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Arcanum - Of Steamwork and Magic Ch. 15

by DragonCobolt 03/15/19

August 21st, 1885

If there existed a better time to traverse the Hadrian pass and stride through the Glimmering Woods than August in the year 1885, I was sure that it had not come to Arcanum since the last Age of Wonders. I was concerned at first, when the Hadrian Pass turned out to be a treacherous crossing plagued by immense waterfalls and shifting, smoothed pathways of stone and gravel and scrubby brushes that survived the yearly floods that came with the thaw. But once we had traversed this pass without more than a single broken arm -- quickly set and healed by Virginia's magicks -- we entered into the vast, primeval reach of the Glimmerng.

Here, the trip transformed -- as if by some ancient and unspoken magick -- from a hike across the wilderness to an evening outing in a fine park that seemed to never end. The weather remained warm and kindly, even during the deepest night, and never swung past the needle to blisteringly hot like in the Morbihan. But what truly made it marvelous was the wildlife and the wilderness itself. The brush was thick, yes, but it lacked thorns, and we weren't hounded by wolves, nor attacked by bears. And the trees!

Virginia marveled at them -- and I could hardly stop myself from doing the same. Gillian actually called us to a halt and we contrived a measuring device by using some rope and found that the tree we had stopped by was nearly ten yards in diameter. The only reason we did not contrive to measure the height of the tree was that the branches -- though large enough to hold aloft our tents and bedrolls with room to spare -- were easily fifteen feet above our grasp. Sally did make a go at clambering up to one of the lower, but upon seeing the way the bark stressed against her great weight, we called her back down.

That tree, it soon transpired, was one of the smaller of the great trees of the Glimmering. We could not measure some as we walked beneath their arched roots as if they were the arches in some primordial city constructed by agelessness gods. We could merely marvel at their size and feel impressed upon us the majesty of this place. It should have felt alarming, even frightening, to stride through such a vast place, to witness such immense scale. But instead, I merely felt at peace.

That is not to say that we moved with lassitude. For...ah...there was another property about the Glimmering Forest that reminded me of a fine outing in a park during the warmth of an eternal summer. It was the curiously frisky energy that filled me and each of my fair companions. I noticed it first on the 11th,, when Virginia had slipped from my tent, still dripping faintly with the seed I had emptied into her, only for her form to be replaced by the already naked form of Gillian! But that was merely the start -- the next few days, our progress stalled nearly to a standstill as the wild freedom of the forest impressed itself upon us and we made love -- often with a frantic, feral edge.

I admit, I left more than a few red marks upon the neck of Virginia when, mid march, she had coyly bent forward to 'examine' some handy rock or another. And usually, once Virginia was satiated and quivering, I was raring and ready for the others. It felt, faintly, as if we should have been ashamed of our wanton lusts -- but in the depths of the forest, it felt all too natural. Soon, we might pass a day or two without even putting on every scrap of clothing we had -- wearing only what was needed for comfort and proudly displaying what was left uncovered.

But, at last, on the 21st of August, with the waning of Summer and a slow fading of our passions, we Quintarra.

The position marked upon my atlas was, by far, the thickest portion of the forest that we had yet been in. The branches and leaves that spanned overhead formed a canopy so thick that only knife thin lines of sunlight escaped between, flickering and glimmering as the trees shifted in the breeze that blew through the forest. I admit that I spent a good five minutes checking the atlas, checking my compass, and doing some equations, scratched out on the dirt with a stick, before I was certain that we had, in fact, arrived.

"Where is it?" Sally asked.

I frowned and took another glance around...which was when I became aware of the elf watching us. He was, like all of his kin, tall and willowy. However, his skin was a dusky brown, almost the same hue as the bark he leaned against. That, plus his dark colored tunic and his light brown leggings and his leather shoes, made him nearly invisible against the bark of the immense tree that he was lounging against, arms crossed over his chest. His manner was entirely unfriendly, with flinty black eyes glittering in what little sunlight escaped the canopy. I could see that a light blade was hung from his belt, shrouded in a utilitarian scabbard of cured leather.

I snapped my compass shut, pocketing it, and raised my right hand in greetings. "Hail," I said. "Is this by any chance the city of Quintarra?"

The elf stepped away from the tree. The motion made him visible to my companions, provoking gasps from Gillian, 'Magnus' and Virginia. Sally merely grunted quietly, her fists clenching.

"It may be. It may not, Orc." The elf's words were as harsh and unwelcoming as his eyes.

Virginia growled, taking one step forward, her hand flashing to the hilt of her blade. "You will speak to sir with respect!" she said, bristling, but I held up my hand, stilling her tongue for the moment.

"We come in peace," I said, bowing my head to the elf. "To speak with the leader of your people about a matter of grave import. The Black Mountain Dwarves -- have you heard of them?"

The elven guard shrugged one shoulder. I waited -- and as I waited, the breeze grew more pronounced. Leaves rustled and the great trees groaned faintly against their own immense weight. The silence continued onward, seeming utterly interminable. But elves, I knew, reckoned time in their own idiosyncratic way. Having centuries, if not millennia, to wile away in their own pursuits...why not spend an extra minute or two to test the local savage, eh? And so, to pass the time, I reviewed what experiments I wished to try next. Maybe something involving black powder -- my accelerator pistol needed so little compared to a more standard firearm. Maybe a properly shaped charge filled with shrapnel could serve to spice up the next shamble of zombies we ran into, eh?

Dogmeat, seeming to sense the growing tension, padded forward to stand at my hip. He growled at the elf, but I reached down to tousle his fur, then scritch behind his ear. Dogmeat loved the attention, and soon lost interest in growling at the elf -- who smiled ever so thinly at me. "I have not heard of any Black Mountain Clan, nor know why you may wish to speak with any leaders here..." He said. "But elven law allows passage into the sacred tree-city. Even your kind." He looked me over, his hand drifting to his blade. "Know, orc, that I sincerely hope that you give me the excuse needed to remove you. Orc."

I bowed to him, stiffly. "It will be my pleasure to teach you the joy in denial, sir," I said, my voice as dry as I could make it.

The elf smirked at me -- his expression entirely readable: Oh, I need only bide my time. Well. I intended to make even an elf's patience grow strained and frayed waiting to see me lose my temper within this city. Spite alone could hold my tongue where common sense might have failed in the face of these prigs. But as I made that resolution, the elven guard turned to the tree he had been standing before. Magick flared -- the green and brown colors of the school of nature -- and the bark I had thought was so very solid flowed aside as if it were water.

In its place stood a gloriously baroque archway of carved wood, leading into the hollow in the center of the tree. Shafts of light spilled down from some distant opening, illuminating a broad wooden basket, like one that might be hung beneath a simple hot air balloon. Stepping onto the basket, I felt the wicker wrapping that made up the floor sag only slightly, even under Sally Mead Mug's prodigious weight. Once we had all taken up our positions, the ropes connecting to the corners of the basket strained, then creaked, then lifted us upwards.

We were ascending -- accelerating faster and faster. Knotholes in the tree were open, to allow fresh air and light to shine into trunk. Those flashed by, like the lights in the pneumatic subway back in Tarant. The lights flickered more and more, as if we were sitting in a kinematograph's projection booth. Then, with shocking suddenness, the basket came to a halt. And yet there was no jolt, no jarring of movement, nothing but a sudden sense of arrival. Curtains drew aside and let yet more light spill into the wooden chamber we stood in -- the walls themselves decorated with geometric patterns and elegant whirls and whorls of carved wood -- and I stepped forward into the city of Quintarra proper.

To call the elven tree-city beautiful would be accurate. So, too, would be to use the words 'terrifying' and 'alien.' There was not a single building that I could easily recognize, nor streets. Rather, there were a mixture of walkways made of wood and wicker that were strung between circular platforms that were braced on a semi-even ring of branches hat thrust from the apexes of the extremely tall trees that served as central axii around which the city grew. But those walkways were not the only method to traverse the city. I saw, too, lines strung between trees that elves slid along, using wooden sticks to spare their hands rope burn. But many others simply leaped from platform to platform, skipping across branches as if they were stones in a shallow creek and they wished to avoid wetting their feet, rather than foot-wide strips of safety poised above a plunge nearly seven hundred feet straight down to the forest floor.

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