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A Marriage of Convenience Ch. 02

by Ildana 08/26/12

Thank you for your comments on the previous chapter! I am glad so many of you are looking forward to more. Special thanks to flaw600 of the volunteer editor program for the extra coat of polish. Happy reading, everyone!


Sara was grumpy and afraid.

It had taken her a long time to convince herself she was safe enough to sleep, and once she had finally slept, her dreams had been strange—vivid and frankly, erotic. She had been woken up far too early and was treated to a breakfast that had to be hand-fed to her by her Greek-god-handsome, asshole, pervert of a captor. She made no complaint though; her stomach felt as though it had been empty for days, and she was feeling a little shaky. Through it all, only "Blondie" spoke, and spoke mostly endearments and small talk while she ate silently, fuming on the inside.

Fortunately, her headache was better. Unfortunately, the emptiness in her belly didn't seem to be placated by the food. She didn't think she would be bothering to satisfy that... even if she could.

Though she was dying of impatience, Sara struggled to wait for a real opportunity to escape. When he finally unhooked her cuffs from the chain, she immediately bolted for the door.

Quicker than she expected, Blondie rounded the bed and caught her. He shoved her up against the wall with just one hand. Sara snarled at him as he pinned her body with his own, holding her cuffs against the wall effortlessly with his left hand and--after her attempts to bite him--holding her by the chin with his right.

He wasn't angry... and he wasn't struggling to hang onto her. Sara deflated a little bit when she realized he had no trouble holding her.

He grinned at her when he knew she was giving up. "No biting. If you're going to play too rough, I'll have to gag that pretty little mouth."

Sara's mouth went dry. "Don't hit me."

"Wouldn't dream of it. I don't get off on causing pain, and there are far better ways to discipline bad behaviour. Personally? I enjoy spanking. Save your love bites for the sex, sweetheart." He thrust his pelvis against hers suggestively.

Sara had a rather sudden mental picture of being spread over Blondie's lap like an errant child while he spanked her. Her breathing hitched. "Ugh, you are a pervert!"

His smile said he wasn't fooled by her words; he had a grin as large as a Cheshire cat's. "Don't knock it till you try it."

Sara yielded, forcing herself to relax.

Unfortunately, her mind continued to wander down the gutter. Remembering the wet spot on his pants yesterday, she was aware of how the roughness of the denim rubbed up against her thighs, and how the smooth hardness of muscle layered with cotton pressed against her breasts when he inhaled. Oh, god. Thinking about the way he had touched her yesterday made her ache with desire even now. Her nipples tingled and stiffened as she remembered the way her breasts had just fit in his cupped palms. How wet she had gotten when he had pulled her tightly against his raging cock!

His smile never faltered, and the part of her brain that was thinking south of the navel noticed that his easy, cat's-got-the-canary smile was hot. Definitely hot, and most definitely having an effect on her. She realized she was getting pretty wet again, and hoped he didn't notice.

"Lovely Sara," he breathed, leaning his mouth closer to her ear. "Your eyes are dilating, sweetheart. You're thinking naughty thoughts, aren't you? I have to admit, I am too," he said, grinding the hard tent in his pants into her stomach. "I want to fuck you so badly that my balls feel like they're going to fall off. All I can imagine is how sweet it would be to slide my cock into that wet little pussy and fill you to the brim with my cum."

Sara shivered and looked down at the floor, shocked at his language. She wondered if she looked half as dazed as she felt. "What's stopping you?"

"I know how much better it'll be if I tease you into a frenzy first." He lifted her face, stroking her cheek with his thumb. A long, intense moment passed as he held her gaze, and then his eyes closed to half-mast and his face softened. Her heart did a curious little flutter. "Bath time," he said cheerfully.

Sara didn't fight this time as he led her to the shower. Her mind was too busy chasing its tail like a dumb dog. Even when he unshackled her wrists, she waited numbly, still hearing his voice echoing in her head.

All I can imagine is how sweet it would be to slide my cock into that wet little pussy and fill you to the brim with my cum.

A trickle of wetness started down the inside of her thighs as her muscles contracted. It was all she could do to hold still, hiding her body's treachery. Sara bit her lip, trying not to cry.

He either enjoyed having her strung up, or he didn't trust her compliance, because she found herself handcuffed with arms apart and secured to rungs hanging from the low-tiled shower ceiling. Her limbs and torso were extended enough that she felt uncomfortably exposed. Blondie stared at her body long enough for her to grow uncomfortable and suspicious about what he was thinking.

With a sly wink and a grin, he stripped for her, revealing a body that was even more impressive without the distraction of sequins. The hours he must have spent in the gym and in front of a mirror were clearly worth every second. Under his commercially-faded jeans and Calvin Klein boxers, he was rock hard, and his dick jutted straight out from a nicely landscaped pubic patch. He dropped his clothes to the floor and stood with his hands cocked on his hips, inviting her to look all she wanted.

By her best guess, Blondie passed for average in length, but his girth was intimidating. She stared, surprised to see that his cock pulsed as she watched, twitching with a life of its own. Her mind wandered. Would she feel that throbbing inside of her when he had it buried to the hilt?

It might be interesting to find out.

As she caught the flow of her thoughts, suddenly she was worried about him climbing naked into the shower with her. She tore her gaze from his crotch and locked eyes with him. He looked far too amused for her comfort.

"Is this your first good look at a man's dangly bits?" He laughed at her, stepping into the shower. "Look all you want; it won't bite you. I'll let you play with it sometime, love, but not today. You still might get it into your head to try and twist it off, and I'm rather fond of it."

The water spraying from the multiple heads was warm and felt wonderful. With her wrists shackled to the ceiling, however, Sara knew that any washing was, quite literally, out of her hands. The fear rose again; she stared at Blondie, who stared back at her. His face grew solemn, but somehow the candid, piercing gaze without that lazy smile made her feel more naked in front of him than ever.

Deciding on a course of action, he let her stand under the running water while he washed himself first. Only briefly did he glance away from her eyes while he lathered his hair, and then his neck and shoulders, with an all-in-one wash. Sara stubbornly tried not to break eye contact, but finally was distracted by the path the foam was taking down his abs. She yanked her eyes back up to his again, and his lips quirked.

"Do you like the way it looks?" he taunted, running his hands down his chest and sides. "Are you trying to imagine what it'll feel like when you wrap your lips around me and take me down your throat?"

Another clenching spasm caused her thighs to press together. Sara flushed a dull red and tipped her face upwards, pretending to study her fingernails. "I'm cuffed face to face in a shower with you. Where do you expect me to look?" she huffed.

He reached out and massaged her nipples with his sudsy hands while she wasn't looking, making her squeal. He gave her a self-satisfied grin at her shocked look. "Cheeky woman."

Sara opened her mouth to protest, but that was as far as she got. His hands were running lower, following the faint trail of blonde fur on his belly before cupping his balls and sliding over his shaft. At first, he seemed to be taking a long time at washing himself, running his right hand up and down the length of his member over and over. Her face flushed again as she then realized that his stroking wasn't just for cleansing.

"Are you finding this educational, love? You'd best pay attention. You'll need these important life skills." he said, his hand wrapped into a fist around his member, pumping it slow from the base all the way to the head and back down again and again. He was picking up speed.

Flustered, Sara closed her eyes. She only wished that didn't make it easier to hear the wet shlick sound of his hand moving faster.

"Always use your whole hand when jerking off a man, love. Firm grip. Use a lube if you have it, spit if not. If you have the other hand free, play with his ball sack, or his ass, if he likes it. The ball sack's a safer bet if you don't know a man's personal preferences." Blondie made a couple of low moans in his throat as he pumped faster.

She shuddered at the sound of his moan, and how his breathing escalated into pants. Somehow just the sound of his ragged breathing set fire to her, sending a hard jolt of pleasure from her groin to her nipples. Sara couldn't seem to close her ears, and worse, couldn't seem to shut down the growing warmth of her response to the sound. She was so close to moaning herself.

Sara finally dared crack her eyes and glanced at his face. His eyes were half-lidded, the green irises cloudy with pleasure. He was looking at her while he touched himself! Her burning arousal kicked up another notch amidst an icy-sweet upwelling of shame.

He smiled when he noticed she was watching again, and with a small growl, he came while staring into her eyes. "Mmmm, Sara!"

Stunned by the thought that he had been masturbating while looking at her body, Sara gaped again. She first watched pulses of white jet into the water at their feet, and then raked him with her gaze from feet to face.

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