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A Taste of Honey

by Camille Savage 08/21/03

Finally releasing Honey’s breasts, I moved to Dan’s mouth, kissing him again. I watch as their bodies heaved, Honey’s tits bouncing with each thrust. Their faces were filled with expressions of pleasure as they enjoyed the feeling of their bodies united.

“Dan,” I whispered in his ear while biting his neck, “I need you to make me cum. I need to cum again.”

I stood up on the bed facing Honey and placed a foot on either side of Dan’s head. Gently, but quickly, I lowered myself to his face, his lips only a whisper away.

“Suck my pussy, Dan!” I begged. “God, please suck my pussy. I need you to make me cum.”

Obligingly, Dan began to feast on my clit, his tongue and lips devouring me. Honey reached out to me, grabbing my tits, fondling my nipples between her experienced fingers as I rocked my way to another orgasm on Dan’s face. I leaned into her, hoping her hands would help me stay upright as the sensations overtook my body, ever ready for another orgasm.

Dan had been such a good sport throughout, giving both of us what we so badly needed. However, the two of us having our way on Dan, using his body for our pleasure, was beginning to be more than he could take. I heard him grunt and moan as his body involuntarily jerked forward, shooting his hot cum into Honey’s sweet pot. Watching his body thrash in ecstasy set off another powerful orgasm inside me, sending my hot juices pouring down on his face, bathing him in my liquid. Not wanting to hurt my friend and fearing that I could no longer control the movements of my body, I quickly rolled off his head and continued to watch as his body convulsed, spewing wave after wave of hot cum.

Honey bucked a few more times, gladly accepting each thrust from Dan until both of their bodies calmed. She then gracefully rolled off of his body and laid down beside me, our brows beaded with perspiration from a fucking session well done. I slipped down between Honey’s legs, and gently and sweetly licked her cum-soaked pussy before rising to look in her eyes. Longingly, I deeply and passionately kissed the soft, gentle lips of this beautiful woman, our tongues intertwined.

Contented, I snuggled in between my two bedfellows, catching a much-needed breath. Exhausted from the experience and from too much alcohol, I laid my head on the pillow ready to get some well-deserved sleep. Honey, however, had other plans. Quietly, she slipped off the bed and gathered her clothes from the floor. As quickly as she had disrobed, she was once again dressed. I followed her to the door and smiled in appreciation for what she had given me – a fantasy realized. Honey smiled back at me, her blue eyes sparkled.

“I hope you had a good time, sweetie,” she whispered to me giving me a kiss of friendship on my cheek.

“Always,” I said, my face beaming, and I quietly closed the door behind her.

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