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Alternate Dimensions Pt. 03

by AnonymousPerv 03/13/18

Another short, very softcore chapter to this story. More world building, but I tried to build the two main character's relationship better. This whole series is kind of an experiment for me. Short bursts and just let the story go. Personally, I think it's sacrificing details and crisper writing, but I do enjoy the exercise. It seems some of you like this, too. Thanks for the kind words. Always appreciated.

Don't start on this chapter. It will make zero sense.


By the time they walked the two blocks to reach to the library, Rebecca was feeling more accustomed and confident than ever about being stark naked in public. Considering every other adult woman was naked in this world, it made the experience easier. After a time, it felt natural. Even refreshing.

"Hold on, before we go in," said Rebecca to Brad, just before biting into the last of the Blasherberry ice cream cone. She got it from an old man, a street vendor when they first got off the bus. It was a flavor not known on their Earth, and she absolutely loved it. She groaned as she took in the succulent, sweet flavors. "Let me just throw away this wrapper."

Rebecca strolled to the trash bin near the entrance, discarded the paper and turned to Brad one last time before going in. "Don't forget. If it was like at the fountain, you'll need to molest me when we get in there. It's okay, just try to look casual."

Brad blushed. He'd already groped his friend for some time and had difficulty refraining from holding back lengthy erections. Rebecca was ridiculously attractive and he was a putz, too nervous to enjoy the opportunity. "Okay, I'll do my best," he huffed.

Rebecca opened the door and they made their way inside. Sure enough, there were at least a half dozen naked women. Two were behind a counter, one in a chair next to it, and three others scattered nearby. Two of the women standing were getting their bodies groped and rubbed by the only men in the place. One of the guys was even holding and reading a book with one hand, while forcefully tugging on some poor girl's hard nipples with the other. She didn't seem to mind at all.

"History section," whispered Brad. "Over there, next to Resources."

The two made their way through the isles and Brad quickly pulled a few books that caught his interest. Minutes later, they found a table. It had a small bowl of mints centered on it like all the other tables in the library, but was otherwise empty. Brad began pouring into the pages.

"Hey, play with my boobs or something while you do that. As I said, let's not look out of place."

"You're worried about that more than I am, I think," said Brad, stopping at a page. He looked up and saw one of the staff, a woman with enormous udders for tits, giving him a cold stare from behind the counter. Rebecca saw it, too.

"See? Hurry up already," Rebecca whispered. She leaned forward and Brad, somewhat better practiced now, reached over and began fondling her nipple for a moment before rubbing and massaging her breasts. The woman went back to punching books or some other obscure task.

"Look at this," he nodded at the page the book was opened to.

Rebecca saw photos of what looked like an assembly hall with men and women in it. Another photo had a woman standing behind a podium giving a speech. All were dressed. The styles were dated, as the men and women dressed in what looked like what was worn back in the forties in Brad and Rebecca's world.

"Look at that. This article is about the nation's first woman senator." Brad flipped the pages, advancing the years. Apparently the book chronicled the history of women in the country, as most of the pictures focused on females. Brad knew this universe was on the same timeline as theirs and quickly flipped to the front. His other hand continued to grope and prod his friend, who secretly wished he'd get more daring. "Printed in 1988." He turned to the back of the book now. "Look, even the last pictures show the women as dressed. We're going to have to find a more recent book."

Rebecca reached over and grabbed one of the mints in the dish, while still allowing for Brad's reach to stay on her tits. "You just had an ice cream," said Brad.

"Yeah, well, I wanna try new things while we're here. Do we need to go find another book?" She popped the mint in her mouth and instantly smiled. "Oh my god," she said, almost too loudly for a library.

"What?" Brad asked.

"It's that blasherberry stuff again! That flavor! So fucking delicious, even in a mint. I mean damn, I gotta take some of these home with me." Without hesitation, she grabbed more from the small bowl, but then realized she had no place to put them. "You mind?" holding them out to Brad.

He sighed and quickly took them from her, stuffing them in his pockets. "Did you really need to take all of them?"

"Hey, I left a couple!"

"Come on, let's go find a better source."

Before they even got out of their chairs, a bell rang and a voice crackled over a few loudspeakers. The woman behind the desk was slouched over with her tits swinging underneath her, talking into a microphone. "Everybody checking out, please do so now. The library will be closing in five minutes. We are having a crew come in for an annual cleaning. Thank you for your understanding."

"Of all the days to close early," sighed Brad.

"It's okay," said Rebecca. "We'll just wing it. Besides, we can come back tomorrow, right?"

"Yeah, maybe before we go back home."

"Why don't we take the bus back to the metro-park? We'll spend the night, check the equipment and figure it out from there."

"Good idea," said Brad. He knew that they would probably be alone there. It meant he didn't have to keep physically assaulting his friend. Surely she had to feel awkward about it, too.

Brad's partner was observant. Rebecca knew the strange circumstances were taking its toll on her friend. She enjoyed the groping, surprisingly, but he was still very green and nervous. She knew he could use a break. Still, Brad stayed truer to the form of a local and rubbed and groped on Rebecca, whenever they had to stop while they made their way back to the bus stop to the metro-park.

"I do like the public transportation here," giggled Rebecca. "Free! And automated. Pretty cool."

While standing at one corner to cross a street, Rebecca moved Brad's hand to her ass. For the first time it really felt like he put some effort into his squeeze. It pinched, but felt good. After several more blocks and a short wait, the two were back on the bus and headed to where they started from. There weren't too many people along the path and by the time they made it to the portal device they'd hidden deep in the park, no one was around.

Brad ran to it when they were within ten feet, though. "Oh, no!" he screamed. "Someone's been here." One of the panels on the side was open and Brad started flipping the object around, back and forth.

"Is everything okay?"

"Looks like someone opened the case. Nothing out of place that I can see." He pushed a button and the unit lit right up. "Holy shit, it's fully charged. Maybe there was better sun this time. I didn't expect it to charge so quickly."

"Well, that's something," said Rebecca.

"I've got an idea. You still have several days off from work, right?"


"Let's zip back to my place. This will take us right there. I'll charge it overnight, the faster way of course, and then we come back tomorrow. We'll have to find a new place to hide this coming back. Anyway, going home will allow us to bathe and sleep comfortably."

Rebecca shrugged, "Sure, why not?"

"You can get some clothes on, too," said Brad. "I know this was a big... well... hard thing to do, I guess."

"It's okay, Brad, I got used to it. Come on, it's been a long day. We'll see what tomorrow brings."


Rebecca got dressed not long after they got returned home. Once showered and in night clothes, she met Brad in the living room. "Your turn."

"Yeah, I won't be long. I have some ideas about tomorrow I'll share when I get back." Brad got up and began to empty his pockets, placing the contents on the coffee table. First he had to dig out dozens of blasherberry mints that Rebecca had forced him to take from the library, followed by his keys and wallet.

"Oh, fuck yeah! You have to try one of those!"

"When I get back," Brad said. "Give me ten minutes."

"Alright, I need to call my mother anyway. Forgot about Dad's birthday coming up."

Sometime later, Brad was also dressed in his jammies and reappeared in the living room with Rebecca.

"Yes, mom, I'll be there. Yeah, thanks for the tip. OK, bye bye. Love you!" She paused looking to Brad, before dropping the phone next to her on the couch. "Perfect timing."

"Well, have you thought much about it?" asked Brad.

"About today?"


"I can't stop. I almost wanted to tell my mom. Hah!" Rebecca reached over and grabbed one of the mints, popping it in her mouth.

"Have you been eating those ever since I went to take my shower?"

"No! Asshole. I was on the phone with my mom. Distracted. Seriously, you should try one."

"Fine," said Brad, picking one up and sniffing it. "It's that earthy, truffle smell again."

"Yeah, but with that burst of sweetness. And it's not like sugar, or worse, a fake sugar. It's weird, but hits the palate like BAM!" Rebecca was raving about them. "We need to pick up a lot more of these when we go back," she laughed.

Brad smiled. "You act like those made it all worth getting naked for."

"That's a good way of putting it," said Rebecca, winking. "It gives me an idea!"

Before Brad could object, Rebecca jumped up and stripped off all her clothes. She was just barely beginning to show stubble which Brad thought was pretty hot, but her gorgeous, full breasts got most of his attention. She jiggled them left and right. "You should practice more."

As badly as he wanted to, Brad resisted. "Uh, Rebecca, it's okay. I did well enough to pass while we were over there. I'll do even better next time."

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