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A Walk in the Woods

by MNredneck 07/27/08

Danielle woke up with the rising sun, the day already warm. Having been camping the last few days, she decided to go for a quick wash in the stream just down the hill from her campsite. Walking down to the water clad only in a tank top and short shorts, she quickly splashed some of the water on her face. The cool water felt so good, she stripped her shirt off and washed the grime and sweat off from the last few days. Giggling at the thought of being seen, but knowing that it wouldn't happen in the remote part of the woods she was in, she gently washed herself. As the cool water ran over her chest, her nipples slowly grew.

Stopping for a moment, she admired her reflection in the water. She had always liked her breasts, though small, only a 32B, her lovers had always liked her nipples, and the perkiness of her breasts. The reflection of her face stared back at her from the water, her curly brown hair dangling to upper back, and clear blue eyes, another feature she loved, stared back at her. Deciding that with no one around, a little play time was not out of the question she began to caress her breasts, and began to rub and lightly pinch her nipples. One hand drifted across her flat stomach, stopping to play with her belly ring, before going further. Slipping her hand under the waistband of her shorts, and spreading her legs, she let out a small moan when she touched her clit.

Going just a bit further, she played with the pair of rings hanging from her inner lips, she loved to have them played with, lightly pulling and twisting. Her lovers had always been surprised, and then very happy she had those two piercings. Then sensations they caused for both parties was very enjoyable. Slipping one, then two fingers inside, she slowly, very slowly began to rub, still playing with one nipple, and then the other, she rubbed faster and faster. Not wanting to get too sweaty, she quickly began to rub her thumb across her clit as well. Stopping briefly to give the rings a tug, she went back to fingering herself until she climaxed.

Licking her fingers before picking up her shirt, she walked back to her campsite. Picking up her backpack, she packed a few bags a of trail mix, a couple of bottles of water, a trail map, compass and pocket knife. Putting on a pair of blue-jeans, a bra and a t-shirt, she sat down on a handy log and put on socks and sturdy pair of hiking boots. Getting up she grabbed her hat and set off for a hike.

After an hour or two on the lightly used trails, she came upon a fork in the trail. Feeling adventurous, she turned left on the less traveled path and continued on her way. Crossing the top of a ridge, she stopped and rested a moment, letting the gentle wind blow in her hair. After consulting her map she continued on down the hill. The trees were thinner here, and she spent more time looking up at the trees and sky, and less at the ground. She never saw the rock, only knowing the one second she was striding along and the next she was rolling down the hill. The sudden bend in the trail did not help matters, and she rolled right over the edge and kept going down. Faster and faster she went, hitting trees and tearing through brush, her shirt and pants getting ripped. She saw the bottom of the ravine, but not the tree that her head smacked solidly into, knocking her out cold.

While unconscious, her body rolled just a bit further and stopped next to a very large and very odd looking plant.

Waking up a few hours later, at first all she did was lay there and take stock, limbs: attached, head: hurts like hell. Slowly turning her head, she saw her backpack just out of arms reach. Reaching for it and the bottle of pain meds inside, she found that she could barely move her arm. Looking down, she saw that her legs and arms were wound in some sort of green vive. Straining for the backpack and the knife inside, did little other then make her head ache worse.

Suddenly another vine came down from above, squinting into the sunlight, she could just make out a large, green leafy...thing. The vine waved about her head for a moment, before smearing some sort of sap on the gash on her forehead, continuing on to the scraps and cuts on her arms, the vine went to the cut on her stomach, covering that, it poked at her belly ring before going to her legs; then, it disappeared. A sudden wave of nausea hit, and she blacked out.

Coming to, she saw that the sun was much lower in the sky, and that she seemed to have moved. Now under a small overhang that must have formed during flash floods over the years, the plant thing had covered and wrapped her in vines, blocking the entrance along the way. Licking her dry lips, she looked about for her backpack. Peering through the dying light, she could just see the black bag about 20 feet away. Realizing that she could never reach it, she then started to examine the plant.

While looking, the plant stirred a slightly different looking vine, shaped like well, a penis, approaching her face. Holding her mouth firmly shut, it poked at her mouth a few times, before another vine came up, and suddenly pinched her nose shut. Being unable to breath, it was only a matter of time until she gasped for air. The vine then shot into her mouth, but only a few inches, it then started to secrete some sort of sticky sap, tasting it and loving it she quickly started to suck in earnest.

After a minute a sudden gush of sap came. Realizing what happened, she giggled a bit, only to see two more vines coming at her. One looked almost identical to the first, but the other was bigger around, and had an oddly colored tip. The vines then slowly uncovered her. The second vine went straight for her mouth, and after considering, she opened, knowing that what happened with the first could easily happen again. The third vine however, began to poke at her body in several places. Going to her groin, it poked once or twice. Holding her legs firmly shut, it poked again. The vine seemed to get frustrated, as it kept poking harder and harder. Suddenly the vines holding her legs yanked her legs open, and the vine quickly poked at the one place she hoped in wouldn't go.

Seeming to realize the barrier of her pants, another vine wormed its way under the cuffs. Going up her legs and out the top, it flexed, and her pants just exploded. Another vine quickly followed suit with her shirt and bra, and she was suddenly naked, with a plant vine in her mouth, and another poking at her now very vulnerable crotch.

Opening her mouth to scream, the one in her mouth seized that opportunity to surge further down into her throat. The one at her crotch seemed puzzled by the rings there, poking at them a bit. Seizing upon her reprieve, she looked around for any way out of her predicament. Her attention was returned to the vine at her crotch when in suddenly pushed inside her slightly. Almost yanking her legs out of the sockets, the vines holding them only gripped tighter.

Pushing in further, she could only shake as it kept on. Stopping after what had to have been a full 10 inches, the 2.5 inch thick vine stretching her further than she had ever gone. It slowly began to pull out, stopping just before it went all the way out, it pushed its way in again. After almost 5 minutes of this, her body began to betray her. The bulges and bumps on the tip, along with the ridges on its length that hit the pair of rings in her lips was simply too much. The vine, somehow sensing this slowly increased its pace.

Two more vines like the ones holding her arms and legs wrapped themselves around her breasts and began to tease her nipples, lightly rubbing and pushing on them. The vine in her mouth reminded her of its presence by beginning to secrete the same substance as earlier. The one inside her suddenly began to twist and turn inside her and the first orgasm shook through her. The vines only continued the onslaught, taking her to pleasurable heights that she didn't know existed. The vine in her mouth suddenly stopped moving, knowing what would happen next, she started to swallow just as it started to pump. After almost 30 seconds it withdrew.

The vine inside her kept up its pace, if anything speeding up. The next orgasm, stronger then the first, tore through her. Danielle, normally very quiet during sex, let out a scream of orgasmic bliss. This kept on for almost half an hour. Almost out of her mind with pleasure, she realized that the vine had slowed some, it suddenly surged forward into her, further then before, realizing that the sudden pinch she felt must have been it passing her cervix, it stopped and started to vibrate. Looking down the length of the vine she saw several small bulges head towards her, passing thru the entrance of her vagina, she felt a sudden warmth deep inside her. Thinking that it was over, she jumped when the vine vibrated all the harder, driving her to another orgasm, she almost missed the large bulge in the vine. She almost didn't see it shoot towards her. She definitely felt it though, as it lodged the entrance to her body. It pressed outwards upon her, pushing on her lips, causing a small amount of pain, before the vine slowly began to fuck in and out of her again. The bulge then shot into her and lodged deep inside. The vine then slowly pulled out of her, but caused one last orgasm as it brushed across her hyper sensitive opening.

Gazing down upon her stomach, she could just see, or rather feel the bulge in her abdomen. Wondering what this thing inside her was, she began to cry. Suddenly cold in the night air, the vines wrapped about her again. Warmer, and tired after the ordeal, she cried herself to sleep.

Waking up the next day, she wiped the sleep from her eyes and realized that her hands were free. She looked down and saw that her feet were still bound. Seeing her backpack and realizing she was starving, she grabbed the pack and tore open a bag of trail-mix. Guzzling down the water, she remembered the knife. Dumping out the bag, she rifled through the pile. Seeing everything but the knife, Danielle decided that the plant, if she could call it that, must have removed it. Deciding that there was little she could do, she looked down at her stomach. Realizing that whatever it was inside her now looked bigger, she renewed her struggles to get away. The plant, taking notice of this, simply wrapped her up in vines again, and started to rub at her crotch.

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