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A Surprise for Daddy

by ronnie11 03/03/10

"I'm so hot just thinking about it, let me fuck that little box of your's. I need to it bad, let me have those lips suck my dick deep inside, please." I plead.

My cock is throbbing just thinking of coming out of the shower naked; Sara will get her first glimpse of my dick rock hard. Can I actually do it though? There's a part of me that feels it's not right to think of my own daughter this way. Yet, every time I see her in that nightshirt, my dick throbs with anticipation of what it would feel like to slide into that tight little hole of hers.

"Go take your shower and then I'll fuck you like you've never had it before. Maybe, a surprise too." She tells me.

A surprise, I wonder what she's up too, she's incredible in how she manipulates me with sex. I am not complaining but I never thought our sex life could get hotter than before and now it's steaming.

Jerking off on Sara's thong last night seems to have triggered something in Karen that I guess I never realized was there before. I do feel a little guilty but Sara reminds me of the new girl at work, my cock gets rock hard just thinking about the both of them. One is my daughter and the other is young enough that she could be my daughter too. Something about girls eighteen or so that lately drives me wild, Karen senses it too.

Rather than being angry, she seems to be fueling my fantasies, which only makes it more erotic. Having her hand pumping my cock as I scroll through pictures of young girls getting fucked on my computer just adds to my excitement.

Last week she subscribed to a site called Lovely Teen Movs and she's been pumping my dick every night since. The fact that she picked it out for me seems like a sexual fantasy come true, all those skinny teenagers spread wide open makes my dick rock hard every time I think about it.

The best part is the sex after with Karen; it's unbelievable how hot it's become since we have been doing our little game we play. I find the pictures and she jerks me off as she whispers in my ear what it would feel like if I actually were fucking all those girls who look just like Sara. Giving me permission to cum imagining what it would feel like to slide my cock into that tight little pussy of our own daughter.

I have always been faithful and although I might look at another woman, I have never been tempted. I love Karen too much to risk losing her and Sara. Yet, is it my imagination that since Karen caught Janet flirting with me a couple of weeks ago, our sex life has gone off the charts.

Having her jerk me off into Sara's panties may have been my fantasy but she actually brought it to reality. Telling me to walk out of the bathroom with a hard on, knowing Sara will probably be waiting out side the door just keeps my heart racing all the more. It's like she and Sara are conspiring to drive me crazy, thinking about fucking that tight little pussy Sara has waiting for me. The fact that I want it and Karen is pushing me, if Sara wants it too, what's the harm.

Christ, I'm lucky I didn't cum just soaping my dick. Is this really happening? Am I going to wake up and realize it has just been a dream, what a dream though. My cock feels like its going to explode, Karen certainly is going to get plowed tonight. God, she's hot and so is Sara, my cock is driving me crazy wanting to fuck her little pussy.

I wonder what is waiting for me on the other side of this door. Can I really walk out naked with my dick sticking straight out? Time to find out.


All the girls look just like me, long legs and little asses; I can't believe mom actually subscribed to this site. Even more, I can't believe she told me how she jerks daddy off as he scrolls through pictures of these girls who look just like me. I am looking at pictures that make him cum, incredible.

I have to get myself so hot I will not be able to control myself, looking at these girls fucking is driving me crazy. Who would have ever thought that I would get off looking at porn? I just want to cum but I can't-not yet anyway.

Am I really going to do this? My pussy is screaming for that big dick, it doesn't care that it belongs to my father either. It just wants to be stretched wide open and filled with his cum. Don't waste it on my panties, fill me instead.

That's it fingers, rub my pussy and get me so fucking hot I won't be able to stop. Make me feel like a little whore who just wants to fuck, even to fuck her own father. Just keep me on the verge of cumming, that's all I need right now. Just stay hot until I hear the shower shut off and then I'll tease him like he has never been teased.

"OH, I was wondering if you were done yet." I say trying not to stare at that big dick sticking straight out at me.

He's fucking huge, he has to be eight or nine inches at least, mom was right about that. I wonder if he is too big though, I don't care, before tonight is done my pussy is going to be stretched and filled with cum, my fathers cum at that.

Mom must shave him, his dick is gorgeous without any hair, and no hair on his balls either, just like the guys in the videos I just watched. I think it's so sexy not having hair down there, guess I didn't think guys do it too. I am so fucking hot right now; please fuck me with that big dick daddy.

The fact that I forgot to put my T-shirt on just hit me, my nipples are throbbing as is my pussy, I forgot I was naked but they didn't. Not just naked but naked in front of my father who happens to be standing three feet from me with a hard on. I don't care, look at me and drool with that big dick just begging to tear my pussy apart.

That's it; try to act casual as your daughter drives you wild with that big dick staring at her pussy. I know you want to slide it in me, spread me wide open and just fuck me until you cum, don't you daddy.

"I was just looking at that website mom joined; can you believe how all those girls look just like me?" I ask as I try to control myself from touching his dick.

I'm teasing you so bad and I really am enjoying it too, being naked in front of a man who's dick is throbbing is actually is driving me crazy. Not just any man either, my own father; come on daddy say something to me. Let me know how much my teasing is making your dick ache. Tell me you want to fuck me, don't be shy now, you jerked off on my panties last night, didn't you. Talk to me or I'm just going to keep teasing you.

"She shocked me when she started showing me the pictures and movies. All those young girls with their pussy's spread wide open just takes my breath away." He says to me.

Oh my God, talk dirty to me and I'll get on my knees and suck your cock right now. The best part about all of this is mom is the one pushing it, daddy is going to fuck me and she is going to be watching, unbelievable.

That's it, put your arms up and let me see those muscles bulging just like that big dick of your's. I love it when he poses like this, he must have caught me a hundred times looking at him this way. Now, he's naked and I don't have to imagine anymore what he looks like.

I can't take it anymore, why chitchat when we can be fucking, pump my pussy until I scream and cum a hundred times. I wonder what it will feel like to have that monster slide into me, Tommy's dick was small compared to this and he only lasted a minute or two. How long are you going to last daddy? I bet you will fuck me until I scream, let's do it now.

"You like looking at young girls with their pussy's being stretched wide open while they're being fucked, daddy." I whisper softly and seductively, as I know how.

My hand just seemed to move on it's own as my fingers gently wrap around his throbbing cock. He's a man and I'm a woman, well, a young woman but still I instinctively know what I'm doing. I am actually stroking my fathers cock and enjoying it too.

"All you little girls love to show guys you're pussy's, that's it baby, keeps stroking me." He moans.

Both my hands are wrapped around his dick, this is so cool, none of my friends would admit it but they would all love to be right now... I don't want him to cum, not like this anyway. I know what I want and my pussy knows too.

"I can't believe how big you are, will my little pussy be able handle all of it?" I ask him as I rub his cock and balls.

"C'mon baby, I'll fuck you like you've never imagined, mommy's going to watch that little pussy get stretched wide open." He whispers in my ear.

"Then fuck me, fuck me hard like those girls on the website." I almost shriek.

Lying on two pillows with my legs wide open, my heart races as I feel his cock rubbing my pussy. His dick is so big, can I really take it all inside me. That's it daddy, lay it on my stomach and show me how far it'll go inside me. It almost goes up to my belly button, it's so fat and long, can I really take it all the way inside of me? What if it hurts, what do I do then? A thousand fears but I want it too much to stop now.

"Fuck me daddy." I moan.

Its incredible watching as it slowly starts to go inside me; even my asshole is being stretched. A feeling I've never had before but that will come later-maybe. It's so big and I feel like a python that is gorging itself on this beautiful cock slowly filling me. No more concerns about the moral side of fucking my father, too late for that.

"Just relax baby, you'll get used to the size fast. You're little pussy just needs a little time to adjust." Mom reassures me.

"It's unbelievable, no wonder you love fucking so much, I could really get used to this every night." I moan as my pussy gets completely filled with daddy's cock.

He's going so slow and let my pussy adjust to being impaled by his hungry dick. Let me feel it all the way in me, make me scream when you bottom out. How will I know when you are all the way in, now I know.

"That's it, you're buried all the way in now, and I can feel you're balls on my ass. Fuck me hard daddy, make that big dick spread me wide open and just keep pumping me." I moan as I squirm with delight of being completely filled.

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