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by Thikkr1966 09/23/13

We were dancing close at a party. The music and our bodies moving in gyration. I pulled her close, reached around and squeezed her ass and grinded our crotches to together. With my other hand I grabbed her beautiful, long and dark Italian hair and ran my fingers through it and kissed her deeply. I could feel her center heating up as my cock strained for release. She reached down and rubbed me and teased me biting my lower lip. She reached into my pants and got some pre-cum on her fingers and put it between our lips and then sucked on her finger. I nearly exploded watching her luscious lips swirl around. Her other hand was in my pants rubbing my head.

I sucked gently on her neck, the place beneath her ear that drives her wild. Then I whispered, let's go for a walk before I cum all over the dance floor. She grabbed my hand and led me to the pile of coats on a table. As I looked for our coats she got under the table and took me in her mouth, there were drunken people all around us getting their coats as she was bringing me to the edge. I heard her moan and knew she was fingering herself as she liked to do while sucking on me. She got a more taste of pre-cum as I held back exploding. She had gotten her soaked panties off and wrapped them around my dick, so I could feel how wet she was. She put me back in her pants and soon was behind me asking if I had trouble with the coats, hers already on.

I grabbed my coat and led her out the door. We stopped in the cool night air and kissed deeply. I said; let's go back to my room. She said after a walk, you can give me my panties back. A few yards away from us were some lesbians making out. They watched us and then I saw that their hands were both working crazy on each others crotches. In a wispy pre-orgasmic breath one of them said, "What are you baby makers looking at?' It did nothing but make us hotter. Ariel unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out and then pulled me by my cock very close by the lesbians. She stopped a few times and pumped me. The lesbians watched as the warm hand and cool air had me in her complete control. When we were just a few feet away, she bent down and started to suck me off. The lesbians eagerly started to move their hands faster. As I started to cum, Ariel wrapped the panties around to catch a few squirts and then sucked me dry. Then Ariel stood up and said, she likes girls, but cocks taste so much better and then threw the soaked panties with our mixed juices and they landed in between the other girl's legs with their pants barley hanging on. They were in the middle of cumming and screamed, "Thanks for the show, baby makers,"

I kissed her deeply as we walked away, laughing and I told her pay backs are hell. We went to a stream and sat on the stone bridge, the sound of running water was a big turn on for my water child. I played with her naked ass under her dress, and snuck a finger around her cunt. I turned her around and raised her skirt and brushed her mound, she reached behind and undid my belt and pants and pulled them down. I paused and pulled them all the way down. Put my dick between her cheeks. and slid down and entered her from behind, I couldn't get the angle to get all the way in, but I could feel the waves of her pleasure as I massaged her clit.

When her waves clamed, she said she wanted me all the way in. I pulled up my pants and carried her to the grass and laid my jacked down for her to lay on. I crawled up under her dress and started to lick her hot love nest. Sucking on her clit and driving some fingers in and around her mound to her love spot. As soon as the waves started again, I got up and entered her fully. As her body started to rock, she screamed, "Cum deep inside me, fill me with your hot love, fill me baby, fill me!" As I felt a cool breeze go across my naked ass, her hand started slapping me, heating up the cooled skin. As my rhythm got crazier and I was getting close she pulled my shirt off and forced me to stop and just held me in place, telling me she never wanted this to end. I rolled us over and put her on top then she pulled off her sweater and her naked breasts were soon warming on top me. We started to move in the ancient rhythms that only true lovers know. She sat up and I sucked her breast, warming one as the other cooled and alternated as our rhythm moved on. She started to moan as I bit on her nipples, telling me to get rougher.

She started to buck widely and pulled away from me. I reached in between us and pinched her clit and as her spasms went into over drive I filled her with all the hot love in my soul.

She collapsed on top of me, I covered her with my coat and she lay there until the steam on our bodies turned cold. I pulled her skirt down to cover her legs. Then we parted. I got her up, wrapped my coat around her and carried her back to my room.

I laid her on the bed and kissed her and asked her what she wanted next. She said, some wine and a hot bath. I rose and took off all my clothes and poured her a glass. I ran the hot water in the tub, grabbed a robe for her. I walked out and she was naked, spread out and gently touching herself and telling me how hot that was. She told me to come over and she started to suck on me, telling me that she loved my big hot cock as she continued to finger herself. As I started to get really into it, I heard the tub was getting high and it took all my will to stop and turn the water off.

We went into the tub together. And I got in and she got on top of me and I entered her. She took the soap and started sudsing her breast as we just barely moved, out slightly sore selves connected. She under me and pulled the drain plug. I wasn't sure what she was doing and she started the shower. As the hot water fell on us, we started to move again. I was sliding in and out of her she was wrapped around me holding our wet bodies tight.

We did not go all the way, it was too much. We stopped and I pulled out and then we stood and hugged. I then turned her around and washed her hair, which she always loved me to do. Then she turned around and we hugged under the hot water. I turned off the water, wrapped her in her robe and she tied a towel around her head and I carried her to bed.

I dried myself and crawled in with her are we slept wrapped in a dream that still stirs the soul.

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