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by Canary 04/24/01

I had just graduated from college with an engineering degree and had taken a job in the same town as my aunt Alice. We had been very close when I was a kid as her family lived in the same very small town as I had. Her oldest boy was my age and I spent a lot of time at their place because we lived in the country and they lived in town. Her youngest had graduated from high school last spring and she divorced her husband during my freshman year in college and had moved to Rochester, Minnesota where she was a cook at a local cafe.

Alice insisted I stay with her until I found my own place so I did. She had to be at work by 5:00 n the morning and I worked the graveyard shift in a manufacturing plant as the only night engineer so I didn't get home until 6:30. That meant we could share her one bedroom for sleeping except for weekends when I slept on the couch.

I was pretty popular in high school but none of the girls I dated ever screwed anyone. Keep in mind I graduated in the early 1970's. My first fuck was with a very fat girl after we got drunk and ended up at a party in her basement apartment. I came pretty fast and she didn't, so that wasn't too successful. My only other actual sex also occurred when I was drunk. A hometown girl was visiting one of her friends and she ended up in my room after some heavy drinking. She was also quite heavy and her pussy felt like the Grand Canyon. Shortly after I entered her she asked if I had any protection, which I didn't. I soon withdrew and went down on her until she came. She didn't want to return the favor and the booze had gotten to me so that was the end of that experience. So as you can see I was pretty inexperienced in the sack.

Alice was also on the heavy side and had pretty big tits for her 5'3" frame. She had been divorced for over three years and my guess was that she probably hadn't been screwed since then. She had just turned fifty when she was divorced so she was 53 at the time. Since the sleeping arrangement was working so well and we really didn't see much of each other, I continued to live with her to help pay her rent.

When I returned from work on this Friday in early December the forecast was for very heavy snow and it had started. I was disappointed because I was bound and determined to go out and get laid this weekend and the blizzard would probably ruin that. I was beat when I got home and hopped into bed in my boxers as I usually did. I was horny but decided no to beat the meat in hopes that I would get some later tonight. Little did I know.

Alice came home around noon because the weather was closing everything down. She quietly came into the bedroom and picked up her nightgown the went to shower. She always showered when she came home because she smelled like grease. After her shower she put on her nightgown which reached her mid thighs. She was dead tired so she decided to crawl into bed beside me. I was dead to the world and didn't notice her getting into bed. It was 2:30 in the afternoon when I awoke needing to piss. Alice and I had ended up snuggled up a little bit with her back to me. Her ass was not quite making contact with my dick but it was close. I had a hardon which is normal for me when I wake up. Realizing I was in bed with my aunt a few feet away in her nightgown didn't help my state of arousal. I had never thought of her in a sexual manner before, because she had always been my second mother. Since I was a horny 23 year old guy I thought what the heck and pretended I was still sleeping as I kicked the covers a little and moved a little closer. This movement brought me into slight contact with her ass. I almost creamed my shorts right there. I gave that first contact about five minutes to settle down just in case it had woke Aunt Alice. I got bolder and carefully reached down to open the button on my boxers and release my prick which is only 5" long. I nuzzled a little closer and pressed my cock into her fleshy buttocks. It felt like she wasn't wearing any panties but I couldn't be sure. I tried to hold still but my prick was twitching on its own and I was leaking precum already. I became bolder in my horny state and slowly reached for her thigh where her nightgown ended. I slowly moved the material up until there was resistance from my prick. I moved back a little and allowed the top part of her nightie to slide past her heavy ass cheek to uncover one buttock. As soon as my prick made contact with her flesh I started to come all over her ass and nightie. I pressed hard into her and it seemed like I would come forever. When I had finished I about panicked. What would I do now? Alice must have sensed my fear.

"Don't worry about the mess it washes off. I just hope you have some left for the rest of the weekend." She then rolled onto her back and gave me a I did and I got quite an education on how to take care of a woman.

big hug. "That was a pretty big load you shot. Have you been saving that for someone special?"

"I was hoping to get lucky this weekend."

"I have a feeling you will." She laughed as she placed my hand on her wet pussy.

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