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April Fool's Sushi

by Mostodd07 03/24/19

Ann felt lost without her closest Valentine's friends. Monsignor Chullikatt had been reassigned to Argentina to develop a larger parish there and Reynaldo Ruiz, her devoted young man, had been convicted of possession with intent to distribute and sent to prison for ten years. Ann still used her balcony for sunbathing, frequently looking across the yard to the tall rectory directly opposite her. There was only one arched window that looked down on her balcony, which was the window of Monsignor Chullikatt's cell. With him gone, the thrill of using the balcony to sunbathe nude was diminished somewhat. The balcony was private—perhaps too private— to satisfy Ann's restless nature. So, she began to exercise to relieve her tensions.

Ann found a local gymnasium that had a running track, a variety of weight machines, a swimming pool, and a plethora of classes. She preferred to exercise when the gym was nearly empty. She especially liked to use the pool when it was empty, but it was hard to find a time when it was not in use. She had been surprised how many swimmers seemed to prefer to swim in the very early morning. But occasionally, she had the pool to herself and enjoyed swimming au naturel.

"Excuse me. Miss! Miss! Miss!"

Ann executed a near-perfect flip turn which exposed her lovely ass as she shot by.

"Excuse me! Miss!"

Ann thought she heard someone speaking, but didn't think it was directed to her until the lifeguard touched her on the shoulder as she tried to execute another turn. Ann pulled the plugs out of her ears so that she could hear what the lifeguard had to say.

The lifeguard had dark hair tied with a yellow band at the nape of her neck. Her multi-colored suit, made of fabric that hugged every curve almost indecently, cut high on her thighs and hips and low on her chest. She carried a flotation device strapped around her shoulder. She crouched down to talk to Ann. Her firm, slim legs extended a bit over the edge of the pool.

"You know," said Ann, "you could be a model. I know someone."

"Cut the crap, Miss. Do you want to get the place shut down by the Department of Health? If they saw you swimming naked in the pool..." She didn't finish that thought. She did glance around the pool, which was beginning to fill with bathers. "Have you no shame, Miss?"

In response, Ann holstered herself out of the pool, standing fully exposed to the view of whoever might be in the pool or the viewing area. She heard the sound of clapping.

"Would you hand me my towel?"

The lifeguard grabbed the towel that Ann had pointed to and flung it at her. Ann snatched it and began to vigorously rub her hair. She then took a few long swipes along her legs and patted her ass. Then she cupped her breasts with the towel.

"You could be thrown out for not obeying the rules, you know."

"I don't see anyone complaining," Ann said.

"Come on. Out with you."

The lifeguard grabbed Ann's elbow and pulled her toward the locker room. From far beyond the observation window, boos and hisses filled the air. She shooed Ann toward the locker room and returned to her lifeguard duties.

Ann sighed before entering the locker room. To her right, she saw the sauna. Its cedar planks and dry, hot interior beckoned. She opened the door and lay down on a bench. She used her towel as a pillow. The sauna was empty and warm. Her ass stuck up in the air, her arms along her side. Within seconds, she fell asleep.

The next thing Ann knew, the lifeguard was shaking her awake.

"Miss! Miss!"

Ann opened her eyes. She was no longer alone. The sauna was jammed with men enjoying the sauna, some with a suit or a towel on their loins, some without anything covering their private parts. The lifeguard held another towel and began to place it over Ann's rounded ass.

"Well, hello," Ann said. She said up, her left arm lightly covering her beautiful breasts, her right hand switching her towel from her behind to her front. She smiled sweetly as she looked at each of the men in the sauna in turn. Usually, the man would avert his eyes, embarrassed to be looking at her. She finished with the men and turned to the lifeguard. The lifeguard's lips were pursed and her eyes were squinted. Then, to Ann's surprise, the lifeguard blushed.

"Come on, Miss. Let's get you dressed and out of here."

Ann shrugged and stood up. She left both towels in the sauna and walked calmly, with great grace and presence, out of the sauna, though the hallway and into the women's locker room. She was followed by the lifeguard, who seemed more embarrassed than Ann as she followed.

Ann took a shower, watched by the lifeguard.

"What is your name? It seems we're destined to be friends."

"Just get dressed. I have to get you out of here before any more trouble begins."

"Trouble? What trouble has there been?" Ann reached for a towel and used it to dry her body.

"How do you do that? How can you be so unconcerned when you are naked in front of all those men?"

Ann shrugged again. "I didn't catch your name. Please. My name is Ann."

The lifeguard pressed her lips together for a few seconds before answering.

"My name is Linda."

"Well, Linda, what can I say? I've never had anyone complain about my body. Most people seem to enjoy looking at me. In fact, I've been a model. You know, you could be a model, Linda. You've got a wonderful figure. Take off your suit. Let me see you."

"No! Good Lord, what is the matter with you? Some things are private."

Ann laughed as she slipped on her blouse and wiggled into her tiny shorts. She slid her feet into a pair of sandals, and she was ready to go.

"That's it? Didn't you bring any suit with you?" asked Linda.

"No. I didn't think I would need one. By the way, do you swim? You look like a swimmer."

Linda blushed again. "Yes. I swim. I have a scholarship to college for swimming."

"I thought so. You have a wonderful figure. Have you ever swum naked? You really should."

"No! My god, that is so not me."

"So, no one has seen you naked before?"

Linda hesitated, and licked her lips. Her eyes wouldn't meet Ann's eyes. "I've been swimming for quite a while. But no, I haven't ever gone skinny dipping. I have more respect for my body than that."

Ann laughed again. "And yet I bet the men swimmers have had occasions to see you while you were still dressing or while your swim suit was not entire in place, right?"

Linda blushed. "I suppose it's happened. I try to pay no attention to the horseplay of immature men."

Ann started toward her car, followed step-by-step by Linda. Ann walked up to her new BMW convertible and paused for a minute. "Want to take a ride with me?"

Linda stammered. "I...No...It's..."

Ann said, "Come on. You don't need this job. I can get you work as a model. Look at my car. See? It pays pretty well, but you have to set aside your body issues."

"I don't have body issues!"

"Then take off your suit. Right now! We'll drive around the town a little. It's still early. Not many people will see you."

"I can't! I have tan marks for one thing. How come you have no tan lines? Where do you go to get your tan?"

"On my balcony. It's plenty private. Come on. I'll show you."

Linda got into the car but kept her suit on. Her long slim legs barely fit into the well as she sat down. Ann gave her an appraising look and an encouraging smile. She got in and they both sped away from the gym parking lot and the crowd of men gawking from the windows of the gym.

Despite Ann's increasing financial base, she had kept the condo located across from the rectory. Her balcony was still private and the only one on that side of her building. There was only one window in the rectory from which anyone could possibly see her, and that window had been in the lonely cell of her friend, Monsignor Chullikatt. Monsignor Chullikatt had been reassigned, and no one had taken his place or his cell, so Ann felt more comfortable then ever on her balcony. On each side of the plot of grass that separated her condo from the rectory were stands of pines and oaks to further hide her from unwanted peepers.

Linda stood on the balcony and breathed deeply of the fresh air. The late morning sun showered them with sunshine, an unavoidable invitation to tan in her birthday suit. Ann prepared drinks for them both, a couple of bourbons with water on the side, and brought them out to the balcony.

"Here you go. Please, make yourself comfortable."

Ann stripped off her blouse and shorts, and settled into the chaise lounge. Her eyes were closed and her chin lifted slightly. It was quiet. She heard Linda scraping off her multi-colored swimsuit. When she opened her eyes, she saw Linda with hunched shoulders trying to lay on the chaise lounge comfortably. Although her arms, legs, back, and tummy were tan, there were bright white triangles over each nipple on her breasts and a white panty-shaped form on her lower torso.

Ann held out some sun screen to her. Linda nodded and turned onto her stomach. Ann squirted the cream into her hands and began to slather Linda's back and legs. Linda's butt was pink, not tan, which put a smile on Ann's face.

"We're gonna get you a better tan right away."

"It feels nice."

Ann rubbed Linda's body slowly, completely, until all the cream had been absorbed by Linda's sleekly muscled back and legs. "You know, you could come here anytime if you want to tan, Linda."

"Well, thank you." Linda resettled herself, letting her muscles relax under Ann's fingers.

"In fact, I could use a roommate. I'm away for shoots and interviews a couple of times a month, and it would be convenient to have someone here while I'm gone. Would you be willing?"

"I can't afford even half the rent for this place. So, I better not."

"I'll stake you for a while. You're doing me a favor, after all. In fact, I think, no, I know, I can get you a gig modeling. You've got a lovely bod, my dear."

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