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A Fantasy of Three

by penguindance 05/16/02

"Chelle?" Kevin slid the door closed behind him and walked into the dining room. The house was lit only by the glow of a single light bulb over the stove.

"Chelle?" he called again. As he walked into the living room he heard giggling from the end of the hall. A think strip of light was visible from under the doorway at the end of the hall.

'What is she giggling about?' he wondered to himself as he started down the hall. With one hand on the doorknob he stopped and listened. Who was in there with her?

"Chelle, what are you…" he turned the knob and pushed the door open, then stood in the doorway frozen in mid-sentence.

There, sprawled out on the waterbed was Chelle, barely dressed in a silky pink nightie, but what stopped him in his tracks was what she was giggling about. Lying there next to her, also scantily clad in a silk nightie, was a tall, leggy brunette.

"Kevin!" Chelle jumped out of the bed, beaming from ear to ear. "I got you a little present!"

"A present?" Kevin managed to spit out the words, but just barely.

"Her name is Sara," Chelle replied.

Kevin was so shocked, he barely noticed when Chelle put her hands firmly on his chest and pushed him down into a brown kitchen chair that sat just inside the bedroom door. He watched her as she walked around him, her small round breasts brushing his face as she moved to push the door closed and produced a dark pink scarf from the shelf above his head.

"Put your arms behind your back," she instructed.

"What for?" he asked, but she made it clear it wasn't a request as she straddled him and leaned over him to tie his hands behind his back. She was rewarded with a stir in his pants as she pressed herself against him to pull the scarf tight around his wrists.

With her hands still gripping his wrists, Chelle started to grind her hips against him a few times, smiling at how hard he was becoming so early in their little game.

She moved slowly and deliberately, pressing her body against his as she moved to kiss him on the mouth, gently pushing his lips apart with her tongue and slowly swirling their tongues together. She moaned a little as she kissed him and rubbed herself against his now rock hard cock.

Slowly she pulled away from him and slid off his lap, moving to kneel in front of him. He saw that Sara was also on her knees, watching Chelle's every move hungrily. She was quite sexy, he thought to himself as Chelle started to slowly unbutton his pants, revealing blue silk boxers barely containing his very eager, and now more than a little damp, hard on.

Kevin lifted his ass off the chair so that she could pull his pants off, and soon they were lying in a pile on the floor. Once she had him completely helpless and half naked she stood up and bent over to kiss him again on the mouth, one hard passionate kiss that left him aching for more when she pulled away. He could see her nipples, hard against the thin material of her gown when she stood up.

Smiling at him as she backed away to admire her work, she seemed satisfied that she had achieved the desired goal. "Now you get to watch," she said, climbing up onto the bed.

Kevin's draw dropped open and his entire body tingled with excitement. He started to speak, but Chelle shook her head.

"Watch, not talk," she said, and he obediently shut his mouth.

He watched her ass as her hips moved back and forth as she crawled across the bed, away from her and toward the other girl. He longed to touch that ass as it moved, but when he pulled at his restraint he found that it only cinched tighter.

The girls moved together on the bed so that they were facing each other on their knees, and he had a view of each of their gentle curves from the side. Breathlessly they sat and stared at each other for what seemed to Kevin like an eternity until Sara reached out one hand and slowly pushed Chelle's straps from one shoulder, then the other.

Kevin drew in a sharp breath of excitement as the girl bent down and softly kissed one of Chelle's breasts, then cupped them in her hands and ran her tongue over her dark nipples, teasing them with the tip of her tongue until they stood taut. Chelle's body shuddered as the girl touched her, first gently, then starting to massage her breasts firmly. She was rewarded with a moan from Chelle as she leaned back on her elbows, arching her back toward Sara.

In one quick motion the girl pushed Chelle back so that she was lying flat on her back, knees bent and legs slightly spread to reveal black thong panties. Kevin imagined how damp they would be after the play with her breasts, and he squirmed uncomfortable at not being able to feel for himself.

Sara started at Chelle's ankles and slowly ran her hands up her legs, silky and pale. Kevin could almost feel her skin under his own fingertips.

"Mmmmm…." Chelle said, as Sara's fingers traced up her thighs. Sara put one hand on each of Chelle's knees and roughly shoved them apart. A small cry escaped her lips as Sara twisted the front of her panties in her hand and pulled up on them so that the thin strip of material was buried between the lips of Chelle's neatly trimmed pussy.

A wicked smile took over Sara's face as she pulled on them again, this time hard enough to make Chelle jump and writhe against the bed. Sara looked over to Kevin and their eyes met for a moment. She held his gaze as she leaned over and kissed Chelle's pussy, now soaked with anticipation.

She reached up and pulled off Chelle's skimpy panties and tossed them so they hit Kevin in the face and landed in his lap. His senses were filled with her musky scent and he felt an overwhelming need to touch her.

"Oh, I can't take it!" he said, pulling against the scarf.

"What? This?" Sara asked, and buried her face between Chelle's legs.

"Ooooohhhh!" Chelle and Kevin said, almost in unison as Sara used her hands to hold her wide open, exposing her soft pink opening to Sara's probing tongue. Chelle reached her arms above her head and gripped the edge of the bed as Sara ran her tongue up and down her wet slit, tasting her juices, then shoved her tongue inside her.

Kevin watched as she darted her tongue in and out of Chelle's soft mound. She reached up with the fingers of one hand and rubbed Chelle's clit, while still holding her lips wide open, driving her into a screaming frenzy as she rubbed and licked and probed.

As Chelle arched her back and came against Sara's face, she lapped up her flowing juices and Kevin finally worked himself free of his bondage.

He stood at the edge of the bed a moment and watched them, now lying together with Sara's face on Chelle's thigh and Chelle's eyes shut tightly. His dripping erection ached for them, and the anticipation was killing him.

Chelle opened her eyes and smiled as her she focused on the silk tent created by Kevin's throbbing member. Wordlessly she pulled herself to her hands and knees and crawled over to him. She reached up to grab hold of the elastic on his boxers and slide them to the floor, releasing his full, hard cock.

Her fingers brushing against him brought tingles to his entire body, and she saw it. She smiled at him as she wrapped one hand around his cock and slid it into her mouth.

"Ooooohhhhh," he moaned, gripping her long auburn hair in his fingers and pulling her in close to him.

Kevin watched as Shelle ran her tongue up and down his shaft, then swirled it around the head playfully.

"Oh, suck it," he demanded, and she wrapped her lips around him and took his length in her mouth. "Ohhhhh….yeah, like that."

Chelle moved her mouth up and down on him, deeper and deeper until her lips were brushing against his pubic hair.

"Oooohhhhhhh…." He moaned, gripping her hair tightly and pushing her face against him as he shot his hot wad down her eager throat. She swallowed every drop, sucking him dry.

"Mmmmm…." She said, pulling him down onto the bed with him. "Isn't she beautiful?" she asked, looking at Sara.

"She is," he agreed, looking at her, too. She was thin and tall, with a round, tight ass barely covered by a pair of string bikini panties and full, round breasts heaving with excitement under her matching nightie.

"Let's fuck her," Chelle said.

"Good idea," Kevin agreed.

Chelle moved to lie next to Sara, their breasts pressed together, and leaned in to kiss her, their lips parting to allow tongues to dance and mingle.

Kevin reached out to touch Sara, rubbing his hands over her flat stomach and down to the warmth between her legs. While the girls kissed, he reached down to run his lips over her body, planting kisses from her belly button down to where he was kissing her through her panties, his nose filled with her sweet scent.

He hooked his fingers inside her panties and slowly pulled them down, exposing her beautiful pussy, shaved smooth and looking so inviting. He felt her hips respond to him as he kissed it, then followed her curves down to kiss her inner thigh, which made her shudder and tense her muscles.

As he slid her panties down her legs and off over her toes, he looked up to see Chelle and Sara kissing and petting, each cupping the breast of the other in one hand. He slid his body up the entire length of hers until he could join in the kiss, their three tongues slipping and sliding against each other as he reached over to slide one finger inside Chelle's wet slit and one finger inside Sara's. He pumped his fingers inside them as they kissed, and he felt his erection growing painfully hard against Sara's leg.

"Oh, I wanna fuck you so bad," he said into Chelle's ear, sliding another finger inside her and pinching her clit.

"Oh, yes," she said. "Yes!"

Chelle pushed him away and leaned over the edge of the bed, her round ass in the air. Kevin smiled as Sara reached over and smacked it, leaving a large red mark, then slapped it again.

"Oh!" Chelle said, rocking back up so that she was on her knees. She had produced a long, thick vibrator from the drawer under the bed.

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