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An Aunt In His Pants

by libidinal 02/02/03

"Shit, Joey, you must be one horny stud!" Pam said looking down at the bulge, then quickly glancing at Danny. "You got yourself a big hardon and you hardly even walked in the door."

"Well, comin' over here I was thinking about all the nasty things I was going to do to the two of you," Julie said, turning to Danny and looking him over as though she had never laid eyes on him before. She was now 'Joey,' not Julie. Julie knew Danny, had been with him in bed before. But 'Joey' had never seen him, and Danny was supposed to act as though he'd just met Joey for the first time.

"So let's see what you've got down there for us," Pam said, unbuckling Julie's belt and pulling down the zipper. Then she reached in and pulled it out. Pam had explained to Danny that Julie would be wearing a strap-on that was molded from the cock of a well-known male porn star, and that it looked exactly like the real thing. That was important to Julie, his aunt said, that 'her' cock was as realistic as possible.

What popped out of Julie's jeans now definitely fit the bill.

"Look at it, Danny, it feels so nice and big and hard," Pam said, fisting it.

Danny and 'Joey' looked at each other as Pam fisted 'his' cock.

"Give it a feel, Danny, you'll like it," Pam said, taking hold of his hand and wrapping his fingers around Julie's cock.

"Yeah, fist my dick!" Julie hissed, getting into the fantasy right away.

"You know, my husband's never made it with a guy before," Pam told Julie. "You'll be the first, Joey."

"Oh yeah?" Julie said. "Well then, I'm going to have to show you what cock is all about, I'm going to turn you into a dick-loving faggot."

Danny was a little taken aback by Julie's harsh words, especially when he considered how realistically male 'Joey' now looked.

"You mean a nasty, dick-loving faggot like you?" Pam teased Julie, knowing that Julie wanted to have her dick loved but wasn't about to love anyone else's, unless it was made of rubber of course, and wielded by a female like herself.

That silenced Julie for a moment as she blushed slightly, Pam lowering her face now, opening her lips as she brought her mouth down over Julie's cock.

"Suck it, slut, suck my dick!" Julie urged, pressing down on Pam's head, then looking up at Danny. "Your wife gives great head."

"Yeah, she's a hell of a cocksucker," Danny said, really enjoying describing his aunt like this to Julie, driving home the point that this dyke's lover enjoyed nothing more than sucking on a big, hard male cock, her nephew's.

"You have some now, Danny," Pam said, coming up for air and handing over Julie's cock to him. He took a deep breath, still a little nervous, but getting quickly aroused by the whole scene.

And then he wrapped his lips around Julie's cock and started sucking it as Pam brought her face right up to her nephew's and stared into his eyes.

"Oh yeah, honey," she squealed. "I've wanted to see you suck a cock since I married you. So suck it now, suck that cock!"

The fantasy was going as planned. Pam and Danny were a couple that had found a horny stud whom they'd both service.

"Yeah, swallow it!" Julie hissed, pushing Danny's head down on her tool. It felt strange to suck it, to feel in his mouth something that was sized and shaped exactly like a cock, even though it wasn't a real one. It was bigger than he imagined it would be from his aunt's description, considerably bigger than the one she had jammed up his ass. And that made Danny a little nervous too.

"Your husband loves sucking cock, don't he?" Julie said to Pam.

"I guess he does," Pam said. "At least he likes sucking your cock, Joey."

Then Pam took over, aunt and nephew going back and forth, sucking Julie's cock in turn, as the dyke, done up so effectively as a young, aggressive 'top' , looked down at them with keen, excited eyes, watching the married couple together give 'him' head.

"Let's get some of these clothes off, shall we?" Pam suggested, pulling off her sweater and jeans and panties and getting stark naked in about five seconds flat. Then, while Danny was still going down on Julie's cock, Pam pulled off his pants and tore off his shirt. And next worked off his briefs and sneakers and socks, leaving him kneeling in front of Julie, naked, sucking her cock.

"How about we take those jeans off now, stud?" Pam said to Julie as Danny now pulled his face away from her.

"Look at your dick, Danny," Pam said, noticing his hardon. "I'd say you must really be getting off sucking on Joey's cock."

Julie looked down at his cock too, no doubt mixed emotions going through her head. Obviously, in a way, she was into cock, and loved having one of her own. And she had really liked watching Pam suck Danny's and seeing him use it on Pam. But still, Danny well knew, between Julie and his cock there was a very wide gulf.

Now Pam pulled off Julie's jeans and boxer shorts, then her loafers and crew socks. But wisely Pam left on the T-shirt. Julie may have had tiny little tits, but she had tits nevertheless. And taking off her T-shirt and exposing them now would spoil the illusion. So the T-shirt stayed on.

Pam led the trio to her bedroom, falling back on the bed and spreading apart her legs.

"Somebody fuck me," she purred. Then she turned to Julie. "How about you, Joey? How about you warm it up in me before you get to my husband."

Now Julie got between Pam's legs, as she had no doubt done many times before, and slammed her cock up Pam's cunt, fucking her nice and deep and steady as Danny watched, fisting himself.

"Come up here, honey," Pam said, wagging a finger at her nephew. "I want two cocks, one fucking me, one to suck."

He knelt by his aunt's face and fed her his cock as Julie just pumped away. Being on top of Pam, fucking her like this, Julie's face was now only inches from where Pam's mouth was saying a big hello to her nephew's massive penis, as close as Julie'd ever been to it. Julie was really staring at it hard, and Pam noticed.

"Want to have taste, too?" Pam asked wickedly, waving Danny's cock in Julie's face, almost brushing her lips with it as Julie recoiled, pulling her head back.

"No thanks," Julie said. "I'm a top, studs suck my cock and I fuck them, that's the way it goes down. If your husband's lookin' for some guy to suck his dick, he's going to have to find someone else."

Pam and her nephew glanced at each other. Unfortunately Julie was sticking to her guns. But, for some reason, that only provoked Pam further.

"Oh come on, try it, you might like it," Pam purred at her dyke lover.

"Nah, thanks, but no thanks," Julie said firmly. She knew she'd have to face this moment. Pam was always trying to get her to relent and make it with a man, lately her own nephew. So she knew Pam was bound to bring it up in his context, this time urging a 'fag' to suck another fag's cock or to let himself get fucked.

"Suit yourself, but you don't know what you're missing," Pam said, sucking Danny's cock with a real relish now, like sucking a cock was the best use a woman -- any woman -- could possibly make of her mouth, doing it real sloppily, running her tongue all over it, swallowing as much as she could, showing her little dyke lover just how much she liked giving a guy a blow job.

Now Julie suddenly pulled out of Pam and knelt up on the bed, shoving her cock in Danny's face and taking hold of his head.

"Suck it! Suck it now that it's all wet from your wife's pussy, wet from the good, solid fuck I just gave her."

He sucked that creamy rubber cock now as his aunt kept sucking his. Julie, seeing how Pam was relishing Danny's cock had to make sure to feed Danny hers, to remind Danny that it was all slick because she had just been fucking Pam -- 'his wife' -- making her excited, satisfying her.

Pam looked up with eager eyes to watch her nephew suck Julie's dick while she kept devouring his.

"Say Danny?" Pam said, "Joey just laid a real solid fuck on me, now it's your turn to check out that nice, hard dick of his."

"Yeah!" Julie piped in eagerly. "Now it's your turn, guy. I fucked your wife. Now I get to fuck the husband.”

Danny looked at Julie -- at 'Joey.' He knew Julie was a woman, but she looked so much like a guy and acted so much like one. Plus the way her dildo was attached, with her T-shirt hanging down so you couldn't see the strap, and the life-like balls clearly visible from in front, and from behind too, just below Julie's trim, boyish buns, made the whole thing that much more realistic.

This was weird for him. He'd always viewed himself as being totally straight. But now he knew that not to disappoint the two of them he had to act as though he was about to take it from a guy, not just a woman with a dildo.

"Okay, then," Pam said, "On your knees, Danny. And Joey? You just keep letting my husband suck your dick some more while I get his butt all ready for you."

Then his aunt looked at Danny, her eyes blazing with kinky lust.

"Come on, honey, raise that butt nice and high," she said, as she had him assume the position. Meanwhile Julie shoved her cock in his face. This was strange for Danny. It was one thing to turn over so his aunt could play with his ass. But getting up on elbows and knees, sticking it out like some hot slut, Danny could never before have seen himself doing something like that.

"Suck it!" Julie hissed at him, loving to see Danny in this position. "Suck it and think how good it's gonna feel buried up your fuckin' butt, faggot!"

Julie was going to be nice and aggressive with Danny, and, strangely, Danny was beginning to enjoy it!

"Oh yeah!" Pam squealed from behind her nephew. "He's going to love getting fucked up the ass by a hot stud like you, Joey."

Then Danny felt that familiar tongue of his aunt's burrowing into his crack. She went through the ritual, licking him thoroughly, then slapping some lube in there and opening him up with a couple of fingers.

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