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A Very Special Christmas Present

by arghjac 05/03/05

She was so ashamed, as even though the process was a bit painful, she came three times. Once, as he was piercing the labia, her juices, and probably some of the semen trapped from the previous day gushed from her cunt and wet his hand. Mind you he seemed to enjoy it, as he licked his hand clean, and proceeded to lick along her soaking gash. She couldn't allow him to fuck her, she was much too sore.

Almost a week to the day a courier arrived and she had to sign for the parcel. Inside was a three hour video tape and an internet address. Susan hid the tape and rushed up into Rob's study and turned on the computer. Within seconds she was online. She typed in the internet address and suddenly she was faced with a banner headline: - 'Susan takes on the whole Harlequins defence.' Underneath was a picture of at least a dozen huge guys, both black and white, naked from the waist down but wearing the famous rugby team shirts. Their cocks were all rampant. In the centre of the group Susan was suspended as though sitting in a chair. Her arms had been draped over the shoulders of the two guys that were holding her in this sitting position. Her tits were standing high on her chest. Her nipples were engorged sticking upwards at least an inch in length. Her legs were wide open and her cunt lips gaped wide, revealing an open cavern, from which was pouring a torrent of white come, much like a waterfall.

Her head was leaning on one of the guy's shoulders and it looked like she was in ecstasy. Of course no one would know or believe she was unconscious. Worst of all she had forgotten to wear the wig. She knew that anyone that wanted to pay the £30 site entrance fee would know more about her body than even she did. 'Who gives a fuck,' she whispered to herself.

On Christmas morning, Rob awoke early, made tea for them both. Gently he removed the sleeper studs from Susan's nipples and labia and replaced them with the black pearls that had been specially crafted for his luscious wife. She looked stunning as the pearls picked up the colour of Susan's lustrous skin. She lay back and let him admire her, then, from under her pillow she brought out a gift wrapped package, much the size of a video tape.

This is for you darling and it's a Very Special Christmas Present.

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