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A Trip to Daddy's Lodge

by LolitaXXX 07/29/11

Hi, my name is Lolita and even though I'm in my early 20s I'll always be my Daddy's baby girl. After Daddy and I became lovers he wanted to try every kinky thing that popped into his lustful mind with me. My mom (who left us a long time ago) was not a very adventurous lover. In fact, Daddy said that he would have to beg her just to let him eat her pussy. It makes me realize all the more how crazy she was, and that it was for the best that she left when she did.

My Daddy can lick and lap a pussy better than any man that I have ever let between my thighs. Mmmm...the way he teases my pussy lips, making me crave his tongue to go deeper still...mmmmmm! And he loves my sweet little rosebud ass-hole. Momma never let him get anywhere near her ass so I give him free access to mine and he gobbles me up like a starving man.

The first time he told me about momma and her prudish ways I quickly tore off my panties and rolled back on the bed, pulling my legs up above my head giving him total access to my dirty little rose. So many emotions passed over his face...first shock, then tears, ending with a desire that almost scared me. The desire in his eyes consumed me as he curled his arms around my hips, planting his big rough hands on the backs of my thighs as he rested his face against ass cheek. I could feel his hot breath across my exposed hole, and just before he planted the first kiss he said, "Baby girl I love you so much."

I have never had any of my previous lovers play with my little rosebud so Daddy was my first. He may have not gotten my first cherry but he sure got my anal cherry, and WOW! I was hooked! He started by pressing his face against my ass cheeks and then he took in a deep breath. He told me that my excited pussy and inviting rosebud smelled like heaven to him. He gently placed his warm lips to my little hole and placed a long wet kiss on it. His tongue was flicking across my rose trying to get my petals to open up so he could savor the taste of me in his mouth. felt soo good!

He presented his middle to my mouth and I sucked it in and onto my tongue, slathering it with my saliva. Then he gently pushed it against my tight little hole, easing his finger inside to wiggle and tease my bottom. Oh that got me soo horny. He pulled his finger almost all the way out and then wet his pointer finger with his tongue, tickling it up against my little hole at the same time and then eased both thick fingers deep inside me. "OH Daddy," I cried, "I want more! Please take my ass. Fuck my ass Daddy!"

Quickly he pulled his fingers from my ass and I whimpered as it felt so empty now. He moved up onto his knees and positioned his now wet cock-head against my virgin hole. He rubbed it over my rose wetting it with the slick pre-cum that was now oozing out of his pee-hole. Then he leaned forward and pushed hard against me, fighting to get past my sphincter. All at once I felt a pop as his swollen crown made its way into my tight tunnel. "OOOOOOOOOO," I gasped as he groaned and slowly slid the rest of his throbbing cock deep into my ass.

He could barely growl out his pleasure as he said, "Oh Baby! tight...soo good! Oooh I gotta fuck you now. I gotta take this ass and make it mine!" He kept groaning with every thrust.

I was in my own euphoric state as intense pleasure ripped through my body every time he slammed deep into my ass. It was as if the entire surface of his thick ram-rod of a cock was a expelling sparks of explosive pleasure along my anal walls, speeding me along to the most explosive and satisfying climax that I have ever known.

He came so hard and held me so tight that I could feel every shutter of his body, every throb of his ass-taming cock, and every delicious gush of his hot creamy seed deep inside my very core.

From that moment on I knew that I would do anything my Daddy asked of me. And as our relationship continued he got kinkier and kinkier in his sexual appetite where I was concerned. That was okay by me just as long as kept watering my rosebud with his special nectar. I was becoming his slutty little ass-whore and I loved it.

One day after a nice long ass-fucking session he told me that he had always had a fantasy about holding a naked woman on top of him while she was gang banged by a bunch of his buddies. Then he asked if I would be up for it. He told me that he loved watching and hearing me cum and that he wasn't physically able to wear me out, and he really wanted to see me fucked to the point that I would be begging for mercy.

I did understand because I was pretty insatiable when it came to Daddy and sex. I said, "Okay Daddy. And I don't even care who you have fucking me because I love you and trust you."

He was so happy, and I had made him that happy. He hugged me close and said that he wanted to take me to his lodge. He had been talking to his lodge brothers about what a wonderful baby girl he has, telling them all about our sexual escapades. He said that they came up with the idea of him sharing me with them initially, but he loved the idea as soon as he was told that he would be right next to me through every bit of it. The lodge brothers even came up with a new ceremonial greeting to help me get "acquainted" with each lodge member.

I have to say that my little kitty was purring with excitement as all sorts of naughty pictures began to pop up in my mind, and I asked, "when Daddy, when?"

He whispered into my ear, "Very soon Baby girl, very soon," as we fell asleep in each other's arms.

A few days passed by and Daddy had made the final arrangements for our trip to his lodge. I was so wet and ready that I almost couldn't contain myself. "Oh! I'm so excited that you're taking me to your lodge Daddy! And I promise to be your good baby girl and do whatever you tell me to."

We arrive at the lodge and he escorts me through the front door and down a hallway to a little room where he says that he will prepare me for the new lodge greeting. "I hope that your lodge buddies like me Daddy," I whisper in his ear as he leans down to kiss me. He slides his tongue between my lips and teases my tongue with his..."mmmmmm...Daddy! You're making my pussy get wet!"

He gives me a hungry gaze and with a sly smile he says, "They will baby girl, they will. Now let's get you ready for the greeting ceremony."

He starts by removing my shirt and bra, taking the opportunity to suck each of my nipples into his hot mouth, nibbling on each one until they're hard and wet. "Mmmmmmmmm...I love your mouth and teeth on my nipples Daddy," I sigh.

Next he removes my little school-girl skirt and notices that I didn't wear any panties. "And so where are my naughty girl's panties today? Is your little kitty that warm that you just couldn't cover it up?"

"Yes Daddy," I reply," I needed to feel the cool air on my hot that okay? You aren't angry with me are you?"

"No, my little makes me real happy to know that your cunny is getting so warm with thoughts of pleasing your Daddy and making his fantasies come true. It makes Daddy's cock get warm too." He removes my shoes and says that I am just about ready.

Next he removes all of his clothing saying, "I have to be naked as well since I will be holding you throughout the greeting ceremony. This is to symbolize the purity of what we are going to do tonight, and it also represents the good and natural sexual union between a daddy and his daughter. Now, I have to blindfold you until the proper moment when all the lodge brothers are present and ready to greet you properly."

He ties a black silk blindfold over my eyes and leads me to an alter-like platform in another room. He sits on the edge of it and pulls my naked body up onto his lap, and then scoots us both back until he is slightly reclined with me on top of him. He positions me so that my ass is resting just above his hardening cock and uses his hands to pull open my thighs, sliding his cock up against my wet slit and wiggling the head so that it is firmly settled between my swollen pussy lips.

"Mmmmmmmmm...Daddy that feels so good," I exclaim.

He whispers in my ear, " shhhh...from here on out you cannot speak another word...only your moans, groans, sighs, and whimpers are permitted. You can scream if you need to but only when you are having a climax baby girl. Do you understand?"

I nod yes and he announces that the greeting ceremony may begin.

I can hear the brothers entering the room and their lewd comments about the sight before them and it is making my pussy get even wetter.

The first member introduces himself as Daddy removes his cock from my dripping wet slit. I am still blindfolded so I have no warning about what each member is going to do. He slides his tongue from my dew-covered rosebud to my swollen clitty. "oooooooooooooooooooo!" I moan.

"You have a fine little slut here; her cunt is soft and sweet on my tongue." the first member reports.

The next member approaches and sucks the top half of my cunny deep into his mouth while sliding two fingers inside my cunt, testing its temperature. I'm already finding it hard to not shout out the dirty little words that are popping into my head but I only moan, "Aaaaahhhhh...mmmmmmm!"

This brother says, "mmmmmmmm...she is tasty, tight, and hot! My hard rod looks forward to tasting her hot hole in the next part of our ceremony."

The next member places one hand on my mound and teases my clit with his thumb while inserting his tongue deep inside my ass-hole. "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH....gggggnnnahhhhhhh," I wail!

"She has a fine ass too Brother Dennis and I congratulate you on the fortunate circumstances that have placed her into your bed."

Daddy removes his big rough hands from my soft gaping thighs and begins teasing my hard nipples while the introductions continue. I can feel and hear his heavy breathing throughout the entire process and it fuels my excitement.

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