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A Husband For Mom

by Mikelh 04/20/03

When she took her jacket off I was caught off-guard. Jenna is even bustier than I am and there was no doubt that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were clearly outlined by the thin material that was obviously stimulating, and the blouse was tight enough to reveal the complete shape of her breasts. Her skirt was short on the top and bottom and her makeup was dark and dramatic. Adam, who usually paid little attention to Jenna said, “Wow, what are you done up for.”

Jenna shrugged and said, “Oh, I don’t know…I thought I might go dancing after this.” I think she’d had a drink or two before coming over because she was airy and flirtatious and giggly throughout dinner.

When we got to dessert, I thought to myself that maybe my daughter was trying to seduce me. When we took the dishes to the kitchen and I turned unexpectedly, I realized I was wrong. Jenna was sliding her whole body along Adam’s back. It was close quarters but not close enough that she had to rub her tits and crotch against him. She was trying to seduce him, not me. I was upset and couldn’t sort out the rush of thoughts when I saw her whisper something to Adam. I went back to the living room and they both whispered for a few minutes until Adam said loudly, “Hey, why don’t you just take off.”

Jenna grabbed her jacket and made her way out the door. I followed her out and stopped her and said, “Honey what’s going on…where are you going?”

She was teary and took both my hands, “Mom, I’m so sorry. I…I thought Adam just wanted to screw you…and if he would go with me, well then I could show you that…well…I don’t know…I guess in my stupid head I thought you’d come to me if I could show you…but I think he loves you…the way he said it, I really think he does. I’m sorry mom…tell Adam I’m sorry too...maybe you could explain it to him.”

She left and I went in to Adam. And asked, “What happened baby?”

“Nothing mom, forget it.”

“Jenna told me…now you tell me.”

“I don’t know, she must be nuts. I swear I never did anything to bring it on but she was sticking her tits into me telling me she wanted to come over to my apartment later tonight and do…all kinds of…stuff. I told her to get lost… I wasn’t interested and she pissed me off. I would never do anything to hurt you and…” He circled his temple with his finger. “…I think she’s just gone.”

“No baby, she’s not ‘gone’. She’s just very unhappy and she feels she’s in a situation she just doesn’t know how to get out of…and she’s sorry.” I explained what was going on with Jenna’s and that she needed our understanding. After some talk Adam reluctantly agreed to let the incident go.

We had some more wine and I began to tease him, “Weren’t you the least bit interested…she’s got a great body doesn’t she?”

“Yeah” he smiled. “But this is the body I want.” He reached and gave my boobs a playful squeeze. I laughed and in a moment his hands ceased playing. They began seriously fondling my breasts and he said, “This is what I want…not Jenna’s but yours.” He touched my lips and said, “This is the mouth I want, not Jenna’s or anybody else’s.” He kissed me and continued touching my lips. He said, “This is where I want my cock to be.”

I got fired up and awkwardly got his cock out. He pushed it into my mouth. He gave me too much and I thought I would choke. He pulled back and apologized but I returned him to my mouth almost immediately. This time he slowly inched it in and as I relaxed I calmly allowed it to go deeper than I thought possible. Although I didn’t take it all, I came close. I could feel the knob down my throat and I was still able to use my tongue. I could tell it was exciting to Adam and he was breathing deeply through a small opening between his lips.

After loving my son with my mouth to the point I thought he might come, I pulled back and said, “Come to momma’s bed, I want to show you that no woman could love you as much as I do.” I remember that wonderful night for two reasons. I thought it was the best sex we ever could have and I was wrong.

In my room he said, “Let me see the pussy I love.” I pulled down my skirt and panties at the same time. He looked me up and down from my waist to my heels. He ran his hand from the top of my inner thigh down the sheer black stocking and up again. He did it with both hand and gently urged my legs apart. His mouth went to the pussy I had trimmed for him and I pulled his head against me as his tongue found the sensitive nub. I wanted it hard and he pressed me perfectly. I stopped him before I came because I wanted him inside me.

I wanted more than just his beautiful cock inside me, I wanted all of him inside. I loved him for loving me and choosing me and protecting me. When he penetrated and entered me, his cock in me made me feel it all. Sometimes you have sex and everything you do is the same but it feels a whole lot different. As soon as my son entered me, I knew it would be one of those nights.

My nerve endings were sparking; his cock felt harder, my pussy felt wetter. Each stroke felt as deep as it could go but the next one went deeper. Wherever his hands lit, I felt the shocks: across my nipples, along my thighs and on my belly. Then his finger was in my ass. I was stimulated in so many places I couldn’t keep my attention focused. I let the feelings wash over me and wrapped my arms around my son.

Each of my son’s penetrations into my pussy felt loving and right. His cock filled me from my opening to the end of my channel and I could feel me stretching to accommodate his wide cock. I felt each inch as the length of him filled me. Each loving stroke into his mother’s pussy told me how my son felt about me. Even before I came I knew I would explode. I knew that for the moment it was as perfect as it can be. I loved and was loved, that was what made it all worthwhile.

My son’s lips came to mine asking the questions of love and my mouth and tongue answered. I felt a release of fluid in my pussy and I didn’t know if it came from him or me. We both came with our mouths locked together and our sexes joined. It was one being that came, one cum made of both of our juices. We stayed in each other’s arms without a word for a long while, enjoying the spell.

The first sound we made was gentle laughter and Adam said, “So mom, are we going to do it…move…and hold hands and kiss on the street?”

I laughed and said, “Yes sweetheart but when you’re kissing me on the street don’t call me ‘mom’ or you’re gong to raise some eyebrows.” I kissed him with more than my lips and told him, “I love you Adam…momma’s going to make you happy…I just know it.”

He said, “I know you are mom…and your new husband is going to make you happy too.” I could feel his heart and I was grateful because I knew that my son loved me. I felt his cock engorging as his thickness rose against my thigh and I was grateful because I knew my son wanted me. I had more than a mother could ask for.

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