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A Simple Question

by RogueLoad 03/11/10

I felt a lot better, and the uncontrollable lust that had prompted my original question was returning to me. I was relieved that we had broken the ice so that I could fully enjoy what I was about to do. I stood up in front of my mother and pushed my chair back to get some space. I looked down at her, took a deep breath, and pulled my pants down.

My rock-hard cock sprang out right in front of my mother's face. She wasn't looking at me, but instead had her eyes glued to the floor. She was on her knees, sitting on the back of her feet with her hands folded in her lap. Her face pointed ever-so-slightly up at me, providing a perfect canvas for me to paint with my cum. The position and the angle were perfect, and I couldn't wait for the big moment.

I took a step back so that I would have some room to shoot my load, and then I wrapped my fingers around my shaft. The feeling was incredible. As soon as my hand tightened on my cock, I felt chills run up my spine. I looked down at my mom's beautiful face, positioned perfectly right in front of my dick, and began to jerk off.

Thanks to the four hours of preparation that I had put in earlier, it wouldn't be long until I blew my load. I stood over my mother and pumped my cock at medium speed, building myself toward orgasm at a steady rate. Every time my cock throbbed, I could feel it throughout my entire body.

Mom moved her gaze to the side, looking past me. I could see her slightly biting her lip, and could hear her breathing getting heavier. Watching my mom's face while I beat off was the most arousing thing I had ever experienced. I fought the urge to push my dick into her mouth, as I didn't want to push my luck and ruin this beautiful moment.

My fist was pounding my shaft at full speed now. I could feel the pressure of a huge load of cum building inside of me, aching to be released onto its waiting target. I was taking deep breaths now, and I think my mom could tell that I was close.

At that moment, she tightly pursed her lips and looked straight up into my eyes, as if she wanted to watch me as I covered her. Her face was perfectly presented to me and ready for my cum. I looked down into my mother's eyes while I masturbated my cock, and I suddenly felt like I was soaring inside.

"Ungh... Mom... I'm gonna cum." I could barely grunt out the words.

She kept her eyes open and her lips closed, watching my face for every little reaction.

I tightened my grip, gave my shaft a few hard pumps, and felt my balls contract as I shot my first rope of sticky cum. Time slowed down as my cum flew through the air, eventually landing on the right side of my mother's face. She jumped slightly as my semen came into contact with her skin, voiced a short, quiet whimper, and then closed her eyes.

I gave my cock another pump, felt a surge of pleasure rush through my whole body, and watched another glob of hot white cum leave my swollen head. It was good that Mom's eyes were closed now, because I hit her right in the middle of her face. She now had a pool of cum between her eyes, and some spatter on the bridge of her nose. Her eyelids clenched tight under the hot puddle of sperm.

I anchored my feet to the floor so that I wouldn't fall over, as the immense pleasure was making me feel light-headed. I stood over my mom, gave my shaft a hard squeeze, and aimed right for her mouth. I ejaculated a powerful stream, fully covering Mom's lips and chin in white translucent goo. She kept her lips closed, but uttered a guttural noise from her throat.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm." The sound excited me almost as much as the view.

At this point, my mom's face was nearly covered with my cum. It was the sexiest, dirtiest, most beautiful sight to ever fill my eyes. I watched my cum-covered mother kneeling under me, sighed with pleasure, and beat my cock from shaft to head as hard as I could. I tried to aim where I hadn't before, so that I could cover as much of her face as possible. Each cumshot was accompanied by a wave of indescribable bliss.

After a few more squirts I was finally done, leaving my mom's face a hot sticky mess. It was the most incredible orgasm of my life, and I no longer had the energy to stand. With a deep breath I slumped down into my chair, and tried to regain my strength as I watched my semen drip from my mother's chin.

When she was absolutely sure that I was finished, and that every drop of cum had been emptied from my balls and onto her face, she got up off of her knees and headed toward the kitchen sink. She picked up a dishtowel from the counter, and began wiping my load from her mouth.

"Thank you so much Mom, I needed that more than words could say. I really appreciate what you did for me just now, and I'll never forget it."

She wiped the cum from her eyes and smiled at me.

At that moment, I felt like I could take on the entire world.

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