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A Thakur and His Bahu Ch. 08

by misterwho 06/27/07

"Aap gande hain.Aap samajh re nahi hain!" she complained. (You are very bad. You don't understand.)

"Kya nahi samajh raha mai?" he asked. (what is it that I don't understand?)

As he said this he reached under and dipped his fingers into the upper end of her cunt where there was space. Then he brought up those tainted fingers to her lips and smeared her juices on her lips and asked her "Yeh?" (This?)

She kissed his fingers sucking them into her mouth. She mimicked a fucking action, letting them slide in and out of her mouth. But with her left hand she took support from the seat in front and held herself up. This madness had to stop.

"Meri chaahat paagal hai. Lekin hum ye nahi kar sakte," she whispered, hoping the driver couldn't listen. (My desire is mad. But we cannot do this.)

She left his cock and tried to hold it from front, from between her legs. That had been the correct strategy she reflected. It took Thakur but a moment to grab his now free penis and poise it in the correct trajectory.

Call it his luck, the skill of his driver or sheer inefficiency of the PWD road department; the car jumped into a pothole on the road and the delicately balanced woman fell back.

In one brutal moment, several minutes of successful battle ended it defeat. The hot cock seared her pulsing flesh as it shot up her cunt and came to rest in her womb.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Babuji! You bastard!" she sobbed. The relief spreading through her body as the torture came to an end was most welcome. It was as if a raging fire had been quenched. But her defeat was also a reality and the anger allowed her to curse him freely.

She grabbed the door and the seat to lift herself off and twist away but all that happened was the next jolt slid her back down. She put her hands to the seat and lifted herself off, and reached into the front of the car, frantically grabbing at the dashboard and clutching the arm of the driver. But her churidar was stuck around her knees and caused her to lose balance. As she tried to lift herself off more, the cock jabbed back into her.

Much as she tried to lift off over him, gravity and the movements of the car defied her. She had struggled to keep herself off the marauding cock, but she had been stabbed, impaled, skewered and fucked several times over.

Now her next line of defense to fuck him mindless and bring this to a quick end. She rested the hand which was intended to hold his cock on her own thigh. The accumulated mess from handling him smeared on her thigh and with the support from the other hand on the seat she pumped down on him with a vengeance.

"Nahi! Nahi! Nahi! Nahi! Bilkul Nahi" she cried out, unmindful of the driver now.

(No! No! No! No! No! Absolutely not!)

Each 'no' was one lift-off punctuated by a thrust down. She was beating his cock with her cunt as a punishment for her ravishment.

"Aap ko yeh nahi karna chahye tha!" she wept as she fucked him.

The cock rode up into her and was drenched as she poured out onto him with each lifting.

His hands claimed the breasts which were his own. When she looked down she noticed that under her dress was the contour of his hands where he was mauling her tits.

"Theek hai! Lo. Jitna lena hai lo! Randi banake chodenge na mujhe! Haaaaaaaaaah! AAh. Hai. Maaa!" she ranted at him. She was angry and now the only way for her to express that was an animal mauling of the cock. She wanted to maraud, whittle it away, dissolve it so he could not plunder her ever again.

("Ok fine! Take me. Take me as much as you want. You want to make a whore of me, don't you? Oh! Mother")

Thakur was excited yet scared. It was now clear to him that he had misjudged the situation.

He glanced toward the driver. This was noisier than he had thought it would be. The woman was supposed to be an accomplice but her resistance had made it noisy. What was more, she was now wilder than he had ever seen her and the fucking was vengeful. The angles she found and the force with she fucked down on him were thrilling.

As he looked to check on the driver, he noticed the man had stolen a sideways glance at the breasts which were clearly being man handled under the kurta.

Thakur reached around and hugged his bouncing daughter-in-law to him. One hand moved up to cover her mouth and tame her screaming. Fingers from the other hand crept lower and found the clit and the slit below. He stroked her violently.

She shuddered and as she spasmed, her movements changed from a well orchestrated fucking to the wild throes of a female orgasm. She bucked and thrashed on his cock and her cunt jabbed at the embedded cock, hurting him.

"Cum, you dirty old man!" she wept, "Fill me, make me yours, flood me like only you can!"

Her pussy dissolved in a flood as she drenched him with her mighty orgasm. Binita's head flailed, her hands grabbed wildly. She beat the seat with her fists as wave after wave was pummeled out of her by the cock and the fingers. As she grabbed wildly, her hand made contact with the shoulder of the driver. Her nails dug in and the man winced in pain.

A loud guttural groan from the Thakur announced to the world that his daughter-in-law's rocking and thrusting, her entreaty to fill her had achieved its goal.

"Aaaaaaaah!" bellowed the man, as he let loose his shot of searing hot semen up into her womb.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh! That's big!" she moaned.

With a series of "Hah"s and "Aah"s Thakur thrust up into his daughter-in-law coming in torrents.

The girl plunged down and stayed down so she could feel him spurt into her deepest being.

"Babuji! Aap kitne alag ho!" she wept. (Babuji, you are so different)

"Maine zabardasti aapko bhulaya hai, lekin aap asli mard ho," she sighed, leaning back on him, grinding his cock as the flooding slowed to a dribble. (I was hell bent on intending to forget you, but you are a real man.)

She rotated her hips, milking him, enjoying the depleting cock. Even when it lost the hard erection of a full arousal, there was enough flesh of his inside her to twist and turn on. She shuddered as she savored every little frisson of delightful pleasure.

Thakur thrust forward, wishing his cock would not lose its thickness and its hardness. Yes he wanted to spurt but the wait had been so long he wanted to fuck her more.

He hugged her as she settled back on him. Both caressed each other, touching, feeling and holding. Thakur fell asleep and Binita just sat on him luxuriating in his presence.

Suddenly, the driver honked. There was no one on the road, he was just waking up his master and alerting him to the imminent arrival at home.

Binita lifted herself off. There was a barely a jut of flesh that slipped out of her, where there had once been a marauding monster, its head in her womb. As she had lain there, the juices had flowed back out of her, onto his dhoti and the car seat. She felt the sticky residue streaked on the inside of her thighs.

She pulled up the panties, still not quite unrolled but at least somewhat pulled over her crotch. She quickly tied the cord of her churidar and tried to smooth down her kurta. Reaching under and behind she snapped her bra back on, even though the cups were not well adjusted to cover her breasts. She just wanted to be presentable on arrival at home.

She did not turn to look at Thakur. It was up to him to get his act together. She just wanted to leave the car and flee to the safety of her room in the mansion. As she got off the car seat she realised the cord around her waist was not quite tight enough. Her panties too seemed not fully up the way she liked it; covering her crotch completely and up to her navel. Everything seemed like it might fall of and uncover her shame.

None of that would have mattered if no one was in the front of the house. But on the porch was Pritam, sitting on the stairs, waiting for his wife to reappear.

Binita ignored him and made a dash for the inner reaches of the house hoping to find a sanctuary before her husband found her.

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