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Angie Baby

by LimeyLady 07/20/17

Chapter One

It was the first sixth form disco of 1997 and Angie had spent the last half hour in the ladies' toilets. Not that she was some sort of perv . . .

Well, not that she classed herself as some sort of perv. No, if she classed herself as anything, "perv" would be last on the list; even if some of her so-called schoolmates did judge books by their covers.

And even if book covers were sometimes a fair guide.

Angie did her best to smile at her reflection in the long mirror above the line of hand basins. As always her best effort went unrewarded. Smiling wasn't her thing. No matter how hard she tried she ended up looking like she was glowering or snarling . . . or ready to rip some poor innocent's heart out.

Why oh why did she have to take after her dad! Her mum was a tall five-ten, slender and slinky with a natural tan and the ability to eat like a horse without ever putting on an ounce. Dad was an ex-rugby player with an oft-broken nose, cauliflower ears and the loudest voice in Christendom. He was also a touch over six-five and at least the same again across his shoulders. Even now, well into his forties, he turned out for "The Vets" and regularly smashed much younger opponents into the muddy turf.

If only she could have had half of Mum's genes!

Okay, so she did have a straight nose and her ears were all right. Thank heavens for small mercies!

Struggling to be uncritical, Angie assessed herself.

She was tall; a shade over six feet. Her shoulders were slightly narrower than Dad's. And, while she'd inherited Mum's eating ability . . . never putting on a gram, never mind an ounce . . . she still tilted the scales at thirteen stones four.

If she wanted she could have rocked The Vets' opponents out there on the rugby pitch as easily as Dad did. She could have rocked the much younger First IV's opponents too. And deep inside she'd probably have enjoyed doing that.

Yet deep inside lurked a warm, sensitive person; it was a shame that very few people had ever seen past the face she showed to the world.

Her deliberately makeup-free face, topped off with a number one skinhead; that was what people saw and reacted to.

Yes, people reacted to the scary face of her.

Dad had always called Angie "big-boned" and he might even have been right. She'd always been a lot bigger than other girls her age, as well as most of the guys. Sadly though, she'd never been remotely voluptuous. Those thirteen stones were muscle; not ugly muscle, but definitely not pretty muscle. She didn't do pretty. All said and done she was large, solid and not in the least bit shapely.

Well, from some angles her face was surprisingly good-looking (her bone structure worked just fine up there!), but the rest of her body was extraordinarily curve-free. It was hip, ass and waist-wise, anyway.

How unfair was that! A girl of her height should naturally stop conversations whenever she entered a room. Her conversational-stopping abilities were for other reasons altogether.


Aged twelve naughty (not-so) little Angie had fallen out of a tree, landing mostly on her head and, by all reports, being lucky not to break her neck. A few days in hospital had seen her right again but, not a week after her release, she'd woken to find all of her hair lying loose on her pillow. That had been bad enough but worse was yet to come. When her hair grew back it wasn't its original blue-black, it was an awful mousy colour and it grew in a straggly sort of a way.

For a while she had tried to live with what she had, trying umpteen different styles and dyes of every colour under the sun. Then, aged fifteen, arriving for one of her frequent hairdressing appointments, asked for the millionth time what coiffure she wanted that week, she'd snapped.

'Off,' she'd said. 'Shave it all off.'

After considerable objections her stylist had obliged, charging an arm and a leg for quickly doing the deed with a number four guard.

Her reception at school had been, to say the least, mixed. Yes, mixed . . . but overall favourable.

They were a tolerant lot, her schoolmates. Okay, so there were a few wearing blinkers, but most of them believed in live and let live. Or maybe they were all scared of her new appearance. Folk either came up to pat her on the back else avoided her altogether.

And nobody but nobody questioned her sexuality; not within hearing distance, anyhow.

Perhaps a month later, too straggly-mousy again for her liking, she had gone into town, into a barbers' shop supposedly for men, and asked for a number one. The guys in the shop had made her welcome and charged her a mere two quid. She had been paying regular return visits ever since.

How welcome did those barber guys make her. At first she'd wondered if they thought that she was a bloke but her tits ruled out such suspicions. Her body was unshapely and masculine but her breasts were big, round and noticeably unmissable. She rather liked the way the barber guys took great care not to touch them as they tucked in her protective cape.

Yes, the barbers' shop was better than any hairdressers': two quid and a load of banter else twice as much and gushy crap about horses, soaps and celebrities? Angie went for the banter every time.

She'd abandoned makeup even earlier in life. Apart from not seeing the need for it she had never had either patience or talent. Her best efforts always looked like warpaint and she was intimidating enough in the first place.

So why bother?


Secured away from the real world as she was, Angie could still hear music from the disco. Except the sixth form part of the night was now as good as over and so was the faster disco stuff. It was time for the slow, close dancing. Couples would be out there cheek-to-cheek, some of them long-established items, some of them established for minutes if not seconds.

And rash decisions would be being made. Was it to be home to mummy and daddy or into town to the pubs and clubs? And failing pubs or clubs, was something else in the offing? Did tonight's new pickup warrant more than a few kisses? Had relationships lasted long enough to progress?

Footsteps were approaching, clearly audible over 2 Become 1. Angie didn't want a conversation right then and certainly wasn't ready to go back to the disco. She went swiftly into one of the stalls, sitting on the closed lavatory seat and holding the door shut with her foot.

Hurry up with it, she silently urged.

Then she frowned. There had been two sets of footsteps but no voices. And, apart from the sound of the door to the ladies' opening, there was no evidence of anyone using the facilities in any way.

Curious by nature, she removed her foot and let the stall door come ajar. Practically tiptoeing, she put her eye to the gap . . . and sharply inhaled.

There were two girls in there, one up against the tiled wall, the other busily eating her mouth.

Liz and Suzanne, she realized, fascinated by the spectacle.

Liz and Suzanne were the school's best-known lesbian couple. They had come out early in the lower sixth and had been accepted and even applauded for their bravery. Now, well over a year later, they'd been together so long that they had become part of the furniture. Nobody commented when they held hands in the common room or passionately kissed at parties or discos.

But this wasn't just a kiss; Liz's hand was inside Suzanne's short skirt. She was . . .

No two ways about it, Liz was fingering her girlfriend.

Angie felt excitement rush through her. She'd always assumed Suzanne was the dominant one in that pairing but there she was, back to the tiles and taking it.

And good God, she could hear Liz's fingers squelching as they went in and out of Suzanne! Suzanne, eyes closed, mouth open, was grunting approval through her nose. Then her face changed and Angie just knew she was cumming.

Not that a trifling orgasm stopped Liz. If anything she redoubled her efforts.

Angie's head was spinning. She'd often wondered what these two got up to together. Now she knew and didn't it look like fun!

Her own body was reacting too. Her nipples were hard rocks and the soft fabric of her sweatshirt was rubbing them so, so teasingly. More noticeably, she had a ball of liquid fire in her pussy. Her panties were wet too. Wet? Make that drenched. She could feel juice on the insides of her thighs.

Suzanne's face was changing again. She'd gone from ecstatic bliss to deep concentration, the sort of concentration she'd been in before cumming only moments earlier. Her grunts of approval were even louder, the gaps between them ever shorter.

Angie felt herself building along with Suzanne. This was the most amazing sight she had ever seen. It was beyond magical, almost miraculous.

Chapter Two

Suzanne was going for her third climax when more approaching footsteps caused Liz to hastily back off. Angie, going for her second climax, somehow managed to stifle a groan.

Bugger, she thought, getting a last eyeful before reclosing the stall door.

By then Suzanne was straightening her clothes and stepping away from the wall. Liz was already at a basin, rinsing her hands and splashing water over her face.

'Hello, hello, hello,' a voice called out, 'what's all this, then?'

'Caught you in the act, have we?' another added.

There sounded to be three or four newcomers but Angie failed to recognize the voices. That is to say she couldn't positively ID them. She guessed it was Melanie and her crowd but couldn't be sure. She recognized Liz's voice when she spoke, though.

'You lot couldn't catch a cold,' Liz said smartly.

That produced a chorus of laughter. There had been nothing nasty in Melanie's greeting (if indeed it was her greeting) and nothing too defensive in Liz's reply. There again, those two lesbian lovers really were loud and proud. If they had been caught they'd have laughed it off in no time.

The door to the ladies' opened and closed again, presumably as Liz and Suzanne left to find another place to make out. Still laughing, someone went into the stall next to Angie's and pulled the bolt.

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