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A Very Interesting Car Ride

by lostsheep8 12/18/10

I'm not particularly sure when the change in my mother happened, I only know that when it did, I benefitted greatly. As far as I knew my mom was a very wholesome and plain woman, obviously I had worked out that as I was 19 and she was 36 she must have had me at a relatively young age, but any sign of a wild youth had never been shown to me. At her age she still looked really good, gyming three times a week and regular yoga classes had helped her keep a slim but curvy body that a lot of my friends had drooled over.

As she didn't work, she never really had much to do and would find different ways of filling her days. My father was usually out of town on a business trip of some sort, and when I moved away from our big country home in Birmingham, Alabama to try and make it as a singer in New York, (a move that did not go well for me) she had found herself more and more, doing anything that would keep her occupied.

After my realisation that I was never likely to make it as a singer I decided that it would be in my best interests to go home for a while. Unfortunately my one flaw in this plan was that I was completely and utterly penniless. My parents though being the people they are offered to drive down, get me, and then drive back, an around trip of roughly 32 hours. I had the feeling that this decision may have mostly been my mother's idea, it wasn't that my dad was not caring or loving, it was just he was a typical big businessman, very official and formal and a tad neglectful, to me and my mum.

I got a call from my mum telling me that they would leave Birmingham that day and stop off at a few places on the way. The next day I was packing the last of my boxes when I heard the car pull up outside, I put my stuff down and went outside to possibly the biggest surprise of my life.

I'm not sure what my mum had taken up but, whatever it was it was working absolute wonders. Whereas before she had always been fit and healthy, she now had every guy in the street staring at her, what she was wearing hardly helped either. She had let her dirty blonde hair grow very long, almost down to her now perfectly formed ass, it suited her well and made her beautiful face with the darkest brown eyes stand out magnificently. Her body was slimmer and trimmer than ever, showing off the curves that she had obviously had in her younger days and which had returned with a vengeance. In the tight black tank top (that was ripped just a little at the front) you could clearly see the outline of her tits that must have been at least a DD cup. Coupled with the tiny denim, Daisy Duke style hot pants she wore she looked like some sort of dream vision of the perfect woman and I could see that nearly everyone agreed with me.

I guess on some level I have always been aware of what my mother looked like but I had never given it much thought, up till now. Seeing her like that, dressed the way she was, with her heavy eye make-up and glossy lips topping off the look I quickly realised, my mom was a babe.

"What ya staring at honey? You look confused" was the first thing my mom said to me.

" . . . . . Oh, nothing mom, I was just thinking how good your lookin"

She came right up to me and wrapped her arms around me. God she even smelt perfect. I realised with mild surprise, and a slight stirring, that it had been about a month or two since I last had sex.

"I've started to do some boxing and a bit of karate, helps with the muscles and keeps everything from going south" was my mom's reply "besides, it makes me feel so good, I just can't seem to get enough of it".

"Well it sure seem to be workin ma, and what about the clothes" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Weeeelllll, your father makes all this money so I might as well spend it" she told me with a giggle "perhaps it might draw the attention of somebody, god knows I've tried everything else".

I wasn't quite 100% sure what she was getting at, but I was clever enough to make an educated guess. Like I said my dad wasn't just idle with me, he was also pretty useless with my mom. This was due to the fact that he was away a lot and when he was home he would either be fishing or watching any sports he could find. I guess he had given up completely now and was paying her no attention at all these days.

We chatted for a while and then went up to my apartment. We had decided that we would set off the next day at noonish and stop at a motel that night, we would continue on our way the next day. We would have all pitched in driving if it wasn't for my dad's irrational fear that his car may in some way get hurt so he had decided to do all the driving himself. We packed all my stuff the day we were due to leave but it turned out I had a few boxes to many.

"How about you put these boxes in the front passenger seat, that way I can sit in the back with you Rhys and we can chat" came my mother's suggestion. We had no other alternative so we packed the last few boxes as she had suggested and set off for the long drive home.

We had been driving for about 3 hours and had been talking the whole time in an attempt to catch up. It was a hot summer's day and the heat, which was just about bearable, and exhaustion had got to my mom. She decided she needed a rest and as I had used up all my talking points and was pretty tired myself I thought this was a rather good idea. To my surprise, instead of just leaning up against the window my mom laid her head right on my lap and stretched her long, beautiful legs out on the back seat. She led there facing upwards whilst I remained stiffly in a sitting up position.

She had quickly drifted off and was taking long, deep breaths as she slept. I couldn't help myself from admiring her body as she lay there. As my mother slept her breast kept rising and falling, up and down, making her thin vest top stretch down a little farther with each breath taken. Her face looked so sweet and at the same time mischievous, a barely visible smile upon her face and her long legs looked smooth and shiny in the slowly dimming light. I realised with a start that I had basically been checking out my own mom for the last ten minutes, I looked up worried to see if my dad had noticed anything from up front. To my pleasant surprise I saw that the way the boxes were stacked in the front passenger seat prevented him from seeing anything of me past my neck in the rear view mirror and nothing at all of mom, even if he turned around he would have to move more boxes. I smiled inwardly thinking that this could be an interesting car journey after all, I mean I had this beautiful woman before me who I could look at all I wanted without worrying. Unfortunately that was the last think I remember thinking before I to fell asleep.

I awoke slowly; by now it was pitch black and still hot as hell. I looked at the car clock and realised I must have been asleep for roughly three hours which meant that there was still about two hours to go, I looked down at mom, still out cold. I inwardly groaned, the car was like a sauna, I was sweating a lot and by now my ass had completely fallen asleep. I tried to shift my ass a little just to find a comfier position but moms head on my lap made this difficult. I looked down at her and realised with a quickening heart rate that I had quite possibly the biggest hard-on of my life.

Now I've always been quite pleased with my manhood, nothing majorly special, but I've never had any complaints before either. At about 8 inches long and roughly the same width I was quite content. The only problem was that as I was wearing loose surfing short, it was very plainly visible. I panicked for a moment and froze. If my mom were to wake up now with this monster in her face what would she do, scream? Shout my dad and disown me? Rip it off? Well I can safely say that I was in a very awkward position, but then everything took a sudden turn and my actions were more or less decided for me. My mom shifted in her sleep and from having her arms crossed across her chest she brought them up to her head to rest on, right on top of my rock solid cock. As she put her hands down her fingers lightly wrapped around the girth of my dick, as she gently squeezed a bigger smile, barely visible in the dark, spread across her face. A feeling like a bolt of lightning shot through me. My mom had my dick in her hand and didn't even realise it.

I had two options here. I could gently try to remove myself from the situation and forget about it forever. Or I could proceed into a dangerous situation that would probably get me into a lot of trouble. I don't know why, maybe it was the heat, or the way my mom looked, or maybe it was the fact I hadn't had sex in a very long time, but I decided that option two would be the better course to take, I am male after all.

I wasn't quite sure how to go about this, but seeing's as this was a spur of the moment thing I decided to follow my instincts. I had a quick look to see if my father could see anything, but the boxes still blocked our view and he was paying complete attention to the road. I looked down; my mom was still fast asleep so I thought that it was now or never. I gently touched my mother's hand to gauge her reaction, nothing. I then started to slowly move her hand up and down the length of my shaft very gently and slowly. Just this feeling through my clothes was sending tingles along my body. At that my mom stirred so I immediately let go but to my surprise her hand just kept on stroking by itself. I thought she must be having some type of dirty dream; this could work to my advantage. Getting bolder each second I slowly reached over to her left breast, lightly touching it at first, and then giving it a bit of a rough squeeze (I have always liked it rough). Again my mother hardly reacted at all; she must be an immensely deep sleeper I thought. I took my hand away and slowly started to pull her vest top down. I put my hand under her top the rest of the way and found that she wasn't wearing a bra. I couldn't believe that these puppies stood firm all by themselves, but I guess I had evidence to prove it.

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