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A Fantasy Fulfilled

by Vayporh 10/08/01

I'd been thinking of this for weeks, no not weeks, years! I have had this desire for years and now at last it was being fulfilled, I was finally going to be used and abused in the way I need.

You seem a little lost, I have gotten ahead of myself. Lets start from the beginning then.

I had met Tom and Cathy online at one of those adult personals sites. I had put up an ad looking for a bi couple wanting to use a male bottom. After limited response and a few who were too timid or just didn't know what they wanted I finally found a couple who wanted things that I had to offer. We spent a few weeks e-mailing back and forth sharing our needs and fantasies. I can't even begin to tell you how often I masturbated to those stories! Seeing that we would get along together and that we could satisfy one another we decided that it was time to finally meet in real life and live out one or more of those fantasies and go from there. The time and day was set and had finally arrived. Charged up with nerves and anticipation I hopped in the car and headed up the interstate towards the hotel we had chosen for the encounter. Time flew as I lustfully dreamed of what was going to be happening in a few hours and I reached the hotel quickly.

After getting my room I rapidly started to prepare myself so I would be nice and fresh all over for my newfound 'masters'. I dressed and went down to the bar to have a drink or two and wait for them to come and get me. We had agreed that we would meet in the bar and that they would have the final choice as to whether the encounter would happen. I was nervous as those last minute doubts began to float through my head. What if they saw me and didn't want to go through with it? What if, what if, what if. I was on my third beer when an attractive couple seated themselves at my table grinning. A rush ran through me as I saw them in real life for the first time, they were stunning. We quickly fell to talking as if we were longtime friends. We sat around for an hour drinking and breaking what little ice was left before we headed back to their room for the real fun. They told me that they had gotten there earlier in the day and had prepared the room for us. With that I signaled the waitress and settled the tab and rose to be led out and towards my fate for the night.

As soon as we got into the room Cathy turned to me and kissed me deeply while Tom slid a blindfold over my eyes. I heard the light switch flick on as hands quickly began to remove my clothing. Hot hands slid over my body igniting my already hightened senses. I warm tongue traced a path up my neck to my ear, "It's time slut. You will be led to the bathroom to refresh yourself and get ready for our pleasure. Make sure that you do a good job as you won't be getting a chance for some time." With that a hand grabbed my wrist and a sharp swat landed on my ass to send me in motion. I was escorted into the bathroom by Tom and allowed to remove my blindfold only once the door had been shut.

"Ok this is it, you can end this all now if you want. If you stay you will be ours for the rest of the night, doing everything we ask when we ask it. You will not be hurt, too much. If anything takes you to a limit you don't want to cross just say the word vanilla. That will end it. Do you understand?" I looked at him with an evil smirk and simply said "Yes Master." His smile then was enormous, "All right then, everything you need to freshen up is here. When you are ready to come out knock on the door twice and have your mask on. Failure to do this will be met with punishment!" With that he turned and left the door, closing it quickly behind him so that I could not see what was out in the other room.

Two knocks later I was led out of the room and laid out on the bed spread eagle and was rapidly secured so that I could not move. Warm soft hands began to explore me, never quite touching my cock or balls, but exciting me all the same. Warm mouths consumed my nipples sending electric down my spine to my engorged cock. One of the mouths left my nipple and traced a wet path up to my lips and locked onto them in a deep kiss. Hands lifted my head up and slipped a pillow underneath it propping it up. After what seem to be a wonderful hour the mouth broke the kiss and went back to my nipple, as the other broke off and came up to replace the last one.

Again a long and deep kiss filled my mind and fueled my fantasy. As it broke off the other mouth left my nipple and I heard them engage in a deep kiss of their own. After a few minutes I felt the weight shifting on the bed and was soon straddled by a pair of legs. "Now slut, open your mouth!" Cathy commanded. I quickly did as she commanded and was rewarded with the first taste of my first cock, as Tom pushed his hard-on into my mouth. The salty smooth head filled my mouth, lightly twitching as I began to lightly lick the underside. The experience sent fire into my head and cock and I began to salivate heavily. I quickly began to suck and bob on his cock as best I could. I had never had a real cock in my mouth but I damn well knew what I liked and had fantasized about this for a long, long time. I guess I was doing a good job as Tom quickly began to moan and make small thrusts with his hips.

I Cathy come up near my head just as she grabbed both sides of my head, "Fuck his mouth Tom. He's a slut, a cum slut! Give it to him. Give him the first, easy load so you'll be ready to fuck with stamina later!" He began to thrust in and out of my mouth faster and deeper with that. God, what a feeling! My first blowjob had turned into a face fuck. I could feel the precum oozing down my cock. It wasn't long before Tom thrust his cock into my mouth and began to cum in my mouth. Cathy quickly put her hands around his cock and my lips to hold all the cum in and force me to swallow it! It was thick and salty-bitter but I swallowed it with relish. I had been thinking of nothing else for years now, and I was surely going to do all I could to live it all out now.

Tom drained his balls and pulled out and rolled off to the side as Cathy came in and kissed me deeply. Our tongues clashed as she sought out Tom's cum in my mouth, sharing and savoring the spunk from her husband. After chasing down all she could of the remaining cum she broke off the kiss. "God that was so exciting and kinky to see and do. Slut you've made me very happy, and very wet. Now make me cum!" And I was buried by her wet pussy. She sat on my face hard, forcing my mouth and tongue to explore her pussy deep. Soon she was moaning and grinding her crotch into my face and her juices began to flow a little bit more. The moans turned to grunts and soft cries and her thighs began to twitch. Soon her pussy was spasming an clutching at my tongue as she came hard on my face. With a deep sigh she rolled off my face and moved down to lay next to me as I felt Tom's hands unfastening my restraints.

As I sat up a cold can was put in one hand, "Here have a drink." After that I was led from the bed to the floor where they had me kneel and lay down over some sort of padded stool or bench. My hands were then secured tightly in front of me and my legs were spread and my thighs cuffed and secured. I was bent over, tied up and exposed in all the right places. This made my hard cock even harder and the precum was flowing now. I felt that I was in a position that had my head leaning closer to the floor and had my ass higher up in the air.

"Mmmm doesn't he look good like that?" Cathy said. Then I felt fingers begin to spread cold lubricant around my ass and my cock began to dance in my excitement. Soon the fingers began to slide in and out of my ass. It was the first time someone else had played with my ass, and it was great! More and more lube was worked into and around my hole and Cathy had worked up to three fingers as she finger fucked my ass. " Well now I can tell you have had some large toys in here. You are loosening up quickly. But still lets give you some time and give us a chance to use some of the toys we brought with us while we rest." Her fingers left me and were quickly replaced by the cold tip of one of those toys. Cathy began pumping the thing in and out of my ass, giving me inch after inch, I noticed that as it got deeper it got wider, and I settled in to wait for the plug to be pushed in all the way and left to stretch me out.

The wonderful feeling of being filled up spread from my ass to my cock and balls. I was so turned on at the moment it was absolutely wonderful. I lost track of what I was doing and was soon humping my ass in the air trying to get her to pump my ass with the toy. It was no use as she had let go of the toy and all my actions did was bring giggles to both of them. "Oh my god, look at the slut. He wants his ass fucked bad doesn't he? What do you think Tom, should we give him what he wants?"

With that the plug was popped from my ass robbing me of that wonderful feeling. I must have let out a wimper, "Don't worry slut here it comes." Said Cathy. With that I felt her hands on my ass spreading my cheeks as another cold toy began to bump my asshole. At last, I was going to be taken my a woman and a strap-on! I lunged my ass back at the toy as best as I could, I desperately wanted to be taken. My lunge was a success as I got an inch or two stuffed in me and brought another round of giggles from them. "Greedy slut." And she began to hammer my ass filling me with her strap-on. I was in heaven her latex balls swatting my swaying sack and her pubes tickling my ass as she stroked all the way into me. It didn't take her long to work herself into and orgasm while taking my ass. She fucked me with almost bruising strength as she rode out her orgasm, before withdrawing and falling to the floor to suck air.

I was empty and frustrated now, her fucking had been great and the prostate massage I was getting was near to making me cum. I didn't have the frustration to bear for long as Tom came up and replaced her toy with his cock. That wonderful heat and hardness was much better than the toy. His balls moving against mine as he went in to the root was marvelous. I began to twitch my ass as best I could, trying to add to his pleasure as I neared my orgasm. My cock had not been touched yet and it was harder than it had ever been and near to cumming. Soon Tom was fucking me like a rabbit, his cock going in and out faster and faster. It was electric and I began to cum.

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