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A Surprise for Daddy

by ronnie11 03/03/10

It probably happens to every teenage girl at some point in her life, for me it just happened a few minutes ago. Getting up to go pee, I bumped into my father as he was coming out of the bathroom after taking a shower. There is nothing new about that but what made it different this time was the fact that his dick was straining his boxers, the bulge was enormous and I could not take my eyes off it.

Needless to say, there was that awkward moment as we both just looked at each other and tried to pretend nothing was out of the ordinary. Sitting on the toilet peeing, I realize that mom is going to be in for a rather exciting night from the size of daddy's dick. They were probably fucking right now, a thought that is just making me so horny.

As strange as it may sound, sitting here I have become aware just how turned on I'm getting. The sight of that big dick bulging is driving me crazy, my pussy is already wet and I just can't get the thought of that big dick fucking my mother out of my head. I could picture her pussy taking each stroke as she moans with pleasure, letting that big dick pump her until it shoots its creamy load into her.

Do I go back to my room and get myself off or maybe be a little naughty and ease drop on them. I can't believe how big his dick is, mom must love having that thing sliding in and out of her, and I know I would.

Opening the door, I listen as my ears strained to hear any noises coming from their bedroom. I have to be quiet, can I do this? My pussy tells me all I need to know, Christ my heart is beating so fucking loud, they will probably hear it through the door.

"Please daddy, fuck my tight little pussy," I hear my mother say.

Did she just say that, did I really hear what I think I heard? I'm stunned and yet I can't move either, I hear her moaning as my father fucks her for what seems like hours. I can't take it any more; I need to cum, sliding my panties down my legs and kicking them aside, now my fingers can make my pussy scream. Rubbing myself harder, I can feel a climax unlike any I ever experienced approaching, the more I hear them talk about me the more turned I'm getting.

I'm so fucking close, just a little more and I'll cum. This is too much; I'm actually getting off listening to my parents fuck. No, listening to my mother make believe she's me and daddy is actually fucking me, sliding that big cock in and out of me until he shoots all that thick cream deep inside me. I'm so horny now I'd let him if they caught me, please daddy, open the door and you can fuck me with that big cock of your's.

"C'mon Sara, suck daddy's cock, suck all my cum into your mouth." I hear him say next.

Just the thought of having him shoot all that white sticky cum in my mouth is driving me insane. I try to picture what it would taste like; I'd suck it all down and let him see me with my mouth full as I swallow all of it down my throat. Mom is probably licking his dick right now as it shoots into her mouth, I wonder if she swallows or just lets it shoot on her lips.

I have to get off now, my fingers feverishly rub my clit, and I need it now. I'm too hot not to get off. It's coming now, almost there just a second or two more.

"She has your legs and that tight little ass too, I wonder if her pussy is as tight as your's?" I hear my father ask my mother.

This orgasm is absolutely best I've ever had, nothing comes even close to this one. Hearing daddy talk about my pussy just put me over the edge; I still can't believe how good it was. I have to relax for a minute and just unwind, my legs are still shaking, that was incredible.

"You ever notice how she just wears that little T-shirt around the house?" I hear daddy ask mom.

She's right, I do wear it so short, I wondered if they ever noticed. I know I have nice legs and a cute butt and just thought teasing daddy a little would be fun. Now, listening to them I feel like I'm so naughty.

"She's teasing you with those long legs and keeping that little pussy just out of reach. Remember that movie Taboo where the daughter comes in and fucks her father as her mother just lays there sleeping?" Mom asks him.

"Do I ever, can you imagine Sara sliding that tight little pussy down my cock with you just sleeping away." Daddy says.

"She's eighteen now and if that's what she wants to do, I'm not against it. That movie always intrigued me, to see that big dick sliding in and out of her as she begs for you to cum, I'm getting hot again." Mom says.

She's getting hot again; I feel my pussy starting to throb too. Oh my god, I have to get a hold of that movie and watch what they're talking about. These two really do have a kinky side to them and I think I'm just as bad.

I can feel myself panicking as I hear mom ask daddy if he wants a glass of water. I run as fast as I can back to my bedroom and jump into bed like a mischievous toddler, Jesus, they must have heard me running. My fingers find my clit and all I want to do now is just cum, that's all.

I needed that one, twice in one night too, that's a record for me. All I can think about is how they were talking about me, so what if they role-play about me, the fact they are still fucking like rabbits in their early forties means they are doing something right. With a dick the size I saw, mom is lucky to get fucked and if she has to bend the rules a little-who care, I don't.

Waking up, I cannot believe how good I slept; guess having a super orgasm has its benefits. Then it hits me, I realize I am not wearing any panties, I remembered taking them off last night and I forgot to pick them up when I was trying not to get caught by mom.

Walking out into the hallway, my heart freezes as I see my thong lying right where I left it. They know, they have to know I was standing outside their room last night. They also know why I took them off too, I don't know why but it just excites me so much being aware that I got caught.

Picking up the thong, I notice the stain; I just know some how that daddy shot cum all over my panties. They must have gone at it again after mom found them on the floor, twice in one night, not bad. Daddy had two cum shots and so did I; I would have loved to have seen his dick shooting all that cum into my panties.

My heart starts racing as I take every thing in, this is so exciting. One little accident and I'm being driven wild picturing my father jerking off on my panties. Or did mom jerk him off? Maybe she stroked him until he shot all that cum out of that big dick, or did she jerk him off with his cock in my panties? This cannot be happening, can it?

I have to admit that looking at my father, I know why mom loves to fuck him, he looks just like the guy in the McGiver series. At forty-one even some of my friends wouldn't mind fucking him, he looks like some of the teachers we have. I bet if he wasn't my father, they would give him all the pussy he would ever hope for.

Mom and I are built pretty much the same too; she just has about ten pounds on me. Considering that I am only eighteen and she's thirty-nine, I think she has a fantastic body for her age. We're both tall and slim with small boobs, our cute little asses always seems to make men take a second look when we walk in the Mall. I'd tease her how she looks more like my older sister than my mother. Our jet-black hair tied in ponytails always draws attention, I think guys like to fantasize about fucking young girls and that ponytail look we have only adds to it.

Walking into the kitchen, I can just sense a difference in the room, I can't explain it but I can feel it. Mom just smiles at me and keeps reading her laptop, that smile was different some how, I don't know how but it was.

"Sleep good?" She asks me.

Just the way she is looking at me is different, I can feel it. This can't be my imagination, can it? Am I so over sexed from last night that every thing is being viewed through those eyes? I then realize that here I'm standing in the kitchen with my little T-shirt on and no panties. Can she tell my pussy is soaking right now? Why am I so excited, I can't under stand what is going on.

"I was thinking of going to the Mall, interested?" She asks.

I feel her eyes on my body like I never felt before, my naked thighs barely covered by the T-shirt. My nipples ache and my pussy lets its juices trickle down my thighs, I feel like a mouse being looked at by a hawk who takes in every detail. She instantly looks at my thighs, she knows I'm creaming right in front of her, but why? Why am I so excited and in front of my own mother, no less.

My own mother is checking me out, I can tell. Not like a lesbo but one woman checking out how attractive another one is. This is so new to me and yet I'm about to cum if I could only let my fingers go down and take care of me. I wonder if other girls have gone through this.

"Let me take a quick shower and then we can go." I finally answer her.

Walking in the Mall, we look like sisters in our black jeans and hair tied in ponytails. It's obvious from the looks we are getting that we are very popular with all the guys who turn there heads to get a glimpse of us as we walk by them. Doesn't matter the age either, my age or daddy's, they all look at the two hot brunettes walking past them.

Slowly, I begin to get more comfortable being with my mother this way. It's different though, almost like we are equals, the way she talks to me is not like a parent to a child. I kind of like it, another side of her that I have never seen before.

"Every one of those guys just wants to fuck us; you know I'm right too." She says as we slowly stroll through the Mall.

She has never ever said anything like that before, I like it, I like it a lot. It's like she is accepting me as an equal confiding in me her thoughts. Not restricted by rules that mother's can't cross, now it's different.

Browsing through Victoria's Secrets, she picks up a thong and says," I owe you one, daddy shot so much cum on your's last night that you might not be able to get the stain out."

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