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by Antonio_y_Cleopatra 09/09/12

Can there be a fun, romantic, and relaxed way to push the sexual boundaries? Sure there can! You just need the right partner and a lot of time...


"I bet he wants your ass, too. Men always think women want that, and they never do."

I watched the other ladies in the group laugh or look down. That was Jennifer talking, and she was teasing Jackie about her boyfriend, whom Jackie described as "pretty adventurous in bed."

"What do you think, Eric?" Amy's eyes challenged mine as I snapped over to her.

"I think I'm smart enough to stay out of this conversation," I replied, to a couple of giggles from the ladies.

"Well that's the nice, safe, boring answer," Amy chided. "You won't tell us what you think?"

"OK, I'll take the bait. Like anything sexual, I think it depends on the woman. Some would never do it, some put up with it for their partners, and some really enjoy it."

"And I suppose you have the magic touch to make them enjoy it?" Jennifer's sarcasm dripped out.

"I never said anything about me. Heck, you can read about this if you want. They've surveyed a lot of women about this, like everything else."

"So what about you?" Amy again, her eyes sparkling.

"When did this become a discussion of my sex life?"

"You've got a group of women here, talking about sex with you, and you're backing down? Hello? Is there any red blood in there?"

"Yes!" I blurted out—Amy had got me. "I know they can enjoy it from personal experience. I don't kiss and tell, so I'm not going to reveal who, but I absolutely know that at least one woman can have extremely powerful, soul-crashing orgasms that way."

"And you're so sure about that? And that she wanted it?" Jennifer again.

"When she puts a bottle of lube in your lap and hooks her finger at you while she sashays to the bedroom, I think it's safe to say she wants it. As for the orgasm part, it's more the involuntary side that I picked up on. Tremors, spasms, and all that. She wasn't in control of herself."

"And you didn't marry her for life?" Amy gave me a theatrical look of disbelief.

"Very funny," I said. "It would be great if sex were the only aspect of a relationship. We were great in the sack, but there were other issues. It didn't work out in the long run."

"A guy admits that there's more to a relationship than sex?" Jackie quipped. "I didn't know that happened." The other ladies laughed while I rolled my eyes.

I looked over at Amy. "So I've spilled a bit, Lady. I'm not going to keep up a one-way conversation."

"Fair enough," she said, laughing. "I'll just say that I haven't done it, but I try to keep an open mind on things sexual."

"Whoa. Maybe we've got another adventurous soul in the sack!" Karen observed. Amy just stuck her tongue out.

"Speaking of relationships, you and Lisa have been split for several months now, right?" Jennifer asked me, changing the subject. "How come you aren't hooked up with some new babe?"

"I try to avoid the rebound thing. That usually leads to regret. Why, you want to hook up? Probably enough time has passed for me." I wanted to get a barb in at Jennifer.

"In your dreams, stud," she said, rolling her eyes while the other ladies laughed.

They continued to a discussion of boyfriends and prospects, with a lot of laughs and catcalls. I joined in the fun.

After another half hour or so, Jackie looked down. "Look's like it's time for me to go. Got to get ready for tonight."

"I'll bet, with your adventurous boyfriend," Jennifer commented. "Come on, girls. We should give Amy and Eric a chance to clean up. By the way, Eric, that's very nice of you to help Amy with this little afternoon party."

"I'm hoping you spread this story around with the ladies. I can start with a good reputation, and coast for a while in my usual lazy, self-centered way."

That got a few more laughs and teases as everyone picked up their things and said goodbye. Most of the other folks had left an hour or so ago. Amy had done a good job inviting a co-ed mixture, and the party had gone well. She was right—an afternoon party got a lot more folks to come, since they could make evening plans as well.

"Ready to help with the dishes? By the way, thanks so much for co-hosting," Amy said.

"Anytime, Amy. Let's do it." Amy had been a good friend of my girlfriend Lisa, and we continued the friendship with each other after Lisa left. We both felt the loss when Lisa moved away, but the job opportunity had been perfect for her. Lisa and I both knew that we didn't have enough going for her to stay or for me to relocate with her. Lisa had told me that I should go after Amy, but it felt a little weird to hit up on a friend of my ex-girlfriend. Amy and I lived in the same condo building, so we saw each other a lot.

"Soul-crashing orgasms, huh?"

I noticed how close together we were at the sink. The dishes became a little harder to hold. "Uh-oh. Not my sex life again," I replied, groping for something to say.

"Hey, maybe I'm trying to help," she said. "I've got a friend who's mentioned that she wanted to try anal sex some day. Should I hook the two of you up?"

I shook my head. "I know it sounds crazy that I'm not jumping at the chance to get some girl's ass, but you have to understand how I operate. I only have fun in the sack if the girl is having a great time herself."

"Who says she won't have fun?"

"It's not as simple as just pushing inside and having her swoon with pleasure. That may be what porn movies show, but it doesn't work that way in real life. While she may endure it and eventually come to enjoy it, chances are it will just be a horrible experience. For me, anal sex is something that comes after a lot of trust and history have built up. Both partners need to be comfortable with many other forms of sex together, and the lady has to have learned how to relax and receive pleasure from that part of her body. Finally, she's sharing a very personal, private part of herself, so she needs to completely trust her partner. If all those ingredients come together, it can be pretty amazing, and she has a good chance of loving it. On the other hand, it's just not something to check off in a hook-up."

"Sounds like a very mature outlook, Eric. Or are you just looking for a package deal—you know—guaranteed sex for a while?"

I laughed. "I think you got me there. I'm a package deal kind of guy. Now, if she's interested in that type of thing, maybe we should talk. I'm certainly not against it, and you generally have great friends. I'm not a big condom guy, so make sure you ask about getting tested, so she can rest her mind about that aspect of things. It's all about relaxing and having fun."

"Sounds right. I'll look into it," Amy said. "You'll be a lucky man if she says yes."

"No doubt. Now, if you keep talking like this, I'm going to have to get an apron on."

Amy laughed her deep, rich laugh. She enjoyed teasing and having fun with people. "OK, I'll let you off the hook for a while. Let's get the chairs and everything off the deck."

We did that, chatting about other things. Amy didn't show any sign that we had been discussing intimate subjects just a few minutes before. She moved gracefully through her house, her blonde hair swishing between her shoulders. Many times, I had noticed her combination of tight body and curves in all the right places. With Lisa in the picture, I had been more discrete, but now I enjoyed having a friend so easy on the eyes. I fell silent while I admired her.

"What are you thinking?" Busted. Amy always seemed to pick up on what I was thinking, and she loved putting me on the spot. For someone who had a reputation as a great friend and all-around nice person, Amy kept me on my toes.

"I think it might fall into the category of too much information. What are you thinking?" I said, trying to turn the tables.

Amy gave me a long look with her piercing blue eyes. "I think it falls into the same category," she said. "Let's fold up these tablecloths."

We got the last one folded. I put it on top of the others. Neither of us had said a thing.


My eyes snapped back to her. She stood there, beautiful. "Yes?"

"I didn't give you the full story before, with my friend. Yes, we have discussed her interest in back door sex. But I wasn't asking for her when I talked to you."

Suddenly, a lightheaded feeling coursed through me. "Uh, you weren't?" I asked lamely.

She smiled, looking straight into my eyes. "No, Eric. Your story sounded pretty good, and I was really asking for myself. If you're interested, let me know."

Time stopped. I'm sure I looked stunned. Then my brain got back in gear. My heart was hammering.

"I'd love to!" I blurted out. I was still trying to comprehend what was going on, but some part of me knew to answer with enthusiasm. "I mean, whenever you would want to."

Amy laughed. "I'll take that for a yes, silly boy. So how should we get started?"

"With a hug and a kiss," I whispered, moving close to her. I took her in my arms. "Wow, Amy, you've left me speechless."

"You don't have to say anything," she whispered, catching my lips with hers.

When our lips connected, something clicked inside, and I realized how much Amy had attracted me all along. I wanted to be more than friends, much more. I could feel the same waves coming off of her. Our kiss heated up. Finally, we separated, both a little breathless.

"Amy, you kiss fantastic."

"Thank you. I figured you were a good kisser, too, and I was right," she said. "I think we'll work out together. Now, I like your idea about testing, even if it slows us down for a while. If we hurry today, we may still have time."

"Lead on, Lady," I said. "Do you know a place?"

"I think I've seen one, but I'm going to check online. Just a sec." Amy pulled out her phone, concentrating. After a minute or so, she made a call.

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