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A Weekend with My Cousin & Her Daughter

by nephewjerry 09/13/01

Again, this is all fiction, I do have a cousin like this, and we did fool around a bit when we were younger, but we've never done this. Enjoy.

* * * * *

I recently went to Houston to visit a cousin, she's older now, married with kids that are grown and almost grown. When we were growing up, it was me she came to when she had questions about boys, and sex. I was older by about 5 years, her name is Brittney, she's now 36, stands about 5' 5", 130, 36c-24-37, reddish brown hair, and could suck start a harley when we were growing up.

I hadn't seen her in over a year, the last time was at a family reunion, and we couldn't get off by ourselves to talk, but the lust was still there. Her husband is a nice enough guy, but I really didn't see her with someone like him, although after I got to know him, he's not that bad of a guy. Brittney and I were always very open with each other, and I was the one that popped her cherry, taught her the right way to suck cock, back then I didn't realize that there was anything to be gained from ass fucking so we didn't explore that avenue.

Brittney had a step son, and her daughter living with them, her oldest son had gone off and joined the Navy. I came in to talk to the boy and give him some pointers on the Navy. Her daughter just turned 18 and was the spitting image of Brittney when she was that age. Angie, 18, was build different than her mom, she was taller, almost 5'6", 145, 37d-26-38, while in the bathroom, I accidentally knocked a clothes basket over, as I was picking the clothes up, I came across several pairs of thong panties. Thongs are one of my weaknesses, and looking at the rest of the clothes I decided that these were Angie's.

I held a pair to my nose and inhaled her aroma, she smelled just like her mom, my cock hardened immediately. I took it out and started to stroke it, I opened my eyes, and there in the doorway stood Brittney, her eyes glued to my cock. When our eyes finally met, she smiled, "I see your still a pervert, Jerry. Its been so long, I forgot how beautiful your cock is." She said. With that, she stepped into the bathroom, closed the door and locked it.

"What about Sam?" I asked in a near panic.

She knelt, took my face in her hands and kissed me deeply, passionately, "He went to the shop, an emergency, won't be back for hours, if then." She breathed. I pulled her into me and kissed her deeply, my hands exploring a much more developed body, than I was used to.

She pushed me back, stood, and stripped, she bent down and removed my clothes as well, then as she was lowering herself onto my cock, she leaned forward, whispering, "I want to watch you smell Angie's panty, and lick them." as she placed the thong into my hands. I inhaled deeply, the musky scent made my head spin, I shoved upwards driving my cock deep into her tight wet hole. She moaned her approval, looking me in the eye she said, "You like how Angie smells? Does she smell like me? Would you like to taste her for real?"

At that, I stopped my thrusting, "Are you serious?" I asked eagerly. She said that Angie was a virgin, and that she wanted her to experience sex the way it was supposed to be. She then said that Angie had been talking to her about me since the last reunion, and confided in her nympho mom that she wanted me to be her first man. I told her I'd be honored, but I didn't want Angie to know I knew that it was ok with her mom, I wanted her to think she was seducing me on her own, which she could with no problem.

She has that look in her eye, she wears shirts that are almost transparent enough to be see-through, and wears nothing but half bra's so her nipples would show better. Whenever I was close to her I'd get hard. I turned my attention back to my cousin, and thrust deep into her, making her moan in surprise. She rode me for a few more minutes, then pulled off turned into a 69, and we sucked each other to completion, my cock going deep into her throat, when I felt the muscles squeezing me, I shot deep into her throat. I was rewarded with something new from her, she ejaculated in my mouth and on my face.

When she'd gotten the last of my cum, she turned and licked her cum off my face. We got dressed, and went back into the living room, just as Angie was getting home from a friends house. I was sitting on the sofa, when Angie came into the house, she hollered, "Hi Mom!" as she plopped down on the arm of the sofa next to me, her ass caressing my arm. I pretended not to notice, she leaned over in front of me to get the TV guide, as she did, she let her tits graze my arms. She looked at me with that devilish look in her eyes, that I want to fuck you look.

I looked at her tits, her nipples were hard, I licked my lips and looked her in the eye and smiled. I saw a faint shudder go through her, "Are there any good movies on later?" I asked, as I leaned over her arm, my cheek pressing against a nipple, I could hear her heart beating hard and fast, as was mine. I wanted to laugh so hard, I looked up and caught Brittney watching us, she was smiling too, but pretended not to notice what was going on. I slid my arm around her, pressing it up against her tight ass, my hand caressing her thigh, she started to wiggle some. "Here's one!", she pointed, "It starts around 10:30 tonight."

"Well, since I'm sleeping on the fold out bed here on the sofa, I guess it'll be ok to watch it, if your mom doesn't mind." I said, as I was setting her up for a long night. My vision of Angies sexy mouth wrapped around my cock was soon interrupted by the ringing of the phone. I couldn't here Brittney, but could see her shaking her head, and looked a little upset, but as soon as she hung up the phone, she beamed at me.

"That was Sam, there's been an emergency, and he's going to have to go to New Orleans tonight. I've got to pack his bags so that he can leave right away." Brittney said, almost with too much joy in her voice. We couldn't have planned this any better, her step son was at his mothers for the weekend, so it was going to be just the 3 of us. I'd already fucked and sucked one of the two, I couldn't wait to have the second one. Brittney went to start packing Sam's bags, I stood and winked at Angie saying, "I'm going to go take a dip in the pool, want to join me?" She smiled, "Sure, but its going to be a few minutes, I've got to do some last minute things in my room, and finish a quick homework assignment so I don't have to worry about it at the last minute."

"Take your time, sweetie, I'm going to grab a beer and change into my suit, then I'll be waiting for you in the pool." I said to her, letting my fingers caress her cheek. Her eyes closed and she shuddered, I went into the kitchen grabbed a beer and headed down the hall, I found Brittney leaning over a suitcase on the bed.

I walked up behind her sliding my hand between her legs from behind, she moaned and moved against my hand. Turning, she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me, "I got so wet watching you with Angie, I can't wait for this to happen, I want to watch you take her then I want to join you." she breathed, "I want to suck your cum out of my little girls pussy, I want to lick your cock tasting her juices on you, I want to lick your dick as it slides in and out of her tight hole, I want me and her to give you a blow job at the same time." She stopped, her breathing rapid, I chuckled softly saying, "Careful cuz, your going to cum just talking about it."

I kissed her quickly, and told her I was heading down for a dip in the pool and that I'd get out when Sam got in to tell him bye. She squeezed my dick, kissing me back and said ok, she turned back to her packing. I went into her step son's bedroom and changed into my swim trunks, walking down the hall, I noticed the bathroom door was slightly a jar, I peeked inside. Angie was sitting on the edge of the bathtub, I could see her reflection in the mirror, I couldn't really tell what she was doing then she turned and leaned down into the tub.

She was shaving, I figured she was just doing the bikini maintenance that most women do, but she spread her legs and I could see she was doing her lips. Another weakness of mine, bald pussy, at least the lips, I could lick and suck her for hours. I'd almost finished my beer watching this young nymph shave, so I grabbed another and headed for the pool. It was a very hot and humid night, so the cool water was a relief. Setting my beers on the edge of the pool, I dove under the water and swam a few laps. I went back to my beers and sat on the steps looking up at the stars, a wonderful night that was about to get better.

As I finished the first beer and was opening the second, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, Angie was walking through the gate of the pool. I was speechless, in the moon light, her curves were accented to the max, deep dark shadows, as she got closer I could see that her bathing suit was more string than material. When she stood above me, I looked her up and down, caressing every nook and cranny with my eyes. I saw that most of her pussy lips were showing on the sides of the crotch, if she were to spread her legs wide the material would allow her lips to open naturally, fully exposing her lips.

My cock started to harden, "Damn, you look great Angie, you sure that suit won't disappear when it gets wet?" I teased. Smiling, she said as she dove into the water, "I hope so." As she dove, I caught a glimpse of her ass, the suit was a thong one. This girl seemed to know all my weaknesses, I knew her mom hadn't told her, I wondered how she knew. I looked down to watch her swim underwater towards me, my legs spread, she came up between them. She let her breast graze my hard on, looking down at it then back into my eyes she smiled. Her hand shyly went up my thigh, I watched smiling, drinking my beer.

She finally got the nerve up and touched my cock, her eyes widened in mock surprise, "Did I do this?" she asked.

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