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A Teenage Rake Ch. 02

by Angel_n_Whore 06/17/07

So it was no surprise when I looked down and saw him tugging on the tie around my neck, while his other hand held my leg out, and he rammed that cock in and out of my hole. Not being one to turn down some good old fashioned rough fucking, I had an idea. One that would definitely make us both cum hard.

"Wait... wait, Daddy." I said, breathlessly placing the palm of my hand against his stomach.

"What the fuck do you mean wait?! I was so close baby!"

"Just give me one second." My cramped legs and feet touched the garage floor again, as my ass slid off the side of the car. "Trust me. You'll really like this."

My stockings were crumpled around my ankles, my hair was a complete mess, sweat poured off our bodies, as I bent over the hood of the car and tossed the tie over my shoulder, towards him. Giving him the most sultry, slutty look I could muster, I smiled.

"Choke me while you fuck me, Daddy." His eyes twinkled at this revelation, as he obviously had not thought of it before, "Teach your little girl how to take her Daddy's dick." With that I turned back around and braced myself against the car, knowing what was coming.

A thick hand was placed at the small of my back, and the tie was pulled taut, not enough to really cut off my air, but enough to make it clear that Daddy had total control over his little whore. My feet were kicked farther apart, and within a single breath, I had his massive tool forced into my soaking wet pussy.

"OH FUCK YEA, DADDY!" I screamed as best I could at the extreme pleasure erupting through me. "Fuck your little whore. Choke this little cunt while you fuck her!!"

"You like that baby? You sick little slut??" He panted. "You like getting choked by Daddy while you take his cock?"

"YEA DADDY! I'm gonna cum! Keep fuckin' and chokin' me! Rape your little girl!!!"

To say I came would be a lie. I almost pissed all over both of us with a stream of cum that wouldn't stop. I've never been much of a squirter, but Daddy always seems to bring it out of me, no pun intended. And today was especially superb. His cock pumping away at my tender insides, while with each thrust, the tie came to be pulled more and more tight.

By the time he emptied his hot load into my cunny, I was gasping for air and cumming so much that my stocking were soaked and there was a puddle of my juices forming on the floor. I could feel every shot of his jizz coat the insides of my pussy, even through the mass exodus of my own fluids, and it was a feeling I could never describe as well as I would want. To feel the same throbbing cock that filled my mother with the same cum and created me years ago, now pumping endless amounts of seed into me, was just unfathomable. My eyes grew dark from lack of air and from the overwhelming pleasure coursing through my body, as I laid flat against the hood of my car. The heat from the car warming my chest, while I tried to remain conscience.

After a few moments, the tie loosened and I could take deep breaths, as I felt his now softened dick pop out of my hole audibly. With aching arms, I pushed myself up and turned to embrace my father. His big arms brought me against his chest and held me tight. Neither of us on this plane of existence at the moment, as we breathed in unison.

"I love you, baby." He said almost apologetically. "You know you are the most dearest thing to me, right?"

"Of course, Daddy." I breathed into his thick chest. "I love you very much too."

"You know I don't really mean the things I say, right?" I looked up at him, hearing the concern and remorse in his voice, and immediately put my finger to his lips.

"Daddy, I know you love me, and I know this is just role playing and fun sex." I smiled and kissed him gently. "I know you would never intentionally hurt me, or force me to do something I didn't want to do."

"That's right." He said, but I put my finger back to his lips.

"Just so long as you realize that I love the kind of sex we have, and I want it rougher and dirtier, and I'll always tell you if I don't feel right about something."

"Ok baby. I just wanted to make sure."

"It's all good, Daddy." I smiled slyly. "Besides, there is something I've been wanting to ask you about."

"What's that?"

"I've been having this rape fantasy, where I'm all alone in the house."

"I think we can arrange something." He chuckled a bit.

"Actually, it would have to be with someone I've never been with in order for the fantasy to really come off." I looked up at him with that 'I want something' look I reserved for only specific desires.

"What did you have in mind?"

"How much do you think Uncle Bill likes me?"

My father's grin went from ear to ear, "I think we can arrange something." And he pulled me back to his close embrace.

Suddenly, we heard the familiar sounds of the garage door creaking to life. It could only be Mom coming home from work, which was terrible timing. Making a mad dash for our clothes, as the heavy door lifted off the ground the first inch, I used my panties to mop up the messy cum as best I could in the few seconds I had.

Dad and I rushed into the house, with plenty of cover and time left to us by the massive garage door. We hustled up stairs, hearts beating fast, and giggling like school kids who just got busted. As we reached the top of the stairs, with a quick peck on my cheek and pat on my ass, we split up and headed to our separate rooms for a hasty clean up and shower.

Standing in the pouring water from the shower head, I let wild visions fill my head with the kind of fun only a girl and her horny father, uncle, and brother could provide. Mom was still a target of my lust, but would understandably take a bit of time. And with Uncle Bill, Aunt Celeste, and my cousin Tina coming here in two weeks, I had bigger plans on my plate right now.

After all, I had my reputation as the family whore to maintain...

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