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A Mother's Dozen Ch. 03

by VMan_4eva 09/05/11

Thanks a lot for the great ratings! Sorry it took a while to get this one out. I hope you like it.

Johnny opened his eyes slowly and looked up at the ceiling. He placed his hands behind his head and thought about what happened last night. He found his mother in his room licking, not sniffing, licking his underwear. So he locked the door and fucked the shit out of her.

He woke up with a raging-hard on, dying to do it again. He'd wanted to fuck his mother since he was 10 years old. He got out of bed and walked over to the window with his hard-on pressing out from his briefs. He looked outside and saw that his father had left early for work. His brothers were in the house though.

Johnny suddenly had an idea. Surely none of his brothers were in his mum's room, and dad had already left for work. Maybe he could get an early morning taste before he went off to school? His mother was licking his underwear for crying out loud! That must've meant she would give it to him anywhere, anytime.

Without putting on a shirt he left his room, trying to conceal his erection just in case his brothers were walking around. He walked down the hallway and could hear them both in the kitchen. Johnny smirked and strided over to his mum's room.

He opened the door to find his mother in bed, still sleeping. Poor woman, he thought. He must've pounded her too hard last night. Johnny locked the door and progressed over to the bed. He removed his briefs and slid under the covers, his hard-on growing stronger and stronger.

His mother still hadn't woken up yet. He gazed at her short brown hair and remembered back to last night when he was pulling on it while he slammed his cock into her, while covering her mouth so she wouldn't wake up the rest of the men in the house.

He thought about waking her up, but then he wondered if an element of surprise would be better for her. He peaked under the covers and saw she was wearing her night gown. He dove under and slowly started to lift the dress above her hips. Johnny then positioned himself on top of his mother, with his hard on right at her entrance.

He looked at her, she was still sleeping peacefully. She was going to get the shock of her life in a couple of seconds. Johnny spit saliva on his hand and rubbed his dick, assuming that she wouldn't be wet at this point. Then he put his arms over his mother's head and pinned his face to hers.

He slowly and carefully pushed his penis inside, trying not to wake his mother up if possible. He could already feel that she was wet. She must really want it all the time. Once he was fully inside he started to kiss his mother.

Cindy awoke startled wondering what was going on. She thought her husband was on top of her, but was relieved to find it was her youngest son, Johnny. She kissed him back and then broke away.

"Good morning Johnny," Cindy sexily whispered.

"Good morning mom," Johnny uttered back.

"Here I thought you would want to fuck me again tonight, but it hasn't even been 8 hours and you're ready again!" Cindy said with a smile on her face.

"Mom...I'm always ready to fuck."

With that, Johnny withdrew his cock and slammed it back into his mother's pussy and groaned aloud. Cindy cried out in bliss and started to shiver.

Johnny then began a motion of hard thrusts, a lot harder than last night. He pushed with his knees deep into his mother. Cindy liked how aggressive her son was being. A lot different to the more tender side she saw of him last night.

Johnny grabbed the railing of the bed so his cock had more ability to go deeper and started to pound his mother vigorously, as fast as he could. Cindy started to scream but quickly covered her mouth, just in case the others were downstairs.

Johnny continued to slam as fast as he could and was started to growl when he noticed his mother shutting her eyes.

Johnny then stopped and got up. He asked his mother to lift her legs to the ceiling so that her pussy was facing upwards. Johnny then got on his knees and placed his cock back in, so that there was more room for penetration.

Johnny started hammering straight away as fast as he could, leaving Cindy no time to catch her breath. Cindy could feel her vaginal walls being expanded further than ever before. Her husband had never suggested this position to her and she loved it.

Johnny could start to feel himself pre-cumming. Cindy then began to scream into her son's hands after feeling an orgasm coming. Johnny could feel his penis starting to tighten, he knew he was close. He continued fucking his mother as fast as he could and could feel himself close to cumming. Cindy then screamed as she squirted out a little in orgasm and that was enough for Johnny to bust out a load of cum in orgasm.

Johnny closed his eyes and groaned as he pushed out all the cum he possibly could. He could feel his mother's juices running up his cock. Cindy then started to quiet down and she took her hand off her mouth, in time for her son to shove his tongue down her throat.

Johnny withdrew and kissed his mother one last time before jumping to the other side of the bed.

"That was amazing mom, out of all the girls I've been with, you're the best one. I've never felt a woman cum on me before I started fucking you."

Cindy tried to smile but could barely move her lips. She was exhausted after having cum twice in an 8 hour period. She hadn't cum before that in over a year.

Johnny looked at the time and noticed he had to get moving. He kissed his mum one last time before jumping out of the bed, putting on his briefs and making his way out the door.

Cindy fell to the pillow and decided she was going to sleep in some more and called in sick. She would barely be able to work today after the events that transpired last night and this morning.

Johnny wandered down the hall in his briefs with a grin on his face and went into his room and closed the door. One thing he forgot to check was if anyone was nearby. What he didn't realise was his brother Jeff was standing on the stairs, frozen.

He had just saw his little brother Johnny walk out of his mother's room in his underwear with a wide grin on his face. He could hear the sounds of his parent's bed moving from the kitchen a couple of minutes ago.

Had Johnny really fucked mum? All signs pointed to yes. If it did happen, he wanted a piece of the action too. He thought about just walking into her room right there and thumping her, but she had just got fucked. What he needed to do was seduce her.

Jeff went into his room to plan things while JOhnny walked into the bathroom. Cindy in the meantime had fallen back to sleep.

Cindy woke up 3 hours later and could smell the sex in her bed. Luckily her husband was coming home later that night so she got up and grabbed some air freshener and sprayed it around the bed. She looked outside the window to see which cars were home.

Johnny wasn't here, he must have gone off to uni. Adam and Jim are out at work, but Jeff was in the house. Cindy's pussy started to throb at the thought of going after her middle child. She had a feeling he had the biggest dick in the house. But she wanted to do things differently this time. She wanted to seduce him, not be caught sucking his underwear. She wanted Jeff to fuck her because of how sexy she was, not because she was easy.

Cindy went downstairs to find Jeff sitting at the kitchen table. Jeff swallowed hard as he watched his hot mother approach him. He was ready to seduce her, only little did he realise, she was going to try and do the same thing.

"Hey mom," Jeff greeted.

"Hey honey. You working today?" Cindy questioned.

"I've already trained someone, I've got another client after dinner. Till then I'm a free man."

Cindy smiled and looked down at his crotch, there was a definite outline. She quickly looked away before Jeff could see her looking.

"I've got a couple of errands to run, but I was thinking about going out for lunch. You game?" Cindy asked.

"Yeah sure mom, how's Asian?"

"That'd be great, let me just go get changed." Cindy replied.

Cindy walked over to the stairs and tried to roll her hips, hoping that Jeff would notice. She then had an idea; if she left the door a little open, perhaps Jeff would try to spy on her changing if she called out to him.

She went inside her room and threw off her robe so she was completely naked. She left the door open a little so that Jeff could poke his face in. She faced the wall so that her back would be in view to him.


Jeff got off his seat and ran up the stairs and down the hall to his mother's room.

"Now don't come in Jeff, I'm still getting changed."

Jeff stopped right outside his mother's room.

"I just wanted to ask, is it cold outside or warm?" Cindy questioned.

Jeff noticed that the door was a little open so he leaned in but didn't look inside.

"It's a little warm mom."

"Okay cool, thanks, now I know what to wear." Cindy replied.

She started to hum loudly so that Jeff would think she was busy, too busy to notice someone peeping their head inside.

Jeff could hear the humming so he decided to poke his face in for a second to see if she was facing the door. Jeff flashed in and looked to the right to see his mother, facing the wall, humming away and looking at different selections of clothes.

Jeff started to grow erect as he saw his mother's beautiful round ass and shiny legs. He could see some of her tits and the right nipple was in view. Jeff could feel his dick pushing through his underwear.

He wanted so badly to go in there and fuck her up the ass, knowing that she fucked his brother in the morning, but he knew he couldn't do that.

Cindy waited a couple more minutes before putting on the outfit she chose, thinking that Jeff was looking at her all that time. He was. Jeff ducked out of the room as he saw his mother put on her top and went downstairs.

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