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A Story for Kong5

by alanstewart262 02/14/13

I was traveling on business and found myself in a local bar watching the Thursday night football game. Started chatting with the guy beside me and at some point the conversation turned to sex. I mentioned that I'd been away from my sexy sweet hotwife for too long and was tired of pulling on my own dick. He stated that everyday he gets some, but not from his wife, but his secretary. He then showed me a pic of her at work. She was FUCKING HOT!!!! I asked him, you fuck her everyday?

Well, I don't fuck her everyday; sometimes she just sucks my cock (and she always swallows cause she' so considerate that we don't make a mess everywhere). Other times, I'll have her sit on my desk and lean back so I can lick her shaved pussy. Sometimes, I'll give her a remote operated vibe that she has to wear in her pussy around the office all day. That's fun to do, watching her squirm every time I press the vibe -- especially when she's talking with co-workers or is on the phone. Only three of us know she's wearing the vibe, so it makes it that much hotter.

What do you mean, three of us? You're not fucking another secretary are you?

No, nobody else at the office knows about us, but her husband does.

Her husband knows that you fuck his wife? And he's okay with that?

He's not only okay with it, he loves it when she calls him while I'm licking her cunt and he can hear me licking her and her moans of ecstasy. Sometimes she'll call him up and tell him that she's walking around the office with a vibe that I'm controlling.

I tell my new friend; "That is so FUCKING HOT!!!!" I also have a wife that fucks other guys and she's probably at home right now fucking some young hung stud. That's why I'm tired of slapping the monkey, hearing my wife call me nightly to tell me of her sexual escapades that day. Then this guy tells me,

"I also have her fuck some of my clients."

Bet your clients love you, don't they?

Oh yeah, I'm the best sales rep my company has.

You're like her pimp.

Yeah, guess I am. The best thing is both she and her husband love me pimping her out to my clients -- she is such a NASTY SLUT!!!

So then I ask the question; "If she's such a slut and you have her fuck your clients, could I get some?"

He tells me that I'm not one of his clients and he's never had anybody other than his clients fuck her. But then he thinks about it and asks me; "As you're not one of clients and I always profit from sending her out to fuck somebody, would you be willing to pay to fuck her?"

I tell him, "After seeing the pics you've showed me of what a NASTY SLUT she is, damn straight I'd pay to fuck her." I've never fucked somebody as slutty as she is. In her pics, she's always smiling -- doesn't matter if somebody is fucking her pussy, her ass, shooting their load on her tits, or if she's sucking cock -- she's just always smiling. WOW, WHAT A SLUT!!!!

So we then arranged that the next night, this guy's secretary would show up at my hotel room. We also agreed that he wouldn't tell her that I'm a special type of client and that she wouldn't know I was paying to fuck her.

My wife called that night and told me all about the guy she'd just fucked and that she still had his cum in her pussy. She sent me a pic of his cum leaking out of her pussy and then another one of her sucking her finger that she'd just dipped into her cum filled pussy.

It was then that I told her of the guy I'd just met and his story of fucking his secretary that's married to some other guy and that I'd just agreed to pay to fuck this sexy slutty secretary. Wasn't sure how my wife would take this, as she has freedom to fuck anybody anytime anywhere, but that I have in the past only fucked other women when my wife is there (either as a FFM threesome or when we got together with another couple). My wife asked:

"Is she HOT?"

Oh yeah, and she looks so slutty that I knew after seeing just the first pic that I wanted to fuck her like I've never wanted to fuck anybody else. I told her that the look of pure lust in this girl was something like I've ever seen before and fucking her would be purely about fucking sex. My wife agreed that as it was just about the sex and nothing more, that I could fuck this girl with my wife's blessing.

The next night, this SLUTTY SECRETARY showed up at my hotel room wearing a sheer red top, black jacket over top, a black knee length skirt (and as I was quickly going to find out, red lace panties and matching garter belt), along with her black 6" fuck-me pumps. Her bright red lipstick matched all this off.

I had her do a strip tease for me and then she got on my lap and ground her pussy into my hardening cock that was still in my pants. I leaned forward to motorboat her 36DDs as she continued to grind her ass onto me. When she could tell my cock was about to explode through my pants, she got off and unzipped me and quickly took my cock in her mouth. She stopped for a brief moment to ask:

"Do you want me to swallow or cum all over my big tits?"

Now being a BOOB MAN, I answered; "all over those big fucking tits you slut!!!" When I couldn't take it any longer (which wasn't long given how sexy and slutty she was), I told her to get ready. She then leaned back so I could spray her boobs with my cum. That was an incredible sight, seeing this slut with my cum all over her big boobs. I then grabbed my phone and snapped a pic of her cum covered tits and sent the pic to my wife.

Now typically, my wife isn't turned on by women (she'll suck tits and pussy, but much prefers a hard throbbing cock), but I got home, my wife admitted how hot it got her seeing this slut with her cum covered 36DDs.

My slut was licking her cum covered tits and then dipped her finger all over her boobs and offered me to lick my own cum from her fingers, which I did. THAT WAS AWESOME!!!

As I was now hard again, we made our way to the bed so I could fuck this slut. Just as I was penetrating her smooth shaved pussy, I snapped another pic of my hard cock entering her. Then sent that pic to her boss / pimp. As I'd just cum, I knew I could last much longer this time, so fucked her hard, mauled her big tits, held onto her hanging tits as I fucked her from behind. After she'd had a couple of orgasms and I couldn't last any longer, I shot my load into her pussy. Then snapped one final pic of my cum leaking out of her.

It was then about 2am and she told me that she needed to get home to her husband as he always enjoyed sloppy seconds.

As she was getting dressed, I told her that the money was on the nightstand and to make sure her boss got his cut. She looked at me with an odd look on her face and asked;

"What money?"

I then told her that I was a special client that after seeing pics her boss showed me, I agreed to pay to fuck her. I then asked her what's your name?


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