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A Tale of Two Switches Ch. 05

by TrueMort 01/14/18

Big apologies to anyone who was waiting for this chapter. I am back in to the rhythm of writing again and have got some very interesting things planned.

Meanwhile please enjoy this one :)



'In to the Woods'

"So what do you want to do on your week off?"

Alex sighed. "If you keep moving I'll still be doing this drawing."

She had her drawing easel set up by the large windows and was attempting to draw Zabi. The original plan was just to do a sketch, but as the drawing progressed Alex had got creative. Now Zabi was posing wearing a corset that just covered her nipples a pair of very short shorts and her leather boots. Alex had a plan that when the drawing was complete, she would have it tattooed on her thigh.

"I'm getting bored."

Another sigh. "Okay take a break."

Zabi scampered over to the easel, her breasts trying to escape the confines of the corset as she did so, then pushed her bottom between Alex's legs and perched on the edge of the stool.

"Hey that's really good." She complimented when she saw how well the picture looked.

"Considering how impatient my model is, I'm amazed we've got this far." Alex said wrapping her arms around Zabi and peeking over her shoulder.

"Well now you've stopped for a while, what do you want to do next week?"

Alex frowned contemplating the question. Zabi had told her that she didn't need to work as the Vitelli family owned several businesses that left them comfortably well off. But Alex wasn't about to be kept be anyone. She had quit her old job and through some of Zabi's contacts, managed to get a freelance designer position with an advertising agency. At least she earned money and a lot of the time she could work from home.

When Zabi wasn't disturbing her that was.

She had promised to take a week off so they could go somewhere, but as of yet they hadn't decided exactly where.

"I actually fancy getting away from the city for a few days." She said finally.

"Now that is such a good idea. How does a few days in the mountains sound?"

To Alex a few days away in the clean fresh air of the Santa Monica Mountains sounded very appealing.

"Works for me." She replied. "I haven't been up there years. Do you know anywhere we can stay?"

"It is funny you should ask that. Dominic and Jinn have a cabin near Rocky Oaks we could stay there."

Alex tried hard not to laugh. Somehow, she couldn't imagine the pristine Dominic in a cabin.

"A cabin? Seriously?"

"Well, when I say cabin, I mean a cabin by his standards." Zabi explained "In reality it's more of a three-bedroom, two bathroom house with a swimming pool."

"Now that's what Dominic would call a cabin." Alex said giggling.

"We could have some chill time by the pool, maybe do a little walking, then sit out on the veranda in the evenings with a glass of wine and watch the sun go down."

Alex kissed the nap of Zabi's neck inciting a shudder. "I'd rather watch you go down."

Hands ran tantalisingly along Alex's thighs. "That could be arranged."

She closed her eyes as Zabi's wandering hands found their way to the button of her jeans, then gasped as she felt her zipper lowered.

"I'm sure this is just to stall me from finishing the picture." Alex sighed as fingers began to stroke her labia.

"Would I do that?" Zabi asked innocently.

"Yes." Alex replied as she aided Zabi's breasts in their struggle to escape the corset. "I think I quiet fancy you in this."

"I'll take it with me then. I may wear it to walk in."

"That reminds me." Alex paused to take a breath as Zabi's fingers found a particularly nice spot. "I must take my camera, you never know what you'll see."

"We can take my car if you like." Zabi offered then moaned softly as Alex undid her shorts.

Stifling a laugh Alex slipped the shorts over Zabi's hips. "I'm not going to the mountains in your Mercedes. We can take the Ram."

"Mmm, that's nice." Zabi whispered as Alex began to caress her. "Good idea, we can carry more wine in your truck."

"Are we taking any ropes?" Alex's voice began normal and ended a slightly higher pitch due to the exploring fingers inside her.

"Oh sì, proprio lì." Was all Zabi managed in reply for a few seconds. "Thinking of going climbing?" She asked eventually.

"You should always prepare for..." Alex took a sharp intake of breath. "Every eventuality..." She huffed as she felt her climax building. "You never know, there could be a zombie apocalypse."

"Oh si Dio, mio Dio..." Zabi replied in the same way as she rocked back and forth to aid her own fondling and increase the frequency of Alex administrations. "...and what good are ropes in a zombie apocalypse?"

"Because zombies... can't climb." The last two words were louder as Alex wrapped her legs around Zabi's legs pulling her closer and letting Zabi's magic touch take her over the edge.

Zabi squirmed as she approached climax and unable to move with her arms pinned behind her and Alex's legs holding her in place.

Between them they manage to keep each other rolling in to orgasm after orgasm, neither releasing their hold on the other, and neither wanting to the other to stop.


"Can we play a game?" Zabi asked as she slipped her feet out of her shoes and propped her bare feet on the dash of the Dodge Ram.

Alex smiled. They had been driving for twenty minutes and Zabi was bored already. There were times when she was convinced that Zabi was ADHD. Sometimes buzzing with that much energy it wore Alex out just watching her, then other times when she would just drift off in to a world of her own mid conversation. Then of course when she was bored she would invent some random game to occupy her mind.

"What sort of game?"

Eyes darted around the interior of the pickup searching for ideas.

"How about a music quiz? I will press the search button on the radio, when it picks up a station you must name the track playing. Then we do the same again and I must guess. If we guess incorrectly we have to do a forfeit."

Alarm bells rang in Alex's mind. "What sort of forfeit?" She asked warily.

The expression Alex referred to as the 'naughty smirk' appeared on Zabi's face. "Guess wrong and you have to remove an item of clothing."

"The Dodge Ram swerved slightly as Alex risked tearing her eyes away from the road ahead to glance at Zabi. "Are you being serious?"

The eyebrow that was pierced with the stainless-steel stud arched, as it always did when Zabi was going to persuade Alex to do something.

"Totally serious." She said with a mischievous grin.

The all too familiar butterflies sored in to flight in Alex's stomach. Zabi knew just how turned on Alex got at the thought of being caught somewhere naked. It had been a week spot that Zabi had exploited on numerous occasions through their relationship. Alex had a feeling that this would be another one of those moments and she could feel the warmth between her legs as her body responded to the thought.

"Then it's an interesting idea." She replied unevenly. "Although I'm not sure just how I will manage to undress while driving."

"I'm sure I can work something out without us having to stop."

A fleeting feeling of excitement flickered through Alex's mind. She was aware that she had at least three more items of clothing more than Zabi, but something told her that she was going to regret this idea.

She still nodded in agreement.

"Right round one." Zabi said as she pressed the 'search' button.

The digital read out flickered through numbers then locked on to a station and a tune blared out.

Alex breathed a quick sigh of relief. "Pink, So what." As she recognised the tune.

"See it isn't that bad." Zabina half giggled. "My turn."

The button was pressed once more, and techno dance music came out of the speakers.

"Faithless, Insomnia."

Alex shrugged. She thought it may have been Faithless, but as for the name of the track she had no idea. The feeling of regret swam through her mind once more. Yes, she listened to a lot of music, but Zabi had a very eclectic taste of music and the memory of an elephant.

The dial spun again and a classical peace played.

"Crap." Alex said resigning to being the first to loose.

"Seriously?" Zabi asked. "You don't know Peer Gynt? I guess something is going to have to come off."

Trying to concentrate on her driving, Alex twitched and squirmed as Zabi's hands snaked over her upper body and under the blouse she was wearing. A few seconds later her bra dangled from Zabi's hand and was thrown on to the rear seat.

After another brief search a country and western tune came on. Alex half smiled, Zabi hated that particular genre.

"I don't suppose my shoes count?" Zabi asked hopefully.

"Not a chance." Alex replied quickly. "You'd taken them off before we started."

With a sulky pout Zabina unbuttoned her jeans and slipped out of them. Alex was very aware that Zabi never wore a bra and now she was reduced to wearing a vest top and a very tiny thong, whereas Alex still had trainers, shorts, blouse and her panties.

The next station was playing a fairly recent pop tune that Alex recognised.

"That's Clean Bandit. Rockabye." She said with a smile.

"That so unlucky." A grinning Zabi replied. "It's actually Clean Bandit featuring Anne-Marie and Sean Paul."

"What!" Alex nearly shouted. "I can't believe you are going to be that picky."

"Well you wouldn't let me include my shoes." Came the sly reply, as Zabi reached over and undid Alex's cropped shorts. "You may want to switch to cruise control for a moment."

After an extended wrestle the cut off jean shorts joined the other items of clothing on the rear seat, and Alex was blushing again.

A Rap song was on the next station and even Alex knew it.

"New York. Jay-z." Zabi was nearly bouncing up and down in her seat.

Another Rap station and Alex's trainers ended up on the back seat.

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