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An Open-Minded Family Ch. 01

by schnitzs 04/30/03

I've been grown up in a family without hidden doors. None of my parents or my two older sisters ever locked their doors or the bathroom door. And when the subject turned to sex my parents didn't beat ´round the bush. That's the reason why my sisters and I knew most details about sex very early.

By nights I could hear my parents having sex because mom gets very noisy when she's hot. Sometimes I can hear my sisters as well when they are playing with themselves. And I guess they can hear me.

One day after school I found a magazine with pics of nude women and girls. Although the pics weren't very pornographic -actually they showed some tits and pubic hair- I was in heaven and headed home to jerk off over those girls as I did most nights from now on. It always gave me a special thrill hearing mom going crazy while getting a good fuck.

About 4 months later it was mom who told me she had just cleaned up my room a bit and threw away some old stuff of mine. My mind started to spin. ´Has she found my magazine, which I kept under my mattress? ´

Without a word I went upstairs. It was gone. She found it. I didn't know what to do. ´How would she react? How should I behave now? Would I be able to look into her eyes again? Is she angry? But when she would be angry why was she so friendly downstairs? ´

I tried to behave as normal as I could but obviously I failed ´cause during dinner mom asked me: " Honey, are you okay? You haven't said a word since you were leaving for school?"

"I´m fine, mom!"

"Are you sure honey? Look at me a tell me everything is okay, sweetheart!"

I tried hard to act a usually and watched straight into my moms eyes.

" Everything is okay mom."

She gave me a knowing smile and said "Fine."

Damn she knew everything and now she's playing with me. The only good thing about it, she wasn't angry.

This evening I had to be satisfied with my fantasy. No more girls to look at, no more tits to watch at.

It was about 2´ am when I woke up. I was thirsty. So I got up to go down to the kitchen. My room is the last one at the upper floor. First I have to pass my sisters rooms - one on the left the other on the right side. Then it is the major bathroom on the right and my parents' bedroom on the left.

Opening my door I saw mom flitting into the bathroom. She wore a thin see through nightgown as usually. Something seemed do drop to the floor from under her nighty. First I thought her bladder must be filled till it burst and that's why she lost some drops of pee. But when I reached the place where she dropped this something I realized at once it wasn't her bladder that was leaking. Some cum has dropped to the floor.

´Wow! ´ I thought, ´Mom and dad were just screwing and he filled her pussy with his cum till it bursts and runs down her legs. ´ I got hard in just a second. So I run down into the kitchen drank some water and flew upstairs to milk my hard cook.

Just as I reached the last step t e bathroom door opened and mom stepped out of it. Although I have seen her naked several times before I've never realized how beautiful she was. She is 41 years old, 5´7 tall. She keeps herself in good shape by working out three times a week. She has nice breast which aren't really big just about a good 36 B. Her ass looks like being hard as a rock, her belly is flat and she got a nice tan. Her hair is black and reaches down her shoulders, it makes her blue eyes even shinier. I would say she has an Italian style. She smiled at me and gave me a kiss on my cheek. "Sweet dreams!" she said before she closed the bedroom door.

I've never seen mom looking so sexy as she did now. Maybe knowing that this woman has had some good sex just 5 minutes ago gave her this especial thrill. Or was it her nipples which were standing and hard as a rock. I've never realised her nipples being so big a sexy. Maybe it was a bit of both actually.

It was then when I remembered my hard member. ´Did she has seen it? Was this the reason for her smile? She must have seen it. It was more than visible. ´

I run into my room and jerked my self off till I came twice thinking about my mom's tits and fantasizing about what her pussy may look like.

The next days passed by without any spectacular happening. My whole thoughts were spinning around mom and where to get a new magazine. By nights I still jerked off remembering that special night.

A week after all this I came home after sports to find a black plastic bag and a letter on my bed.

I took the letter and looked at it more attentive. This was my moms' hand. I started reading and couldn't believe what I was reading there

Dear honey,

You have surely recognized that there is something missing under your mattress since I've cleaned up your room last week.

Don't be scared neither I'm angry nor am I disappointed because of you watching this magazine. To be honest I'm proud of you ´cause the little boy of mine becomes a young man. The reason why I took your magazine away is I think it was to old an the girls weren't showing enough of their bodies. Moreover no girl has such a hairy bush these days. I thought you should have a newer magazine with girls showing off all the glorious things a girl has to offer. But take a look of your own.

Your loving mom

I put the letter aside and opened the plastic bag. ´Am I dreaming? This can't be true! ´ In this bag was a brand new porn magazine. And damn mom was right these girls were showing all the glorious things girls have to offer. There were girls spreading their legs far apart showing their hairless pussies. Others were playing with some guys' cooks. Sucking and licking them. Some were being fucked up their pussy and ass. The last pics were showing girls being cumed on their ass, pussy, tits and their smiling faces. I couldn't believe my eyes as I flipped through the pages.

I jerked off five times this evening while watching these lovely girls before I fell asleep.

I was hard again when I woke up the next morning. So what else than pumping my hard member was to do? Afterwards I showered got dressed and went down for breakfast.

A thought crossed my mind. How should I react to mom? What should I say? How should I look at her?

My questions should been answered soon.

As I entered the kitchen my sisters and my dad were already gone. The only person who was still at home was my mom. She was still wearing her nighty and nothing but her nighty 'cause of the high temperatures outside. It was the same nighty she wore a week before when I caught her after being fucked by my dad. And once again I stared at her nipples which were visible through the thin fabric. Her nipples and her tits look great and absolutely not like the tits of a woman who gave birth to three kids. They look more like the ones of a 20 year old girl.

I recognized my staring when mom started to talk to me.

“Did you enjoy yourself last night, honey? Did I found some magazine that correspond to your imaginations? I hope you like girls which aren't hairy down there. Did you like those shaved girls, sweetheart? And do you like what are you seeing right now or why are you staring at my breasts?”

I turned red and tried to speak but I felt guilty and caught.

“So … so… sorry, mom, I did not mean to star at you.”

“It's alright, sweetheart, you don't have to be ashamed. You are a young man and it is quite natural for you to watch or star to naked flesh. I don't mind at all. But how about the magazine I bought you yesterday? Do you like it?”

My mouth was dry as a desert and talking became difficult.

“Mom! I am not quite well talking about those things to you, you are my mother and I think I shouldn't talk to you about it. I fell ashamed.”

“But there is absolutely no reason to feel ashamed because you look some porn magazine and get yourself off over these. It's totally natural. Dad and I do things like this as well and we don't fell ashamed. I like watching things like porn magazines and adult films while masturbating. It gets me hot. But if you don't feel like talking about it it's fine with me.”

What did my ears hear? My mom just told me that she masturbates and that watching porn turns her on while masturbating. My mind was spinning. My mom was standing right in front of me with wearing a bit of nothing and was talking about her sex life. There was nothing she could do to turn me on more. I felt my dick getting hard and my mom must have recognized this as well.

“Honey, did mommy turn you on telling you how I make myself hot and wet?”

I felt ashamed and ran upstairs and stayed their till mom was gone.

More to come.

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