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A Most Observant Son

by MisterReason 02/12/11


The two of them lounged around on the bed for what seemed like an hour, and although Grandpa said little they did mention the possibility of me returning home because of the rain. Mom said that since I didn't come home right away, she figured I would have gone to Doug's house to wait out the storm.

Just in case, Grandpa told Mom to lock the door and as an additional precaution, he had her turn on the radio.

"Louder," Grandpa said, and while I thought at first it was because he was hard of hearing, he cleared that up for me. "When I start fucking your ass you're going to be howling."

The cheap radio with the faded yellow plastic case was tinny sounding, and what was worse was the selection of stations. Grandpa nixed WTRY, where DJ Lee Gray was pumping out "The Last Time" by the Stones, and when Mom stopped spinning the dial it ended up in elevator music heaven. There's nothing like looking at your mother licking the underside of your grandfather's cock while The Singing Nun warbles "Dominique" at full blast after Andy Williams sailed down "Moon River".

The music hardly registered after Grandpa reached deep into the night stand beside the bed and pulled out a jar of Vaseline. He told Mom to get something and she walked right towards the corner I was at and went into the closet, returning with what looked liked a black billy club.

Grandpa greased up the club and had Mom lay on her back again while he knelt between her spread legs. Mom wiggled the billy club through her bush and then began working it in and out of her pussy, while Grandpa rubbed grease all over his cock while he stretched it out.

"Paul," Mom said as she pushed the thing faster. "Put your cock in my cunt first. Just for a minute. I want to cum with it inside me."

This time Grandpa put the band around his cock himself, all the time watching Mom get more and more excited, and when he got hard enough he mounted her. Mom was howling in less that a minute, as about a half dozen quick thrusts got Mom to cum again.

"Assume the position!" Grandpa said after Mom stopped shaking, and with a lot of reluctance Mom rolled over and got on all fours.

"Get that big ass of yours up in the air," he instructed, and as Mom raised the lower part of her torso Grandpa brought his Vaseline-covered hand up to Mom's ass, and without hesitation stuck his fingers into that furry crack.

"Ow!" Mom cried out as Grandpa started spinning his wrist around. "It hurts, Paul."

"That's only 2 fingers, you whining slut. Here's the third."

"OW!" Mom cried out as Grandpa knelt there looking pleased at the discomfort he was causing my mother. "Cant- can't take it!"

"That right?" my grandfather asked. "Maybe I should stop now and go home."

"NO!" Mom screamed, spreading her ass wider while Grandpa resumed skewering her ass with his fingers.

"How's this feel?" Grandpa asked as he took his fingers out and brought the baton up to her opening, easing it in about halfway while Mom sobbed over Acker Bilk playing "Stranger on the Shore".

"If you can't take that what are you going to do when the real thing gets rammed up your rectum? Grandpa asked as my mother begged for mercy, spinning the rod into Mom a couple more times before retracting it.

"Don't that look fine?" Grandpa opined as he looked at something I was not able to see. "Your anus is open nice and wide now. Custom made for my fat cock!"

"Put it in me!" Mom cried out. "Put your fucking cock in my ass!"

I turned away for a second, even though from where I was all I could see was the profile, but my curiosity overcame my horror. I cringed while Grandpa, crouched over Mom like a Praying Mantis while his cock was clenched tightly in his fist, forced himself into her opening.

Mom had her face buried in the bedding, and it sounded like she was eating the pillow while Grandpa pushed more and more of his enormous cock into her. He finally stopped when he forced about half of it in, but half was still half a foot, or close enough.

He began moving back and forth, not nearly as hard or fast as he had done in Mom's pussy, but it but have been good for him because he was making all sorts of faces as he fucked her bottom.

Grandpa had gotten down from his crouching position to one where he was one his knees, and he continued to work his cock as he reached down around Mom and grabbed her tits, which were swaying down below her. He was so rough with her breasts, kneading the doughy jugs with his long bony fingers, but Mom didn't complain and let him do it.

Soon Grandpa's pace quickened, and as it did the two of them started grunting, almost in unison as the bed began to bump against the wall. It was almost an animal-like ritual at this point, devoid of anything resembling any human behavior I had ever witnessed. Grandpa grabbed Mom by the hair again, pulling her head back and cursing at her.

"You didn't ever let that spade garbage man fuck you in this ass like this, did you?" Grandpa snarled, throwing some more descriptive epitaphs in and confusing me ever more.

"Only you, Dad!" Mom cried. "Nobody but you. Nobody can fuck me like you do Dad!"

"You like it rough like this, don't you? You like my big cock ripping your asshole up, don't you?" he snarled, and Mom whimpered yes. "Take it! Take it all! Take every fucking inch of it!"

Grandpa gave it to her, alright. He gave it to Mom rough and hard. He spanked the cheeks of her ass so hard they turned red, and slapped the sides of her tits as the swayed around. He even reached under Mom's arms and yanked on the tufts of hair, causing her to scream at Grandpa while he cackled like a madman.

"Harder!" Mom howled, not only accepting the brutal physical and verbal treatment but seeming to revel in it.

After what seemed like forever, Grandpa stopped all of a sudden, and then fell on top of Mom's back. At first I thought he had a heart attack of something, but then he let out a long and low moan, which I guessed to be a signal that he was popping his load deep in her bowels.

Mom's hands and knees gave out then, and they both collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily. Mom giggled as Grandpa eased himself up off of her and his cock wiggled out, and as he climbed off of her everything changed.

Grandpa helped Mom get up, and as she rolled over, for a second I could see the semen oozing out of her wipe open anus before she got to her feet unsteadily. They were gone for a few minutes and then I heard the shower going. I was tempted to try and sneak down the stairs but was glad I didn't when I saw Grandpa return.

He had a change of bedding in his arms, and after he stripped the bed he put on the fresh sheets and pillowcases. The shower turned off and when Mom came back into the bedroom she hugged him and crawled onto the bed. Grandpa toweled off the moisture and proceeded to give Mom a massage with some kind of powder, treating her with a tenderness that was bordering on worship that was the polar opposite of the way he had been treating her before.

After he finished he mercifully turned off the radio and left the room, and the sound of the shower came on again. In a moment he came back into the bedroom, and Mom got up. They hugged and kissed again, with all of the passion but none of the roughness that they had greeted each other with. They were like lovers, and after they broke apart they got dressed and left the room.

I heard the door close and then a car started up. I guessed Mom was going to go shopping now, so after a few minutes I got up from the position I had been locked into for hours. It took me forever to get straightened up and I was walking like Grandpa when I managed to get over to the trap door and lower the stairs.

I got down the stairs as fast as I could while trying to decide what do to first, pee or get a drink, and it was when my foot hit the hallway floor that I heard the sound of footsteps behind me, followed by a gasp.

"Sean!" my mother called out. "What... where?"

I turned around, trying to think of something to say as my mother looked at me. Quite simply, I was a mess. My shirt was ringing wet and I looked like I had been in a sauna. I smelled like sweat and semen, and if Mom hadn't figured it out by then I guess my flustered reaction did the rest.

"Nothing," I mumbled. "I was just looking for something."

Clearly, while my mother didn't know what I had been doing up in the attic, she was no fool, and knew damn well that I was lying.

"Get back up there."

My mother followed me up the stairs, probably entering the attic for the first time in her life, and when she asked me to show me what I had been looking for, I gestured helplessly.

She saw the towel in the corner and beside it was the handkerchief that was frozen in a weird shape by my dried cum. Mom went over and picked up the handkerchief with the tips of her fingers and then glanced down at the vent that I had been looking through.

The look of horror in her eyes made me hurt far more than the slap she delivered to my cheek, and as she stood there with tears in her eyes I tried to apologize. It was obvious that this sitaution would not go away with a lame apology and a promise never to do it again.

Mom looked like a rat in a cage as he walked around the sweatbox as if she wanted to run away, her eyes bulging out of her head as I tried to grab her and stop her from freaking out.

"How long were you - dear god no!" Mom said as she looked into the vent I had spent the last few hours looking through, dropping the handkerchief that she had forgotten she was holding. "How could you?"

"Me? How could you?" I answered, sorry the minute that the words came out, but they did bring a sense of reality to what had gone on, and after she stood with the head leaning against a cross beam if the slanted ceiling for a couple of minutes it seemed like she was at least under a bit of control.

Mom motioned for me to go down the stairs and after I went down she followed. I closed up the hatch after she made it back down, and she asked me to join her in the kitchen. I stopped at the sink and drank a number of glasses of water before joining Mom at the table.

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