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A Friend in Need

by Ravynsloft 12/19/08

I lurched into my dorm room and sat heavily on my bed. Natalie looked up from her studying, and raised an eyebrow. We had only been in school for three weeks, but living together 24/7 we had already bonded as friends. She knew I was upset.

"You're back early, Emma," Natalie commented. "It's not even midnight. Did Jimmy get drunk?"

"Yeah, but that's not why I left."

She waited.

"He wanted to go all the way."

"Hey, sounds juicy! I want to hear all the details."

Natalie knew that I was a virgin, and that I wasn't looking to change that anytime soon. Until last year, I had been the heavyset girl with braces and bad skin. Then miraculously I grew three inches, which helped me shed the weight. The braces came off and my skin cleared up. Just as the boys were beginning to notice, I graduated. I had a summer fling that involved a lot of kissing and groping, but I was too afraid to take it further. Now that I was in college, I wasn't trying to hold onto my virginity for its own sake, but Jimmy and I had only been seeing each other for a week. I wasn't ready to have sex, but he was.

"We were kissing and kind of fooling around," I said. "We were also drinking wine."

"Hey, at least it wasn't beer. I hate beer breath."

"He was playing with my boobs and running his hands all over me. It felt really good. I was tipsy and a bit dizzy, so we lay down.

"His hands were under my skirt, all over my legs and ass. The next thing I knew, panties were gone. Between the kissing and the wine, I never even felt him take them off."

I pulled my panties from my pocket and tossed them in the hamper. They were damp and smelly, and I just couldn't put them back on. Natalie just giggled.

"So you walked back here commando style! It's a good thing it wasn't windy. With that skirt you would have flashed half the campus."

"I was careful," I said. "What scared me was how it felt, Natalie. My skin was on fire. My head was pounding, and not just from the wine. When he put his finger in me, I couldn't help myself. I actually moaned. I couldn't stop him. I didn't want to stop him. God, I'm still worked up. I've never felt like that before.

"Next thing I know his pants are around his knees and he's crawling between my legs. I panicked. I just pushed him off and ran out. He kept calling my name, but I was too scared and embarrassed to turn back."

Natalie came over and sat next to me. I flopped back on the bed, still feeling woozy from the alcohol, my pulse still racing from Jimmy's touch. She gently brushed a few strands of hair out of my face. I pulled my feet up onto the bed so I could lie straight, my knees bent, slightly parted, and pointing to the ceiling.

"God, I wanted to do it so badly, Natalie," I cried, bursting into tears. "But I'm just afraid. My body was screaming yes, but my head was saying no."

"Shhh. Its okay, Emma," she murmured, still stroking my face.

I pulled my arm over my eyes, partially hiding my face. I could still feel the wine. The room was spinning again and I didn't want to look. I remembered his fingers as they rolled my nipples. God that had gotten me damp! His hands under my skirt, stroking the soft, sensitive flesh of my inner thighs inflamed my senses. Somehow they seemed softer and gentler in my mind.

I let out a ragged sigh and squirmed on the bed. His hands. I could still feel his hands spreading my knees wide, caressing the backs of my thighs right up to my ass cheeks, and then moving to stroke the insides of my thighs, mere inches from my swollen, heated pussy. Through my half drunken fog the memory was slower and more gentle than the reality had been. But it didn't matter. My senses were inflamed; my skin was on fire once again. If he were to burst into the room right now, I would probably let him do anything he wanted.

In my head his finger parted the wet lips of my pussy, stroking deftly between them, his palm cupping the outside. His finger found my clit and began tracing lazy circles around it. I groaned and let my knees fall wide open.

Wait. Something was wrong. With an effort, I raised my arm and peeked underneath it. My knees were spread wide, my skirt bunched up on my stomach. Natalie's hand was cupping my pussy, her finger flicking my clit and making me quiver all over. She was staring at my pussy, but must have sensed my gaze. She turned and looked at me, her finger never ceasing its motion.

"Relax, Emma," she whispered. "This is what you need. I'm going to help you."

My legs were shaking and my hips undulated slowly, guided by a mysterious force not under my control. I wanted to stop her. My mind didn't want this to happen, but my body was screaming to let her do whatever she wanted.

Then it happened. One last caress of my swollen clit and my orgasm boiled over. My legs turned to jelly and my pelvis convulsed as a wave of pleasure rolled over me. Natalie's finger never lost its gentle contact with my clit, now rolling it in small circles. I cried out softly as my whole body shook. A second and third shock wave rippled through me.

Finally Natalie took mercy on me and pulled her finger from between my pussy lips. She left her hand cupping the slick, heated flesh and eased herself down beside me. Her free hand stroked my face and hair. I sobbed with relief and turned my face into her neck. The wonderful release of my pent up frustration mingled with the shame and fear of what had just happened.


I woke up in the morning, still dressed, still without underwear, but with a sheet pulled over me. Fortunately I didn't have a hangover. In fact I felt great. I stretched, loosening my muscles and enjoying the relaxed, all over glow I had. I thought about taking a shower. I could feel the sticky, dried fluids all over my pussy and thighs.

Just then Natalie stepped into the room, a towel wrapped around her, and nothing else. Obviously she had just finished the shower I was planning to have. She casually pulled the towel off and began to dry her hair. I just stared at her naked body. Her face was hidden behind the moving towel. Her body was magnificent, athletic where mine was lush. Her breasts were a nice B cup with thick, dark nipples. Her flat stomach led down to a complete hairless pussy. Oh my god! Natalie had shaved her pubic completely hair off. I just gaped at it. She turned toward the dresser as she finished with her hair, and I saw the firm, round globes of her naked ass. Draping the towel over a drawer handle, she pulled out a pair of skimpy green panties and pulled them on.

"Um...about last night," I stammered.

"What about it?" She said over her shoulder as she put on a matching bra.


"You're over thinking it, Emma. You came home all horny and a bit drunk. You needed to get laid, but didn't want you to give up your cherry to Jimmy. All I did was help get you off. It's no big deal."

"So you're not...not know."

"No, no, no. Don't worry, I'm not going to try and date you. Look. If Jimmy had been more of a gentleman, he wouldn't have tried to stick his cock in you. That's all guys seem to want to do. They have no imagination about ways to have sex without intercourse.

"Anyway, don't you feel better? And don't try and tell me you didn't like what I did last night. I was there too. You came, like, four times! You're a multi-orgasmic virgin. No wonder Jimmy has the hots for you."

"Thank you, I guess. And yeah, I liked it. You're much better than Jimmy."

"Well, duh! I'm a girl. You better go take your shower while there's still hot water."


Natalie and I didn't talk about it after that. She acted so natural and relaxed, as if nothing had happened, that I was soon able to do the same.

It was a couple of days before Jimmy and I had any alone time again. I steered clear of the alcohol, although he did offer. What I couldn't steer clear of were his hands and lips. They did such wonderful things to my overly sensitive skin. It wasn't long before he had his hands down my pants and my hips were grinding into his fingers. It took every ounce of my willpower to drag myself away from him. I still wasn't ready to surrender my virginity and he wasn't willing to settle for less.

I shut the door of my dorm room behind me, and just leaned against the frame. My blood was pounding and my panties were more than damp. Thank god Natalie wasn't there. It was late, so I flopped on my bed, still woozy with lust. I needed release and I needed it bad. I stripped down, throwing my clothes on the floor and climbed into bed, pulling just a sheet up over me.

My fingers eased between my slick pussy lips and found my pulsating clit. It didn't feel half as good as letting Jimmy touch me, and only a tenth as good as Natalie. I didn't want to think about Natalie and her magic fingers, but no matter how much I tried to concentrate on Jimmy, images of her kept intruding. I was lost in fantasy when the door opened and Natalie stepped in.

"Oh! Sorry!" She gasped with a twinkle in her eye. I was mortified. I was under the sheet, but my knees were raised high and wide, forming a tent. My face was red and flushed, and I was breathing erratically. It was obvious what I was doing.

"I didn't mean to interrupt," Natalie giggled. I just stared at her, my fingers still buried in my pussy, but not daring to move. She picked up my sticky panties and gave them a quick whiff.

"I see you and Jimmy spent some quality time together," She said with a grin.

"Uh..." was all I could manage.

"Don't let me stop you from finishing, honey," Natalie said, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"That's okay," I stammered. "I'll just go take a shower."

"Uh-uh. You need this. But let's get you out from under that sheet so I can watch."

I made a feeble attempt to keep myself covered, clinging to the top of the sheet with one hand. Natalie tugged insistently on the sheet until she won. I lay there, mortified. This couldn't be happening. Why wasn't I stopping her? She drew the sheet down my body, exposing my naked breasts, then my belly. When it reached my lower waist, I finally pulled my hand from my crotch and closed my knees. The sheet slid up over my knees and pooled around my feet.

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