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A Surprise for Daddy

by ronnie11 03/03/10

No shame or inhibitions now, I just want to be fucked. Tommy barely lasted a minute or two but this in incredible. That big dick slides all the way in and then all the way out, each stroke literally ripping me wide open. The feeling of having something so big pumping in and out of me is beyond what words I know how to express.

"Keep fucking me." I moan.

Watching my father and mother kiss passionately as his dick is pumping me just makes me even more insane. I'm going to let him kiss me after he cums; he'll suck me dry just like he does with mom. I bet neither one will ever think that I have already decided that is what I am going to do. I want to see him lick me clean as my pussy drains into his mouth.

"Fuck her hard Jack; is that little pussy as tight as you thought it would be?" Mom teases him.

"Come and find out how it tastes you slut." Daddy tells her.

I almost feel regret as he slides out of me; my pussy is on fire as I watch my mothers lips start to slide up and down the giant cock. She sucks the entire length, her tongue licking all the juice from my pussy into her mouth. I know I am going to do the same when daddy fucks her. I wonder what it tastes like.

Watching her hand move up and down as she blows him, I start to feel a sense of panic. I want his cum in me, you have it all the time but I want it now. Don't deprive me of my prize; I want that dick to shoot its reward deep inside me.

"Time to cum honey, let me see you fill that little pussy with cream." Mom says.

"Shoot deep inside me, make that big dick explode. " I moan as he starts fucking me faster and faster.

I can't take it anymore; he's driving me crazy as he just keeps pumping me. Tommy would have been through along time ago but daddy just seems to be able to last so long. What do I care, I should have been fucking him along time ago if I knew this is how he would screw me.

"Honey, rub my balls." Daddy moans.

"That's it baby, fuck that little pussy hard and fill her with cum and then we can watch it drip out of her. Fuck her hard Jack; make her scream like a little whore. Can you feel that tight little hole begging for you're cum." Mom says.

I'm shocked and excited all at the same time; I guess hearing mom talk that way is so out of character for her but this is the other side of her. This side is the one she always hid from me, who would have thought these two could be so hot.

"C'mon Jack, fuck me and empty those big balls deep inside me. I want that white thick sticky cum deep inside me. Fuck me harder Jack." I moan aloud as he starts pumping me furiously.

I know he has to be close, how long can he keep fucking me like this. Each thrust seems to go so deep, my lips wrap tightly around his shaft as he assaults me stroke after stroke. I could really get used to being fucked like this all the time.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming." Daddy moans.

Relief, I can't believe how I feel, my thighs are shaking. If it was just the fact I just got my brains fucked out by a guy with a big dick that would be great by itself. The reality of that big dick belongs to my own father is so exciting, add to that that mom just watches us fucking like rabbits and really planned the whole thing is unbelievable.

That's it, stroke me slowly and fill me with cum, you have a surprise coming in a bout a minute so enjoy my pussy for now. Let it lap up all your cum, that big dick has found a new friend who needs attention-a lot of attention at that.

"My turn to cum Jack, suck all that cum out of me and make me cum too." I whisper just loud enough for both of them to hear.

I don't know why but calling him by his first name just turns me on so much, like I'm an equal. An equal that loves to fuck, I think we're all going to have some fun together.

"OK baby, suck all that cream out of her." Mom says.

I feel like a little rag doll as he pulls me up and he lies down on his back. My thighs straddle his face as I look down and watch his mouth lock onto my lips. This is unbelievable, my own father is licking my cunt as his own cum drips out of me. Taboo never had this happen, I wonder how many men really like eating their own cum.

"Make me cum daddy, I need to cum I'm so turned on right now." I moan.

He knows what he is doing; my pussy is on fire as he keeps his mouth locked in a kiss with my pussy lips. I love this feeling of being of being so turned on; everything seems to be happening in slow motion too. Is this what sex is really supposed to be like?

"Make her cum Jack." I hear mom say.

Is she still here? I'm so turned on I forgot she was still watching us. She is fantastic in how she manipulated daddy and me into fucking. I don't care about the circumstances either of why but just thankful that she did it.

"Is daddy going to fuck mommy and let me watch that big dick split her wide open?" I ask them both.

Now my turn to cum, his tongue is raving my clit like it's never been before. Poor Tommy used to try to make me cum but he just didn't know how. Daddy doesn't have that problem though; his tongue just keeps getting me closer and closer.

"I'm almost there Jack, suck my pussy, please don't stop..." I scream out as the waves of pleasure start to over take me.

I'm literally shaking as I cum, never have I felt so much excitement as I do right now. Sex is supposed to be this way and from now on, I want it as much as I can get it.

"Did daddy like sucking Sara's little pussy?" I tease him as I lay down between them.

"Baby, this is just the beginning." He responds.

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