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Aphrodisia Ch. 06

by Lien_Geller 05/20/10

In the abyssal darkness of a long forgotten tomb wherein an ancient treasure lay buried next to a broken altar, a nineteen year old boy named Jamie Sloane opened his eyes. He was still sprawled upon the hard stone floor where he had fallen unconscious the previous night and still entangled in his arms was the beautiful girl who he had been so vigorously pleasuring at the time. Her steady slow breathing was the only sound that filled the room, though Jamie felt the beat of his own heart persistently ringing in his ears. There was a part of him that regretted what had transpired between them amidst an un-natural haze of lust for in taking her he had betrayed another. Two others actually. Two whom he loved fiercely despite the brief time they had been together.

Had his dreams not taken him into a great castle in the clouds where a beautiful goddess had laid the weight of the world on his shoulders he might have gently pushed the girl out of his embrace. Jamie's dreams however were no normal frolics into his subconscious as it was there where the goddess Aphrodite spoke to him and had told him about the terrors that lurked in the dark, broken places of the world. So the warmth and familiarity of the girl who he knew and loved as Elisha McKinnon, pressed against him in all her naked beauty, was at least a small comfort for the time being.

So he laid there staring into the blackness around him as the flashlight that had once given the place a faint glow had long since fizzled out. His keen senses fancied they could see the blackness swirling and moving around him as if it was alive rather than the mere absence of light that it should have been. It felt as if he'd been laying there looking into it for hours when he felt Elisha begin to stir against him. He felt her slowly bring herself out of her own dreams until she finally sensed where she was and fell very still.

"J-Jamie?" A tentative whisper echoed in the large empty room.

"I'm here." He said reassuringly.

"Are we dead?" She murmured as she blinked a few times in an attempt to get her eyes to adjust to the lack of light.

"No, the light is though. We're still in the cellar." He answered as a small smile touched his lips despite his current worries.

"I notice we're still naked too eh?" Her voice carried a note of concern.

"Seems that way." Jamie agreed.

"Think we should remedy that?"

"Can you see where our clothes are?"

There was a pause as Elisha turned her head and tried to see where the hell they had ended up in the room but soon realised that they could be upside down for all she knew.

"Good point. Erm...Jamie?" This time her voice was a little slower and more relaxed. It seemed Jamie's odd calm was infectious.


"What the bloody hell did we do last night!?" Though her tone was worried she hadn't yet seen fit to disentangle her limbs from his.

"We had a lot of sex 'Leesh." His voice was almost amusingly relaxed. As if having a lot of sex in strange old cellars was a day-to-day occurrence for him.

"Well deduced Miss-Bloody-Marple. I meant what the hell came over us? I've never been that horny in my life and there was no build up at all. It was just like...WHAM!"

"...Bam, thank you ma'am." Jamie added contemplatively.

"Look Jamie I'm a little bit freaked out here and I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't mrfff!" It should be said that although Elisha wasn't exactly fond of mrfffing, she didn't see the need to chastise Jamie for it right then. The noise had simply emerged as his mouth had silenced hers with a slow and penetrating kiss. As he felt the tension in her body start to melt away and her heartbeat begin to pound against his chest the kiss broke and they were left with the tips of their noses touching in the darkness.

"Feel better?" He asked.

"...Yeah." She admitted.

"Good. I'll explain everything soon, I promise. Sufficed to say that last night wasn't some trick I cooked up to get you like this. I wouldn't do that. Ever. Still, you're not the only one who deserves an explanation and I think I'd rather not do this twice." He turned his head up to the ceiling and let out a heavy breath.

"You mean the other two? The girls you said you were..." She remembered.

"Yes" He interrupted.

"You mean you're going back to them?" The hint of pain in Elisha's voice made his heart scream in agony.

"I have to. I love them. I love you too but that was an accident."

"Hey if you want me to fuck off then..." Her normally lyrical Irish accented voice could have sharpened knives right then.

"Elisha it was an accident I wouldn't change for anything. Still, I hate that it happened like this. I want Sonya and Gwen to know what happened. They deserve to know. They're good women 'Leesh and what we did here we couldn't have controlled even if we'd both been chained up to opposite walls of this place. I'm hoping they'll understand...and even if they don't I want to make sure they're happy." Jamie said aloud more to himself than to Elisha.

"You think you can cheat on them and make them happy all in the same day?" Elisha said, though there wasn't any spite in her tone this time.

"I know I can." Jamie said simply as if pointing out the obviousness of an upside-down mountain.

There was something about the sheer honesty in Jamie's voice that made her put away her anger. Besides what he was saying was true. They hadn't been able to control themselves at all. It was almost as if they were drugged and although it had awakened feelings in them both she knew would change their relationship forever she was a little ashamed with herself too. Jamie clearly loved these women and despite how odd she found the idea of him dating two women who mutually consented to him banging the other it didn't mean they were both she-devils.

"Well as long as you're so certain of yourself you might wanna find our clothes first and then get us outta here." Elisha's tone, though slightly sarcastic, was resolute. As she spoke Jamie felt her starting to slowly sit up and feel her way about in the dark for anything resembling clothing.

"Alright." He agreed. "Give me a moment."

There was a little shuffling in the absolute darkness but before long a steady beam of light emanated from the end of the torch Jamie had found.

"I thought ye said the light'd be dead?" Elisha asked, puzzled.

"Apparently not." Jamie quickly surmised.

The light of the torch was enough to allow them to both see each other once more. Evidence of the night's exploits was seen in the form of teeth marks, small bruises and the grey splotches of dirt that riddled the pair of them. Though Elisha seemed to have caught the worst of that with Jamie's body only showing a light coating of dirt. Despite the small marks across her however Jamie couldn't help but admire the girl's beauty. All that smooth pale skin and those appealing curves brought back distinct memories of the lust fuelled bouts of sex that had ensued the previous night.

They paused for a moment as they looked at each other and as the tension in the room built Elisha was almost sure the boy would move to take her all over again. Yet just as she was about to succumb and take matters into her own hands Jamie turned away and picked up his jeans.

Despite herself Elisha couldn't quite subdue the wave of disappointment that she felt as he turned away but remained silent as she gathered her own clothes and began to dress.

"Jamie?" She finally broke the silence.

"Hmm?" He replied almost absently.

"Look love, you seem real distant. If you want to ignore me then fine but wait..." That twinge of anger re-emerged in the girl's voice but Jamie didn't let her finish.

"I'm sorry. I'm not ignoring you Elisha. I guess there's a lot on my mind right now. If I seem to stare off into space it's just because I'm thinking about something. It's part of what I have to explain." He said. Though he then looked up at her and offered a small comforting smile. "You're actually making it difficult to think about anything right now if you must know. Still, it's important and it's weighing on me so let's get moving so I can get it off of my chest."

"You're a very weird guy Jamie." She observed.

That actually got an abrupt and genuine laugh from him.

"Believe me you don't know the half of it 'Leesh." He said somewhat enigmatically before stepping out through the secret doorway and into the old cellar.

When Elisha joined him there he sealed the secret room shut and as he did so it occurred to her just why. In all her excitement she'd actually forgotten about the hoard of gold blocks that must have been hidden within that place for so long.

"Jamie, you mind if we stop off at our place before going to see these women? We could both do with a shower and a change of clothes. Plus I can give that guy I told you about a call and we can pick his truck up from him tomorrow." The girl slowly explained.

"Sure." Jamie agreed after thinking about it for a second. "It won't take long and we could do with starting to move that stuff out of there before someone else comes along and gets curious about this big hole in the field."

To get out of the hole Jamie had to lock his fingers together and give Elisha a boost so she could pull herself up into the open air of the field. A few moments after she was dusting herself off Jamie jumped up to grab the edge himself, a feat which he could easily accomplish, before pulling himself out of that cool dark place and onto the grass above.

"Well that sure was an adventure." Elisha remarked, trying to lighten the mood a little.

"Sure was." Jamie agreed as he glanced down into the dark hole one last time before heading toward his car.

He still carried the torch they'd used to explore the small cellar and its secret chamber. As Elisha watched him open his car door and throw the torch in she could have sworn that he hadn't flicked the switch off. The light had merely extinguished as Jamie's fingers left the plastic casing which was odd to say the least. Instead of asking about it however, she put it down to herself seeing things and walked around to the passenger side of the car to hop in.

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