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A Perfect Wife Ch. 1

by AnnabelleandJay 01/31/02

"There. How's that?" Sandy said, acknowledging that she had indeed, opened up. "You like that?" she asked.

But Bill could only make muffled, contented grunts as he pressed his face deeper and deeper between her spread cheeks, dipping more and more of her dark, rich flavor out with his tongue. Then he felt her ass begin to start slowly moving back and forth, easing first, then pressing harder against his mouth and tongue. He could feel Frank's wet cock now sliding against the bottom of his chin, and feel with his tongue and the stiff penis filling the nearby opening.

In almost a whisper too low to be heard, Sandy exhaled," Yesssss. Now fuck me in the ass." She reached back and with both hands pulled her ass cheeks far apart, stretching her upturned backside wide and offering herself to him.

"I need that hard cock in my tight asshole," she moaned.

With those words, Bill felt a sharp tug as his dick responded to the request before his brain did. He had often dreamed about something like this, but had long since given up on it really happening. Now, not only was he going to get to fuck a beautiful woman in the ass, and a real woman at that, but he was going to double penetrate her with her husband. "Perfect," he thought. "Absolutely fucking perfect."

With one final lick of her asshole, Bill rose up and positioned himself between Frank's legs. He looked down and saw that Sandy's anus dilated and open, gaping almost an inch wide.

"This fucking woman is unbelievable!" he thought to himself as he lifted his erect cock and positioned the head against her ready asshole. As soon as he started to push, he realized that Frank had been waiting for him and was preparing to thrust also. As if on command, both he and Frank drove deep at the same time into the widely spread blond.


Bill and Frank repeated their simultaneous thrusts over and over, each man slowly pulling back and then quickly pounding in at the same time. Each time, Bill pulled back, he could clearly see the brown, rubbery ring of Sandy's asshole clutching tightly onto his dick as he moved. "Amazing," he thought. She was relaxing her asshole on the downstroke and clenching it tight as he withdrew. It was unlike anything he had ever felt before. He could feel the other man's cock sliding along with his, separated by only the thinnest of tissues as they both moved together as one.

After several minutes of this deep double pounding, Bill could tell that Sandy was on her way to one major orgasm. He felt her body tense up, and she gave out a large gasp, followed by a long, low moan as he felt her shudder and shake between the two men. She seemed frozen in her moment of ecstasy and then collapsed onto Frank's chest, with both dicks still crammed in her. Without missing a beat, Frank drove his cock deep into his limp wife, and Bill then followed, alternating their strokes. Sandy took only a moment or two to recover from her orgasm and started moaning again, as each man followed the other, alternating thrust after thrust.

Bill couldn't believe the sexual appetite of this woman. The two men continued to alternate strokes, sawing back and forth with Sandy writhing and moaning between them. Frank would push hard into her cunt, and then Bill would drive deep into her ass and she just kept wanting more. Finally, after ten minutes of the hardest fucking that he'd ever known, Bill started to feel the deep burning and pressure forming in his balls. He knew he had only moments before he erupted into Sandy's loose and stretched asshole. He started pumping furiously, plunging his aching cock wildly into her anus as if his life depended on it.

Sensing the break of alternating rhythm that had gone on for so long, Sandy started bucking wildly, pushing her ass back hard against the younger man’s thrusts. With that, Frank grabbed his wife's rounded hips and began pistoning in short hard strokes. The contagious frenzy exploded as the three of them came at the same time, Bill and Frank draining spurt after spurt into Sandy's openings. She was heaving herself back and forth and Bill could feel Sandy clamping her sphincter muscles hard around his dick, milking his cock with each pump.

Bill was expecting her to relax her ass muscles and let his drained cock fall out, but instead he could feel her clamping down even tighter, vice-like around his dick. So he continued to pump into her ass and was suddenly amazed that within moments his body was responding to the tightness of her ass with another orgasm.

"Oh, God. I'm cumming again!" Bill shouted, pumping with renewed energy. "Aaaawwwww," he roared, as a second round of his hot fluid flooded deep into her bowels. Five, six, seven surges as he emptied into her ass. "God, she's gonna rip my dick off if she keeps this up," he thought to himself. And then he felt her ease, release her muscles, and slowly his reddened cock plopped out of her rectum.

Exhausted and drained, he fell forward resting on top of both Sandy and Frank. "Never before. Never," he murmured and moved to kiss Sandy who had turned to look at him. He had never had anything like that happen, coming twice, one right after another. "You're amazing," he said as his mouth found hers.

"That's not bad, for a first time," Frank said smiling.

Then, all three broke into laughter as they lay in a sweating heap on the sofa. Panting and laughing, Bill just shook his head. Bill stopped laughing when he noticed that Frank had stopped laughing and was looking at something across the room. Turning back over his shoulder, Bill was suddenly filled with an icy jolt, as his brain registered what his eyes were seeing. There, standing in the middle of the living room floor, was Allison, Bill's wife.

Bill didn't know how long she had been standing there, but clearly it was long enough. He could see her clinched fists and flushed complexion, as she stood and glared at him.

"Honey, I can…" was all he got out before Allison turned quickly and ran out the door. Grabbing his trousers, Bill struggled to get them on as he ran out the door after her. Trailing her down the dark street, he could see her run into their house and slam the door with an ear shattering crash.

Bill half-heartedly tried the front door, but knew it would be locked. And it was. Finding the side garage door open, Bill walked through his darkened house and up to his bedroom door. It was firmly locked.

End of Part One

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