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Alex in Pornoland Ch. 03

by SirSinn 01/01/14

This is filed under Sci-Fi & Fantasy because it's set in an alternate world. It will, though, heavily feature incest, big tits and big dicks like most of my stuff. And, as always, everyone involved is at least 18.

† † † † †

My name is Alex Taylor. I had an accident and I woke up in a world where every woman looks like they've stepped out of an early 90's issue of Score magazine. Am I in a coma? Am I mad? Or have I died and gone to heaven? Whatever the hell has happened, it's like I'm on a different planet. With a bit of luck, if I can work out what the fuck is going on, maybe I can get back to the real world. If I want to, that is.

† † † † †

The big reception hall of Lassiter, Dash and Collins was busy to say the least. Dozens of people moved to and from, most of them very good looking girls with figures built for porn. They moved to and then away from the central reception hub, a circular desk in the centre of the floor manned by three attractive, busty young women. As I stepped up to the desk, one of them, a cute blonde, looked up and smiled automatically for the briefest second before her smile, and her eyes, became wider as she apparently recognised me.

"Good mor - - oh, Mr Hazard, oh it's so good to see you back," she said, confusing the shit out of me as my surname's Taylor.

"Ummmm, I think you have the wrong person," I said a little uncertainly, watching perplexed as the two other receptionists turned at her words.

"Mr Hazard, thank goodness you're back," one of them said, ignoring my words, before the other said "We were so worried when we heard about your accident, Mr Hazard."

It might have been wrong of me - - they obviously thought I was someone else - - but having three cute, busty girls coo over me was kinda flattering. I also noticed one or two of the other girls in the room casting their eye over me, nudging each other and pointing me out.

"Well - - thank you, ladies," I said, smiling back at them. "I'm here to see Darla Lassiter."

"Of course, Mr Hazard," the first receptionist said, pressing a button on her console. "I'll buzz Miss Lassiter's secretary."

The three receptionists returned to dealing with other customers, though they'd occasionally glance over at me and smile. I have to admit to loving the attention but eventually, another young lady tapped me on the arm and said "Mr Hazard?"

She too was good looking with a mass of dark hair piled up on her head in a neat but looks untidy sort of style. She wore a black skirt and white blouse and had a pair of round specs perched on the end of her nose. In one hand she held a clipboard, in the other a pen. She looked like the perfect definition of a secretary in other words.

"Please come with me, Miss Lassiter will see you now," she said, turning and heading to the elevators over on one wall. I waved goodbye with my good hand - - my right was still in plaster - - to the receptionists and followed the pertly jiggling ass of my agent's secretary.

Since when did Darla have a secretary anyway? I wondered as we rode the elevator up to the top floor. Back in what I was thinking of more and more as the Old World, her business was a one-woman affair - - she had a single room office above a small store and dealt with everything herself. She didn't have enough clients to need a secretary and yet here she was, so my mother told me, as lead partner in a thriving business.

Her secretary led me from the elevators down a short corridor before tapping on an office door, letting me in then closing it as she left to do whatever she had to.

I glanced around Darla's office which was so different from the one I was used to in the Old World. Here there was a massive wooden desk with keyboard, monitor, mouse, desktop pads and pens and a huge leather seat behind it. The window looked out on to the cityscape with a view that was breathtaking. A mini-bar stood in one corner, a large sofa in another and, from behind a door next to that, came the sound of running water, presumably an en suite bathroom.

Around the walls hung movie posters with titles and images that left me in no doubt what sort of films this world's Darla was providing actors for - - The Italian Boob Job showed three hugely titted women astride red, white and blue Minis; Avengers ASS-emble had female superheroes bent over, their asses to the camera, looking back over their shoulders; Charlene's Angels had three other big titted girls as private investigators; Meet The Fuckers had an almost wholesome family scene before you realised the dad's hands were cupping his wife's and daughter's tits; Alien 3DP showed another big boobed babe in a sci-fi setting being menaced by three aliens with long tentacles.

Then Raiders of The Lost Ass caught my eye. A mock-up of the famous 1980's film poster showed the hero in fedora, beaten up leather jacket, carrying a whip and fighting off Nazi's. But here, the hero was a woman, Alabama Jones, whose shirt beneath her jacket barely contained two huge, perfect, round tits that squashed together forming a fantastic cleavage.

Alabama Jones was played by one Lisa Hazard.

My mother.

"That's always been my favourite of your mother's films," Darla said from behind me, having walked in from the en suite.

I turned and, once again, was struck by how different things were here. Back in the Old World, Darla was a mid-thirties, dirty blonde women who was as skinny as a beanpole - - here she was an absolute MILF, just like my mother. White, platinum blonde hair down to her waist; long legs; a firm, round ass; a tiny waist; and, best of all, a pair of huge, fake tits. All this was wrapped up under a severe yet sexy business suit that looked professional but couldn't hide her figure.

"How are you feeling, Alex?" she asked, walking over and hugging me, taking care not to knock my plastered arm, her big tits squashing against my chest. The move caught me by surprise as we'd never been close in the Old World.

"I'm - - I'm good," I said, feeling my cock lurch a little in my shorts.

"When I spoke to your mom," Darla said, letting me go and heading to the mini-bar, "she said you were having problems with your memory."

"That's one way of putting it," I said, taking the whisky and coke she offered me, watching as she sipped her own.

"What's another?" she asked.

"That I don't have a clue what's going on around here," I said, laughing a little despite the truth of it. "The receptionists kept calling me Mr Hazard which confused the hell out of me."

We both sat down, Darla behind her desk, me on one of the comfortable chairs in front of it.

"That's your screen name, Alex Hazard. When you decided to follow your mom into the business, you kept her screen surname."

I indicated the poster for Raiders of The Lost Ass over my shoulder. "Which is why she's called Lisa Hazard on the film poster back there?" Darla nodded. "Can I ask, what type of film is that? I mean, is it just a B-movie knock off or - - "

I left the question dangling, unsure whether I wanted to hear the answer I thought I was going to get.

"Oh, sweetie, you really have lost your memory, haven't you?" Darla said with sympathy. "Your mother's a porn star - - that film was the one that really made her name in the business and was the first one I produced."

"You produced it?" I said, not sure why I was so surprised.

"I'd starred with your mom in about half a dozen films but wanted to get behind the camera as well as in front of it," Darla said with a smile. "We became good friends so she was happy to star in my first film as producer and things just took off from there."

"Wait, you've starred in porn films?" I asked.

"Now that does a girl's ego no good," she said. "I've starred in porn films with you and you don't remember?" I stared at her, fucking amazed. She sighed, tapped at her keyboard and, moments later, turned the monitor round to face me.

On screen, Darla lay on her side on a table, wearing nothing more than stockings and suspenders, her huge tits moving gently as she sucked on the big cock of a coloured guy who stood at her head. Behind her, holding one leg up, spreading her legs wide as his slid his huge dick in and out of her pussy, was me.

I swear I heard my jaw drop open in surprise.

"Uh-huh - - uh-huh - - fuck me baby," Darla said on screen, taking a break from sucking the black guy's cock for a second.

"Holy shit," I said from the chair, painfully aware that my dick had sprung to life and was bulging down the leg of my shorts.

"You seriously don't remember this?" Darla asked, a little curious and maybe a little hurt as well. I silently shook my head. Darla tapped at her keyboard again, closing the media player and bringing up another file. This time a redheaded girl lay on a bed, legs spread wide as Darla knelt on all fours, eating her out. I was behind Darla, cramming my dick in her pussy again. "How about this one?"

Again, I slowly shook my head, my eyes glued to the screen.

"I'm a porn star?" I asked dumbly.

"Yep, and a damn good one, too," Darla said. "Just like your mom."

That shook me out of myself and brought me back to the first part of our conversation. "So my mom does porn as well?"

Darla laughed and again closed one file and opened another. She and my mother appeared on screen in a classic lesbian sixty nine, my mom on top, both of them naked except for stockings, mom in white, Darla in black. With all the hints from my mother over the last couple of days, with everything Darla had said, it shouldn't have shocked me, but I couldn't help but gasp at the sight of my mother and my agent engaging in full on, lip smacking, finger fucking, girl on girl sex. And I couldn't help but feel my cock swell even more as I watched.

"Jesus," I whispered.

Darla grinned. "You pair aren't the only ones in your family, you know," she said, once more closing the file and bringing up another. A younger girl with big, fake tits appeared on screen, riding a skinny dude's dick, gasping in pleasure as he fucked her. It was my sister, Chelsea.

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