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A Weekend Alone With My Sister

by Orion11 08/14/01

I started to notice my hormones racing more often ever since I became '18'. I started looking at girls a lot differently, but what shocked me was that I began to look at my 19 ½ year-old sister as one of those girls. I knew that it wasn't proper or "right"; nevertheless, I could not control myself and I began to fantasize about her sexually while I was in the shower and while I slept. I would masturbate to her naked image in my mind while I was in the shower. Well let me describe my older sister Candace, she was about 5'6" and 120 lbs. with silky-black hair that came down to her shoulders. Her dark brown eyes and honey-tanned skin matched mine. My parents were divorced and my oldest sister and older brother already moved out of the house. So it was just my mom, younger brother, older sister and me living in the house. I caught myself many times thinking about her doing erotic things with me while we watched TV together and my hard-on was proof, but I would hide it under a pillow or close my legs tightly. I would sometimes brush up against her or lightly graze my hand against her ass while we passed each other in the hallway or kitchen. My urges to do something to my sister kept getting stronger and irresistible.

One afternoon my sister and I where sitting on the couch watching a TV show. I was on the left end with my legs on the table and my sister was on the right side in a fettle position with her ass and legs to me in perfect view. She was wearing her small light blue with flower design pajama bottoms and her small top exposing the cleavage of her petite B cup titties. Her nipples showed through the fabric, hard as ice, telling me that she had no bra on. I noticed that her breathing became relax and her eyes were closed. She was sleeping. My mind raced about what I wanted to do and also the consequences of what could happen. I wanted so much to touch her ass, to feel her curves. My hands began to sweat and my hand extended to her ass.

I began to tremble and my body heat increased dramatically; however, my hand hovered centimeters above her left ass cheek and made contact and I left it there for a little bit and she didn't wake up so I got bolder and decided to feel the area where her pussy would be. I proceeded to move my index finger around her shorts that gave me a view of her ruby underwear and I touched it gently. I figured maybe she knew what I was doing and I got a little to anxious and tried to move her underwear aside so that I could try to see her cunt that I lusted for. I felt the edge of one of her lips on her pussy and she began to move slightly so I retracted my hand with lightning speed. My heart was pumping fiercely and my body trembled violently. She moved her body now laying on her back and with her legs open. She was still asleep and I relaxed and started to reach out for her groin area when my brother's door opened done the hall. I got up for fear of getting caught and went to the kitchen to get a cup of ice water. My younger brother walked in.

"Bryan do you have an extra bag for me to use," he asked. My brother and mom were going to visit my sister up in Oregon for few days. I had been waiting to have the house to just my sister and I for a long time.

"Yeah …check under my bed, you still have an couple hours before you go," I said half trembling.

A couple hours past and I couldn't get what I did out of my mind. I kept telling myself next time I'll go further. My hormones skyrocketed and I was planning out how to get my sister into one of my fantasy scenarios. My sister left and took my mom and brother to the airport. I lay on bed waiting for my sister to return; my emotions were enthralled with excitement, anxiety and fear. I had seen my sister naked when we were little but I wanted to see her now. I must have dosed off because I woke up to the sound of the shower going. I looked at my clock and it was about 11:30.

I went to the bathroom door and listened and could hear low moans coming from the shower. The door was shut but unlocked. I got this ingenious idea to get a mirror and put it under the door and watch her shower. I went into her room and took a compact from her makeup draw. I opened it and slid the mirror under the large gap under the door. The shower was at the right of the door and it was bath and shower with two sliding opaque doors. The doors were still semi-transparent and I could see the shape of her body. She moved closer to the doors and the image quality increased. I was pretty sure she wouldn't be able see the mirror through the doors. Her butt faced toward me and pressed against the glass and her fingers began to move in and out of her pussy. The moans increased and my boner pop out of my shorts. I couldn't believe it I was watching my sister masturbate. I started to stroke my seven and a half-inch shaft and felt some precum on my fingers. My sisters body moved fluently and sensually.

"Aww…Aww…I'm going cum," Candace said in a low moan. Hearing that made me just want to open the door and watch, but I didn't. My desire to fuck my sister grew with each passing moment. The shower lasted for another twenty minuets and then I put her mirror back and jump in bed. She exited the steamy bathroom and walked by my room and peak in to make sure I was asleep. I lay there motionless but could feel her leering eyes on me. She shut the door and went into her room. I could hear her TV on and I wanted to go into her room and waited until she was asleep.

It was just after 1:45 when I entered her room. Her door was opened and usually wasn't. I crept in silently and moved toward the right side of her bed. I was once again trembling and my heart beating fast as ever. I squatted next to her bed and noticed a pair of pink panties on the floor. It was in mid-August and rather hot at night so she was in a shirt that barely came down below her ass. Candace was on her side facing toward the left. I lightly grazed her legs and thighs with my sweaty hand.

I moved my finger under the shirt and realized she had no underwear on because my finger touched the edge of her cunt and asshole. I started to move my finger in the slits of her pussy and she began to move. I pulled my hand away and ducked down. I was thinking of leaving as soon she stopped moving but she was on her stomach now with her legs ajar. My urges kept me put and told me to lift up her shirt. It revealed her luscious ass and her velvety slit. I could not resist the temptation to probe her warm cunt. I placed my index finger on the slit and lightly pushed the fingertip into the warm juices of her vagina. My dick wanted to bust all over her and throbbed fiercely.

After I got my whole finger in I started to push it in and out very slowly. She didn't even move; Candace was a heavy sleeper and could probably sleep through anything. I didn't want to go any farther tonight so I pulled my finger out and lick my finger clean tasting the sweet fluids from my sister's now wet pussy. I kissed her crotch and ass and went to my room.

The next morning I woke up at noon because I was tired from staying up late last night. I didn't know what to expect because Candace might have been up during the whole thing, but probably not. I took a shower and came out with my sister still in her small shirt.

"Good morning or should I say good afternoon?" said Candace with a small smile on her face.

"I was tired, leave me alone," I replied quickly dripping with water and wrap in my towel.

"When you get dressed can you give me a foot and neck massage? My neck is real sore and I hurt my foot swimming yesterday." I just look at her with a rye look and she replied, "You always give mom a massage when she asks, come on, please…"

How could I resist, she was pleading.

"Okay, fine. But you'll owe me," I said slyly. "Okay, I'll be in my room waiting," she stated. I went to my room and jump into my gym shorts with no underwear and no shirt.

I walk into her room and she was on the bed laying down, facing towards her TV. Candace called me over to her. "I was 98% excited and 2% scared or maybe 98% scared and 2% excited that's what makes it so interesting."(Armageddon). I stood by the side of the bed and began to massage her feet.

Candace looked over her shoulder and said, "Go ahead a grab that lotion bottle over there on my dresser." I got up a brought it over to the bed and I put some on my hands and started to work my way up the back of her legs. I rubbed near her thighs and she told me to hold on as she sat up and took off her shirt. She was in her small pink panties and pink bra. My hard-on shot out of my pants practically. I just look at her with glaring eyes scanning her entire body. She laid back down and I was nervous but began to massage her upper thighs and ass. I was rubbing her inner thighs and she asked me,

"You can take off my underwear if it is in the way." I was shock at first and then realized were this could go and replied sheepishly, "Ok." I started to pull at the straps and she lifted her butt in the air for me to get them off. Her pussy was glistening and I made a small comment. "I can see you're a little wet." Candace replied, "Well I am getting a massage aren't I?" I moved up to her back and massaged her entire back. She took off her bra and when I was done with her back side, I rubbed her inner thighs again and she spread her legs open a little more and I touched her pussy and my hand started to massage it gently while I listened to her soft moans. She rolled over giving me complete access and I couldn't hold back my tongue from licking her slit.

Candace moaned louder. "Ohhhhh….that feels so good. Please don't stop." I didn't stop for one second I kept driving my tongue deeper into her hot cunt. My tongue probed her clit and massaged it passionately. My sister's back began to arch and her moan was louder this time.

"Awww…Ahhh… I'm coming!" Candace's body shuddered and I licked up all the juices that escape from her hot pussy. My dick was throbbing and Candace sat up and French kissed me. Our tongues explored each other's mouths as she pulled off my shorts exposing my large smooth cock. Her head dropped to it and began to bob on it. She sucked me off for a while until I pulled it out and kissed her and spread her legs. The tip of my cock covered in precum entered her cunt. I pushed it further until it was completely engulfed by her pussy. My dick was instantly ready to explode and I became to pump it in and out.

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