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Aunt and Nephew: An Encounter

by sunnyboyz 10/19/08

This is Sunny, and I am back after a long gap. Sorry for being late in making a submission here. This is a story about my friend Rocky. He was staying with his aunt and uncle for studies as his parents were in a village and there were no education facilities there. He was more like their son than their nephew. He narrated me an incident that he had with his aunt and wanted me to write a detailed story on the same.

He walked into the house wondering where Aunt and Uncle were, when he saw the soft, red glow of a cigarette burning in the living room. He slowly walked in the room and could smell the sweet scent of his aunt's perfume. 'Hey Aunt, what's up?' he asked turning on a light and saw tears running down her pretty face. 'What's wrong?' he asked moving to comfort her. She forced a smile and returned his hug.

'It's your uncle. Once again he's managed to break what little heart I have left,' she said with a sniff, hugging her tall, handsome nephew, Rocky as tightly as she could.

'What did he do now?' Rocky asked as anger rushed through his body.

'He promised to take me out tonight, but something came up,' she laughed, having a good idea that he was out with one of the girls' from his office.

'That mother fucker! Tomorrow is Mother's Day. Since you are just like my mom, I will take you out' Rocky snapped, wishing Aunt would tell him to kick Uncle's ass.

Rocky always wanted to, but Aunt always told him no. 'He doesn't give a shit about me. He'd rather go fuck one of the pretty, young girls' from the office,' she said with hurt, trying to figure out why he didn't want her. She was in great shape and didn't look a day over thirty. But, he didn't have any interest in her.

'I told you he's nothing but an ass. You make any girl at his office look like shit!' Rocky said looking at her with nothing but love. Aunt was a fucking knockout and if she wasn't his Aunt, he'd be all over her. You see, Rocky had a taste for older women and didn't care who knew about it. To Rocky, there was nothing better than a great looking older woman under him while he screwed the shit out of her. She heard him and had to smile. Her nephew had very good taste in women and if he said she was great looking, she knew that she was.

'Thank you baby,' she whispered, enjoying his arms around her lonely body, wishing she'd find a man like him to love and comfort her. But, he was one of a kind and her nephew.

'Hey, you get upstairs and pretty yourself up. I'm taking you out!' Rocky smiled, thinking of taking his hot Aunt out for mother's day and how fun it would be. He'd only have one problem, she was so pretty and there would be no way that he'd be able to control his dick. He'd get hard just thinking about her and this was going to be very interesting.

'I think I'd like that,' she whispered in his ear, wishing that incest wasn't against the law or she'd already seduced him. He was nice and tall with dark brown hair that he kept neatly trimmed. His face had a rugged look about it and it always looked like he needed a shave. Rocky's very dark brown eyes were the kind that drove women wild, even her. He returned her loving hug and could already feel his cock stirring in his jeans.

'Good!' he said, hoping to control his lust for her, but Rocky knew it was going to be so hard. 'So, do we want formal or just a nice casual date?' he asked, wondering what this sexy lady in his arms would want. She looked great all dressed up, but she'd look good in a pair of tight jeans too.

'Shoot, I don't know,' she giggled, thinking of dressing up for him. She knew he had a thing for much older women, but never said anything about it, until now. 'How do you like your ladies to dress when you take one of them out? I mean how a lady should dress so that she is "Rocked" by Rocky?' she asked with a sexy wink, enjoying his face turning red with embarrassment. 'I know all about your thing for older women and I think it's hot,' she added, feeling her body getting excited.

'What can I say? You sexy ass older ladies drive me crazy,' he laughed, but this time, her face started turning red. 'Girls' his age just don't do a thing for me. They're into stupid mind games and I'm not. When I take a lady out, I want to know that the evening is going to end in a good way,' he smiled thinking of all the ladies that he'd taken the bed after a date.

She sat listening to him and knew that he was right. 'You're something else,' she smiled and couldn't help but smiling at him. Her handsome, twenty-year-old nephew would rather take out an older lady that he knew he could get into bed, than be left in pain by a young girl. 'How do you want me to dress? Anything you want, I'll do,' she whispered, hugging him, thinking of him seducing women her age and older and it started. Her lonely body began to tingle, thinking of what kind of lover he was. Rocky just sat by her, enjoying her hug, hoping he could control his cock, but he'd always been turned on by her.

'Let's just go casual. You can wear those 'really' tight jeans you have and I have a thing for white,' he said hoping she'd wear the blouse he bought her for Divali last year. Uncle hated it and said that it was to flimsy to wear anywhere, but Rocky thought she looked so hot wearing it. 'How about your Divali dress?' he smiled, knowing that he must have looked like a dog in heat. She had to laugh at Rocky.

He wanted her to look hot tonight. 'If I wear that for you,' she paused, hoping her next words weren't out of line, but she wanted something out of this too. She knew Rocky would be hard for her all night and she also wanted to be turned on. 'I want you to pretend that I'm one of your ladies,' she added giving her lower lip a tiny bite, wondering if he'd be up for turning on his Aunt or maybe she'd just screwed up her night with him. Rocky couldn't believe what she said, but it was a hot idea. 'I really go all out. Are you sure about this?' he asked thinking of turning on his Aunt the same way he did his dates. He loved showering them with kisses, feeling them up and most of all, rubbing his hard cock on them while dancing. She heard him and quickly knew she was in for a good time.

'I think so,' she whispered as a warm rush covered her body and she couldn't wait to go get ready for him. This was going to be a night to remember.

'Good!' Rocky said standing up, pulling her into his arms, not caring if she felt his cock or not. 'Remember, I'm treating you just like I would one of his lady friends, so be ready,' he added, giving her a hug, wondering if this was such a good idea or not. She'd always turned him on and now, she wanted him to pretend that she was one of his dates. 'I'm not kidding! You're going to be a date!' he added, looking straight into her eyes, hoping you understood him.

'Oh trust me, I'm ready to be spoiled, pampered and just about anything else,' she moaned as he hugged her so tight, giving her feelings that she'd came close to forgetting. 'Oh my God! What did I just say?' she thought to herself. 'And, anything else you have in mind!' she thought, wondering if he heard it. But, after she thought about it, she didn't care. If Rocky could charm her into bed like he did his ladies, she didn't care; it would be a wonderful way to spend "Mother's Day" turned into "Aunt's day" with a guy of her son's age.

He was shocked at what she said, but he also knew what a lonely woman she was. Uncle never did anything nice for her and if he could show her a good time, he was, even if it meant seducing her. He hugged and slowly ran his hands down to her lower back, gently caressing as they looked into each others' eyes. 'I'm going to go all out and by the end of the night,' he smiled and crossed the forbidden line with her. His hands moved down, cupping each of her very firm ass cheeks and he couldn't help but caressing them. 'You're going to be all mine,' he smiled and leaned to give her a soft and very passionate kiss before pulling away. 'I'll be back to get you in about thirty minutes.' Rocky said as he left the house.

She closed the door and fell against it. 'Oh my God!' she moaned grabbing excited breasts, gently pinching her nipples, hoping she could resist Rocky and his Charming ways. 'What have I gotten myself into?' she smiled thinking of him seducing her and after being without sex for so long, she knew it was going to be so easy. She stood under the hot water of the shower, running her soapy hands over every inch of her body, dreaming of him, her handsome nephew doing this very same thing to her as he loved her from behind. 'Oh God, I've got to stop thinking that crap!' she said gently rolling her swollen nipples as visions of him crept back into her mind. 'I bet he'd screw me to death!' she whispered, remembering the many times he hugged her and she would feel his hard manhood pressing against her and how good it always felt. 'I hope I can do this,' she whispered, sliding her right hand down the front of her toned, 38-year-old body, to her smooth shaven pussy, gently running a finger up the middle of her excited lips. 'Mmmm!' she moaned, wishing it was one of his fingers teasing her. 'I'm going to burn in hell!' she laughed, knowing she had to get out of the shower before she ended up masturbating.

She walked into her bedroom, still thinking of Rocky and her body was on fire. She hadn't been truly excited in a long time and even then, it was because of him. They were playing the pool, Rocky came up behind her, grabbed her in his arms. Before she knew what was going on, his hard dick was resting completely in her ass crack, driving her crazy with lust. 'This is crazy!' she laughed, threw down her towel and couldn't help fingering her excited pussy again. She thought of his big hands on her ass and how much she enjoyed it and hoped that he'd be touching it tonight. 'Oh my!' she moaned as her finger slid over her energized clit. 'I bet he'll have you harder than this before the nights over,' she smiled, giving the swollen bud of flesh one last rub before stopping. 'I need to get his ass ready!' she said reaching in her panty drawer for a nice pair. 'I know he loves white,' she smiled holding up her newest pair of sheer, white panties, wondering if he'd get to see them. Her heart raced thinking of him stripping off her clothes and making love to her the entire night. 'If you do,' she whispered, spraying a little perfume on them and slid them up her very slender thighs.

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