Dad seemed to just lightly suck on Mom's clit; she seemed to like it, as her moaning and writhing increased in intensity, and Dad had to work a bit to keep his mouth engaged with her clit. Then, he began to make broad, ice-cream licks across it, and Mom went to another level.

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