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A Mother's Revenge Ch. 01

by 1sickbastard 01/01/11

Author's notes and disclaimers;

this is the first story I've submitted. It is an original work and has a strong incest theme. If this offends, feel free to read something else. All characters are 18 years or older.

Thanks are given to both teknight and andrea4328 for taking the time to edit this, especially teknight, whose comments I consider invaluable.


Sheryl loved her new Prius. He'd been lavish with his gifts lately, so she suspected he was having an affair with one of his pretty young assistants, again. Sheryl sighed. It had been her suggestion that he take a lover years ago. He had been so insatiable in his desire for her, and she so sore and tired from what seemed like non-stop sex, that she finally admitted she couldn't keep up. "Baby, you need to find a second woman so my poor pussy has some time off to recuperate." Bill had been surprised, hurt, and reluctant. In the end she'd gotten him to agree, with a few conditions. Sheryl would fuck her husband at least four nights a week. Any gifts given to any of his mistresses or girlfriends would be matched by a gift for his wife, of greater or equal value. The affairs had to remain discrete, especially for the sake of their two children. And he wasn't to ever ignore or sacrifice time away from his family for whoever the fuck of the month was.

It worked out surprisingly well. Bill continued to be a wonderful and considerate lover, husband & father. Sheryl's pussy got the R&R time she needed and a nice collection of expensive jewelry. Lately she'd begun getting turned on at the notion of Bill's big dick stretching out some pretty twenty-something's cunt. Actually this was her current masturbation fantasy, something she'd been doing a lot more of as her sex drive had ramped up when she had hit her mid thirties. In fact, she wanted to watch her husband fuck one of his pretty little sluts while she was in the room, but kept losing her nerve every time she thought about bringing it up. She had never been sexually adventurous, and felt more than a little shame about wanting to explore. Sheryl pulled into the driveway, the Prius's electric motor stopping silently behind Bill's sedan.

"I wonder what he's doing home so early." Sheryl thought to herself. Her original plans for the day had fallen through. Neither her husband nor children would expect her home until dinner. Jimmy and a couple of his friends had decided to go to a MLB game that afternoon and wouldn't be home until late in the evening. Tiffany would be hanging out with her friends and rarely was home before dinner. Jimmy and Tiffany were 'Irish Twins' born eight months apart. Tiffany had been a premature birth, after which Sheryl had, had her tubes tied. Bill rarely worked late on Fridays, but was almost never home this early on a Friday either.

"Maybe he's fucking some young thing right now," Sheryl thought, the images of her husband's oversized tool pistoning in and out of some girl's cunt sent a thrill through her body, her nipples hardening and a warm moistness suffusing her sex. Avoiding the garage, Sheryl crept around to the back yard and quietly unlocked the patio door, letting herself in. She found her stealth unnecessary. As soon as she opened the door, the sounds of a girl being fucked good and hard washed over her. The loud moans, gasps and cries turned the moistness of her sex into a flood of wetness dripping into her panties, which were rapidly becoming soaked. Her nipple now so engorges that the lacy material of her bra felt rough, pleasurable to the point of pain that further flamed her arousal.

Sheryl quickly stepped out of her shoes, pulled off her wet panties, and unclasped her bra, letting the silken fabric of her shirt free to move over her large (34DD) breasts, sending more jolts of pleasure directly to her now throbbing clit. Silently she stole down the hall, tracking the sounds to their source. Unexpectedly, they were emanating, not from the master bedroom, but from Tiffany's bedroom, the door of which was wide open.

"Playing at some father daughter fantasy with his newest assistant, what's her name, Ashley," Sheryl chuckled to herself as the screams of "Fuck me daddy, fuck me with your horse cock, make me cum, fuck me hard daddy," streamed out with increasing intensity and volume. Creeping toward the open door, so as not to be seen, she saw the two copulating on her daughter's bed.

Her husband Bill was buck naked, sitting on the bed facing the full length mirror on their daughter's closet door. Her nude daughter, scarcely eighteen, was sitting impaled on her father's cock also facing the mirror. Bill had his hands under the crook of his daughter's knees, holding her legs up and apart, and using his well muscled arms to lift his daughter's body and slam her cunt on his towering tool. Tiffany had her arms over her head, draped around her father's neck. Her cries of pleasure suddenly silenced when her father let loose her legs, wrapped one arm around her and used his other hand to grab a lock of her long brown hair, bringing her mouth to his in a long, passionate kiss.

The kiss ended and Bill used his control of Tiffany's head to force her to look directly into the mirror, meeting his own reflection, so they were looking into each other's eyes.

"Who's that horny little cunt in the mirror, pumpkin?"

"It's me, daddy, you baby girl."

"What are you doing sitting on my dick, baby girl?"

"I'm fucking your big cock, daddy."

"What kind of a girl fucks her own daddy?"

"A slut, a nasty little slut."

"So what are you pumpkin?"

"I'm daddy's nasty little slut."

"Do you like it when your daddy fucks you like a nasty little cum hungry, cock craving slut?"

"OOOhhh, god, yes, fuck me. Fuck my tight little pussy like the nasty little slut I am. Make me cum; make me cum again and again. Make me your fuck toy, Make me you slut, promise me I'll be your little slut forever. Fuck me, daddy, fuck me FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE..." Tiffany screamed into another set of multiple orgasms as her father pumped his massive member in and out of her swollen, leaking pussy, her body locked into rigor as waves of pleasure roared into her. For several moments they were like that, her eyes locked into the reflection of her father's, her legs shuddering as the convulsions of her ecstasy pulsed out from her rigid body into rubbery limbs while father continued to fuck daughter.

Sheryl watched the reflection in the mirror, seeing her husband's balls contracting inward to his body, his pistoning shaft becoming thicker. She heard Bill say "I'm going to cum baby. Where does my little slut want her daddy's cum?"

"Cum in my mouth, daddy, your slut wants to feel you shooting your load down her throat. I want to suck every last drop of cum from your big dick and lick it clean. Cum in my mouth, please."

Bill released his hold on his daughter, lifting her off his fuck stick, supporting her weight as she turned around and sunk to her knees. Sheryl looked on as her daughter opened her mouth and slid the entire length of her father's cock down her throat, until her face was pressing against her father's belly. With a groan, Bill unleashed his load, his daughter keeping her face pressed against him, her throat milking his pole until she ran out of breath. She then licked and sucked her father until his cock was clean, shinny with her saliva, and rock hard again.

"Oh, now look what you did pumpkin. You made daddy all hard again. You know the rule."

"Yes daddy. Daddy's nasty little slut is not allowed to let a good, hard cock go unfucked" Tiffany said rising unsteadily to her feet, facing her father, straddling him. She grabbed his steel shaft and, lining it up with her leaking cunt, lowered herself slowly until she had fully impaled herself, setting off another climax as his rod slipped past her cervix, bottoming out in the deepest pouch of her womanhood.

They stayed pressed together for a long moment, embracing, her head on her father's shoulder, face nuzzled into the hollow of his neck. He gently kissed her hair, caressing her cheek until she looked up and they met in a soul searing kiss.

Sheryl was completely in a twist.

On the one hand, she had encouraged him to his dalliances, so she had no grounds for anger or jealousy. On the other, the fact that he was dallying with their daughter shocked and infuriated her, she feeling betrayed by both husband and daughter; him for being her father, for being older and allowing their perverse relationship not only to happen, but to happen here in their home, on their daughter's bed, and probably on their bed too, her daughter, on the other hand, was more than a fling. Clearly they loved each other, but also were deeply in love with each other. That was evident. That her daughter would be involved with her father, there was far more to it than sex. For the first time in her life, Sheryl felt very threatened by another woman, and extremely jealous of her husband.

Then there was the issue that she was more aroused than she had ever been in her life. Sheryl had unconsciously slipped her hand under her skirt and had been fingering herself, causing her to climax several times watching father and daughter wallow in their forbidden pleasure, and was working to another as she watched Bill lay back with Tiffany still riding him. He rolled her over on the bed, without taking his cock from her cunt. Tiffany wrapped her long legs around her father's waist, locking tight as she shivered through another climax. Bill increased his pace, pulling his cock out to the very head then burying his shaft until their pelvises connected. He fucked her gently while licking and kissing his way down her neck until he could suck a hard, pert nipple topping her lovely C-cup tits into his mouth. Bill bit down hard on his daughter's nipple and suddenly slammed his pole into her squelching quim. Tiffany's back arched up, mashing her tits into her father's face while the rest of her squirmed and thrashed and a wordless scream announced the arrival of yet one more of many orgasms her father had given her that afternoon.

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