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A Little Taste of Blackmail

by FinalStand 05/22/12

She came in, turned on the hall light and put her purse on the table beside the door. She was sorting through her mail as she stepped into her living room. She flipped the light switch, took one step in, and saw me.

"You won't make it," I said.


"You won't make it – to your phone," I explained.

"Who are you?" she asked. I had to admire her for that. She wasn't completely afraid of a strange man inside her house. It didn't influence what I had come here to do.

"That isn't relevant at this time, but you may call me Taylor," I told her.

"Well Taylor, why are you here? If you are a burglar, you are doing a lousy job." Spunky.

"I am here for you, Margret Lassiter. Will you come along quietly?" I asked.

"I don't know why you are here," she said, "but I'm not going anywhere with you." She was starting to show fear. Nothing I had found out about her showed a terribly brave streak. She was a risk taker, but that wasn't the same thing as staring danger in the face.

"You know why I'm here. There is only one reason I would be here."

"I ... no, I have no idea," she lied. She had a real serious clue as to why I was there. I took a step closer; she took a half step back.

"Please don't lie," I stated flatly. "It won't help your case at all."

"Listen, I can pay you," she suddenly offered.

"I am not someone you can bribe," I told her. She stared at me, looking for some new angle.

"Who is doing this to me? You must work for somebody. I can reason with your employer if you only give me the chance. We can clear this up."

"Who do you think is responsible for me being here?" I asked patiently.

"I ... they don't have ... I don't know," she sounded defeated. She was a schemer caught in someone else's scheme. Her mind was still working though. Suddenly something came to her. "There families; but none of them have that kind of money. Who then? Please let me deal with them."

"The girl's father who instigated this action, to be precise; I'm not required to keep that bit of information from you, and you are clearly trying help yourself."

"I can deal with him. He's not rich. I have money." She grasped at the slender straw.

"You took his daughter against her will. I hardly think money will suffice. Besides, he isn't the one paying me. An old friend of his is, and that is a man I will not betray, or expose to you. I've been nice. Will you come along quietly now?"

"No," she mumbled. She then turned and ran for it. It would have been better to run down the hall, but that didn't immediately move her away from me. I would have been on her in a flash if she had. She ran into the dining room in the dark instead. She might have covered more distance if I hadn't moved the chairs before she arrived. She crashed into the first chair and fell over. I moved the chair aside with my leg. She turned over to kick at me, but I turned it aside with my thigh as I knelt down on top of her.

She struggled hard. She tried to claw at my face and then when that failed, at my hands; that is why I wear gloves. I pinned one arm beneath me then the other. She kept wiggling until she saw me pull out the syringe.

"Please," she begged. I wasn't without pity.

"This will only hurt for a moment then you will fall asleep. I'm not here to kill you."

"Please, I'll do whatever you want," she pleaded.

"I know you will," I said softly. I pushed the needle into upper arm and depressed the plunger. She tried to struggle once more. Contrary to popular culture, there are few drugs that knock someone out instantly that don't also put the victim in clear danger of dying.

"No," she moaned. "I can't ... no ... not me." She began to mumble and I saw her start to have a hard time focusing. I knew she could still make out what I said.

"Do what is asked of you and you should be okay," I told her. I counted off the seconds. When her eyes rolled back in her head, I got off her chest and put a strip of tape over her mouth. I then rolled her on her side and handcuffed her hands behind her back. When I cut off the lights it was only a matter of letting my eyes adjust to the night before I headed out to get my car from up the streets. I hustled her into the car when I was ready, laying her out in the back seat. I was gone in five minutes.

(One hour later)

Margret Lassiter, who was lying on her side, was stirring on the bed. She was trying to get her bearings, which was made more difficult by being blindfolded. It was cool enough in the room that her nipples had hardened and her skin had a light covering of goose-bumps.

"Margret, it is Taylor. You are blindfolded. I have removed most of your clothing. You have your bra on, but your straps are pulled down. You have your panties. Your hands are handcuffed behind your back. She tried to move around and rolled onto her back.

"Where am I?" she asked somewhat groggily.

"You are in a room, in a building that is far away from anyone who could hear you cry for help."

"What do you want from me?" she inquired. She was gaining her senses.

"That isn't up to me. All I know is that you won't be permanently harmed," I responded. She tried to sit up. I went over and helped her. She flinched slightly, but when she figured out what I was doing, she eased into me.

"These don't feel like normal handcuffs," she observed.

"They are padded so as not to hurt your wrists," I told her. "You are not to be hurt."

"I don't understand," she admitted. "Why are you doing this to me? Why are you being kind?"

"I told you why I'm doing this. It is a job to me. I am being kind because you don't warrant me being cruel to you. I don't hurt people for fun, which is not a trait we share."

That last part made her flinch.

"What are you going to do now? You can take off the blindfold. I promise to cooperate."

"The blindfold is part of your punishment. I will not do anything unnecessary, and I will do nothing of a sexual nature to you. I have brought other people in to do that for me."

Margret gulped. "Will they hurt me?"

"I don't know. That isn't in my hands," I answered. I motioned the two other people forward. They stood up and their chairs scratched the floor. Margret tilted her head at the noise. She shifted so that she was facing the noise.

"What are you going to do to me," she begged of them. "I don't even know how many of you there are." Then her fear grabbed hold of her. "Oh God, you are going to rape me," she shuddered. "Please no."

One of the two figures motioned to me and I nodded my understanding.

"I only have two people and they want you to be quiet, unless I direct you to speak." She started to say something, stopped herself, and nodded.

The figures separated and went to either side of the bed. The woman stopped at the foot of the bed, but the man kept going to top. When they were both positioned, the man put his hands on Margret's shoulders and gently pushed her down. Margret jumped and twisted her face toward him instinctively. I imagined her opening her mouth to say something, but she cut herself off.

The woman distracted Margret by taking her right foot and lowering her mouth to the big toe. Margret wiggled her ass as the woman sucked on her toe. As her mouth gasped open the man kissed her on the lips, forcing his tongue into her mouth. He held that kiss for over two minutes, while the man went from sucking one toe to sucking on two. Margret gave out a little moan as the man broke the kiss. He began making small kisses along her chin line to her ear. When he got there, he nibbled on it playfully.

The woman now put her hand on both ankles and pushed Margret's legs apart. Margret struggled until I told her to stop. Legs opened, the woman began alternating her kiss between each leg on the inside, slowly working her way up. The man tilted Margret's head away from him and began working on her neck. He also snaked a hand along her chest until he rested upon her left nipple. Even through the bra I could feel it stiffen.

When the woman's kisses reached the knees, she reached up with one hand and began slowly working her hand along the panty line next to her pussy. Margret started wiggling again, but this time in a more gentle rhythm. The man signaled me.

"Your torso is going to be lifted up and your bra taken off." Margret nodded quickly. The man moved her so that he could unsnap her bra and then he slid it off. When he lowered her back down, he moved his mouth to her aroused right nipple and began sucking on it. Margret wasn't the most endowed woman I have ever seen, but she was attractive. The man slowly sucked in her entire breast, and I could see his cheeks move as he worked his tongue around the tip.

"Uh, uh," she grunted. She was fighting her body's reactions. As the noise passed her lips I could see her body tense.

"I only react to words," I tell her softly.

The woman was licking and nipping the inner thighs. I could see the dampness on her panties. Margret was now trying to move so that the woman's fingers slipped inside per panties. Failing that, Margret bit her lower lip. I decided to help.

"Is it time to remove her panties?" I suggested to the woman. She nodded and grinned wickedly. I didn't have to tell Margret to raise her hips; they sprang up on their own. The woman pulled her panties with agonizing slowness.

"Please," leaked from her lips. She gasped realizing what she'd done. I snapped my fingers and the two people withdrew from the bed.

"NO! Please, I'm sorry. I'm so close," she wailed," Please, I'm sorry."

"Very well," I commented, "this once you will be forgiven. Next time I will have to make you suffer." I was glad she couldn't see my smile. I motioned for the man and woman to resume. They did so quickly. They were really enjoying themselves. The woman pushed Margret's legs wide open. Lying on her belly, she had Margret's thighs on each shoulder. She playfully blew on Margret's inviting clit. Margret moaned. That didn't last long as the man was kissing her mouth deeply again.

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