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A Fool for You

by xelliebabex 03/15/16

Suzie rolled over and looked at the time through the one eye she dared to open. It had been a big night, and she groaned thinking about having to go work. She had promised to try and be on time this week, but the beauty of working for her father meant that he forgave her for things she would never get away with if she worked for anyone else. She was unreliable at best, and they had come to the agreement that she would just help his receptionist when she could rather than be the receptionist at the automotive repair business.

She'd let him down, she knew it, and he knew it, but rather than belabour the fact he had made the compromise of just paying her for the time she could spare him. It was up to her how much or how little she worked. He got to keep an eye on her and throw a few dollars her way, and she got her independence and the life she wanted. Still, she had promised to come in early for stocktake, so she rolled out of bed and padded across the old worn carpet to the bathroom ignoring the human-sized lump on the other side of her bed. At least, she had come home to her bed, rather than waking up in foreign territory.

She showered and pulled on some reasonably clean jeans, after giving them a quick look over and a sniff, then nudged the lump in her bed. Two big arms reached for her and she danced away deftly.

"You gotta go, I hafta go to work," She said loudly throwing a discarded pillow at him. She watched as he groaned and sat up rubbing his face and pushing his hands through his shaggy hair.

"I thought the band was your gig," he said in confusion. "Never pegged you for a nine to five chick."

"Yeah well we all gotta eat," she shrugged. She picked up his pants from the floor and threw them in his direction. "You gotta go," she said again letting irritation colour her voice.

"Wait! Did you hear that?" He asked cocking his head and turning to look at her clock radio. The morning crew had just come on as the time ticked over to six.

"Yeah it's a clock radio, I like a random music fix in the mornings," this guy was becoming seriously annoying. So what if she liked waking up to her clock radio, not everyone enjoyed the piercing scream of the phone as a wake-up call.

"No did you hear what they said?" he flopped back onto the bed rolling to his belly and staring at the clock. He reached out to turn it up messing up the channel tuning but quickly bringing it back to where it was before finding the volume wheel.

"Shit that musta been one hell of a fire if it destroyed all the music and equipment. You should get down there," he said enthusiastically.

"What?" she shook her head not understanding what he was saying.

"Listen!" she almost shouted at her.

"Overnight fire has destroyed the station. We are on air on by the superhero efforts of our tech support teams and the amazing Lukey McQ. Live music is going to be the only way out of this mess now. If you have a half decent band get yourselves down here and save the day and the station."

"You should totally do it. Blow off work and get down there. Call your guys and wake them up already, you guy's rock!" He said sitting back up to look at her.

She knew she should be going to work as she promised, but it did seem too good of an opportunity to pass up. She picked up her phone to call Harry and Eks. She left a message, realising that there was no way they would be awake at this time of the morning. She sighed knowing that getting their band there on time was impossible, but maybe other bands would be feeling the same way. Her mind tumbled over the possibilities until the guy spoke again.

"No luck? You could go and wake them up," he suggested.

"Look," she struggled to find his name in her memories of the night before and failed. "I need to go to work and trying to get any sense out of those guys this early in the morning is impossible. It's not like it's the Big Gig or anything like that we are missing."

"But it could be. Can you imagine if ten or twenty bands showed up to play? This could be awesome, better than awesome. This could be epic!" The guy didn't let up.

"Yeah well, we aren't exactly a covers band, and I have to go to work, so you gotta go," she said as if she didn't care that she was probably missing the opportunity of a lifetime.

"I'm gonna check it out, I sent you a Facebook request, add me and if it's half as good as I think it will be I'll message you," He suggested and stood to finally pull on his pants, and she knew immediately why she had brought him home last night. Tall and athletic he was neither overly muscled nor underweight. He was incredibly hot as he stood there looking around for his shirt. Noticing her watching him, he smiled as if reading her mind and she went to pick up his shirt and tossed it to him looking down at her phone as she opened Facebook rather than admit that she had been checking him out.

The radio announced the arrival of the first band of the morning and music began to sound harsh and distorted through the tiny speakers of the clock radio. She tapped the button to accept the friend request from Quade Armstrong. Well, at least, she knew his name now, she smiled.

"I'm gonna head down there. You have fun at work," Quade announced walking toward her and the door. He wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her to him as he kissed her. "I'll meet you back here at six?" He asked.

"What? Why?" she spluttered pushing on his chest to move away from him.

"We were going to grab some food before heading over to Eks and Harry's place," he reminded her.

"We were?" she asked not remembering having made plans with him.

"Sure, so I'll see you at six," he reiterated and walked out of the door before she could cancel their plans.

Suzie walked down after him, concerned that she had drunk so much that she didn't remember making plans with the band let alone this Quade. Yes, she admitted that she drank way too much, way too often, but she had never had memory problems before. Well, she had problems with names occasionally, but that as only because she didn't care enough to remember them she rarely saw them after one night. He turned at the bottom of the stairs and bent to kiss her again then jogged off toward a car parked further down the street that she assumed was his.

She drove to work listening to the breakfast radio show that had suffered the devastating losses from the fire that had gutted their building. Another dreadfully incompetent band came on making her cringe, and the announcers cut them off begging for talent to come to their aid. Maybe she should have gone and woken the guys up. Too late now she thought as she pulled into the Auto Repair shop and seeing the look of both incredulity and happiness on her father's face.

"Didn't think you'd make it in what with the radio station burning down and the call for serious muso's going out on the airwaves," her father chuckled as she walked into the office.

"Not you too?" The apprentice mechanic Douggy groaned, "Doesn't anyone check the date? They would hardly be on air at all from this station if it burnt down. They'd be lucky if they could get a live feed from another station. I can't believe you fell for it."

"Would I be here if there was a chance my band could get air time?" Suzie replied haughtily. "Don't be such an ass."

"Well, I fell for it," her father announced. "I thought you'd be there for sure, so I asked your mother to come in to help out."

"Oh God, no! Dad tell me you didn't," Suzie went to pick up her bag from where she had thrown it on the big desk.

"Aprilfool's!" He chuckled loudly.

"You shoulda seen your face," Douggy gasped between bouts of laughter. "That was awesome," he laughed again and gave his boss a high five.

"This is going to be a very long day," Suzie groaned and flopped down into the chair leaning forward to bang her head on the desk.


Suzie had put in a big effort with the stocktake, but by mid-morning the lack of sleep, real food and the effects of the big night before conspired against her and she climbed into the back of her car and closed her eyes.

It felt like she had barely closed her eyes for even a minute when her phone began buzzing insistently against her boobs and rolling to her back with a sigh she pulled the phone from her bra and looked at it. The guy from this morning had been trying to call her using FaceBook messenger, and she groaned. Dropping the phone she rolled over and closed her eyes again. She just needed a ten-minute power nap, and she would be fine.

When she woke, the car was pitch black, and she panicked. Oh fuck, what time is it, I couldn't have slept all day. She fumbled around for her phone the glow illuminating the old car's interior. She'd only slept for an hour, and she looked at the windows realising someone had put a cover on the car. If she had thought about it for a minute, there was no way her dad would have left her there at night.

"Very funny Dad," She groaned into the phone. "You can come and let me out now." His answering chuckle was enough for her to stop paying attention to anything he said as he called her an Aprilfool for the second time that morning.

She sat forward peering into the rear vision mirror, her mop of tangled curls was in total disarray, as normal, so she hunted around for a hair tie and pulled her hair back into a messy bun. If Quade could see her now, she bet he wouldn't continue to message her. She sighed and poked her tongue out rudely at Douggy who was helping her father take the heavy blackout cover from her car.

"What?" Her father complained as she got out of the car giving him a murderous look. "It's just a bit of fun Suzie-pop," he reverted to his childhood name for her with a grin. She walked back into the reception of the business without a backwards glance and picked up her clipboard.

"Feeling better?" Molly, the receptionist, asked as she entered the stockroom.

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