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A Naughty Night At The Drive-In

by turner1116 10/02/12

You asked me if I wanted to go see the new movies at the drive-in tonight and of course I said yes. There's not a minute that goes by that I don't want to be with you. You told me you would pick me up around six. I have a good four hours to get ready before you come and pick me up. I need to go bathe and freshen up before you get here. I have a feeling if we are sitting together in a tiny little car together for two movies, there's going to be some touching. I hope.

I want to be perfect for you in everyway. I draw myself a bath with hot water, the hottest my body can stand. I love the way warm water feels on my naked body. I shut the bathroom door and lift my white and black zebra print blouse up and over my head. Unlatch my black lacey bra letting my breast fall from its release. My breasts are perky and a nice shape. They are not large but not too small either, A nice hand full. I slide my black polyester skirt down to my ankles, only leaving my black lace panties. I placed my fingers on each side of my waist where they are sitting snug against my pussy and slid them down to where my skirt already lays at my ankles. Stepped out of them and now completely exposed I slowly step into the tub and lower my body into the warm steamy water. It quickly covers me and I feel my body tremble as the warmth shocks my skin. As I let my body relax I start thinking about the night to come. Wondering what I'm going to wear, how I'm going to do my hair.

My train of thought shifted the more my body relaxed in the warm water. I started thinking about what could and hopefully would happen tonight. How I could get you going, envisioning things I wanted to happen between us. I'm going to place my hand on your lap and slowly move it up your thigh. Slowly moving it toward your crouch but not touching, just teasing you. Making you want me. Making you want me to place my hand right on your cock, unzip your pants and go to town right then and there. Right there with the movie playing on the big screen in front of us. With cars parked all around us and people walking by going to the concession stands. Thinking about it is turning me on. I'm starting to get really hot. The water is warm but my thoughts are making my insides hot.

I dip my finger tips into the water just enough to let the water cling on to them. Bring my fingers up to my breasts and let the water drip off my finger tips. The drops roll down from the top of my breasts down the natural curve and onto my perfect, now perky little nipples. My nipples are a nice light brown color, but when they are hard and wet they get a darker color. I lightly put my fingers around my little nipples and start lightly caressing them. Tweaking them and slowly building up some pressure. Thinking about getting you aroused and playing with your cock. I put a hand down into the water and lightly started to caress my thigh moving my fingers up from my knee until I touched my now throbbing wet pussy. I put two fingers down to my vagina entrance and slid them in. I pull my fingers out after a couple thrusts and start caressing my clit in a circular motion. Moving my fingers from my clit to my pussy and back and forth. Now moving faster rubbing my clit and squeezing my nipples and thinking about your hard cock inside my pussy.

My mind is wondering everywhere as I'm bringing myself to climax. Rubbing my hands up my body over my gorgeous wet breasts pushing them together. Playing with my nipples and rubbing my clit. The waters splashing from where my hand is pleasuring my pussy. My legs uncontrollable, my back arched. My head is leaning back, eyes are closed. I'm looking at your beautiful face, breathing hard. Pretending my fingers are your big hard cock inside of me. My hips thrusting up and down and I let loose my body jerking blood rushing to my head. Water splashing around in the tub, up against my clit. Oh! I'm cumming, moaning, thinking about you. Your amazing!

I finish cleaning myself up, step out of the tub and let the water drain. I dry my wet glorious body with a big soft white towel. Rub some sweet smelling lotion all over my silky smooth skin. I decide to wear a cute red summer dress. The skirt just barely covers my knees. It has spaghetti straps and the front is cut low. You can see the top and middle of my breasts. I decide not to wear a bra just for you. My perky little nipples are visible through the silky red material. No underwear either, if you want to touch me like I hope you will, I'll be prepared. I want you to take control of me, show me your boss. I'm ready to go now and waiting for you to get here.

We get to the drive-in and its packed. We drive around for fifteen minutes till we finally find a spot to park. All the cars are close together. We park the car in between two minivans near the back of the parking lot. We watch the first movie and neither one of us make a move, but we both knew we couldn't keep our eyes off one another. Between movies we got some popcorn and soda. We also stopped and used the restrooms. I had to freshen up because I was planning on making a move during this next movie whether you did or not. We sat side by side and ate our popcorn and watched the next movie. Every time are fingers touched when we reached into the popcorn bag at the same time I got butterflies. I so badly just wanted to put my hand on your cheek, make you turn towards me and kiss you passionately.

During the movie about half way through this brother and sister get dared to make out. Not wanting to be poor sports they go ahead make out. They act like the kissing was no big deal. However after all of their friends went home and they cleaned up the after party house mess. They started talking about the dare and the kiss they had shared. They decided to try it again and wouldn't you know it things heated up. They got naked so fast and he had his sister penned down on the couch. Not unwillingly, she wanted her brothers hard cock in her pussy, she was begging him to fill her hole with his thick dick. She was throbbing and wet. When he entered her, the faces they made. The want they had being filled. It was clear on both of their faces. He pushed deeper into her and they both went crazy with bliss. She started to cum, she was moaning and digging her fingers into his buttocks pulling him in as far and as hard as possible. She exploded, her pussy well lubricated and throbbing around his hard cock made him cum seconds after her. They screamed and moaned together. It was such a turn on for me. I moved my hand over onto your thigh touching your skin because you had worn shorts, for easy access maybe? (I hope)

Still watching the movie not looking at you. Pulsating from watching that hot ass scene. I could feel your body tense up for a second, shocked that I had put my hand on your thigh. I could hear you start to breath louder. Which of course turned me on! I slowly move my hand up your thigh. You don't have underwear on. Oh my god! Your cock is hard. I can tell because it kind of formed a tent in your shorts which made it even easier to get to your goods. I'm thinking this must be ok with you because of your breathing. Also the fact that you haven't stopped my hand from going where its headed. All of a sudden I feel your hand on the outside of my breast and going in to grab my nipple. I can't believe this is happening at the drive-in. My body is on fire, burning with passion and my pussy is starting to ache for your touch. I'm going insane! You squeeze my nipple and tug at it ever so lightly. I let out a moan. My finger tips touch the shaft of your penis. Oh wow, your so thick, so hard, so big. I gently place my hand around the shaft and move my hand up. My finger touches the head. Its so perfect, perfectly shaped. Mmm, I lick my lips. Major turn on! I touch the tip of it and your wet!

I take my hand out of your pants. Place both my hands on the waist of your shorts and let that huge cannon free from its enclosure. Lift your balls up gently and let the waste of the shorts put some pressure under your balls. Your getting worked up now. I bring my mouth to the tip of your cock and slowly lick up all of your wet goodness. mmm. You taste amazing! I run my tongue up and down your shaft. I give you soft warm wet kisses all up your rod to the head and give another little lick to the tip. I lick your balls and then gently suck one in my mouth at a time letting them plop out of my mouth and back in again. Running my tongue back up your shaft to your head to lick up all the pre cum. I spend a minute just licking and gently sucking on the tip of your cock. Your penis is starting to pulsate. I know your about to cum in my mouth. I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to take it all. I put one of my hands on your balls and started to caress them. I put my other hand at the bottom of your shaft, put a little pressure. I then start taking your cock all the way in my mouth, moving my tongue fast. Going up and down your hard throbbing cock. You start to cum. Your warm juices hitting the back of my throat. I take it all and when your done I lick you all clean and softly place kisses all over your cock head. I look up at you for the first time since this started. You then place both of your hands on each side of my face, lean down and kiss my forehead. We completely forget about all the people around the car that can see us.

You lean over me to the corner of my seat and make the seat completely recline. You put both hands around my waste and forcefully lift me up so that my ass is half way up the back of the seat. You climb over push my skirt up and go down on me. Fuck! I start moaning immediately. It happened so fast, I couldn't have stopped you if I wanted to. The palm of my hand is squished up against the back window. You bring your hand up to my boob and squeeze. You put two fingers into my tight little pussy and thrust in and out. You move up to my breasts still finger fucking my pussy. Wrapping your lips around my breasts. Sucking, licking and kissing them. It's getting really hot. The windows are fogging up. I am moaning uncontrollably, probably too loud. You move back down to my pussy. You wrap your lips around my clit. Your tongue doing circles on my hot spot. Still finger fucking me. I cant hold it for long. I'm going to cum. I can't take it anymore. I thrust my hips up into your face and grab your hair with both hands. You don't stop moving your tongue. I lose control. I'm cumming. Oh, fuck. I'm cumming all over your mouth. You forced your tongue into my tight little pussy hole while I'm cumming and it makes my orgasm intensify! I can feel my pussy hugging your tongue over and over as I continue to cum. You lick up all of my lady juices. Lift your head up to mine, kiss my lips, look into my eyes and say

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