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Auntie Gives It All Ch. 03

by Naughtywon 07/08/02

Emily sat through her niece’s wedding ceremony with great difficulty. She couldn't keep her eyes off of her nephew, Dominick, who stood up on the altar as an usher, looking so handsome in his black tux. But she knew he looked even better without it. Over 6 feet of broad shoulders, sculpted chest, washboard abs and the tightest butt she's ever held in her hands. Not to mention the fact that he fucked like a stallion.

Emily and Dom had drunk a bit too much champagne the night before and ended up in bed together. When she awoke with him this morning she felt guilty and had second thoughts, which he immediately silenced by taking her almost forcefully.

Not that she minded at all. That was part of the excitement. Along with the Taboo of him being her brother's son, there was the way he took charge, commanded her, saw into her deepest fantasies, and the husky way he called her Auntie made her wet just thinking of it.

She had come alone to this family wedding because no one else could get away for it. Emily had been married a long time, and things were pretty good in her marriage. Her children were all in college and she and her husband enjoyed what she thought was a good sex life.

That was until Dominick. She had never experienced such pleasure before. Such hot, unbridled lust.

She squirmed in the pew again. Oh, feeling this way about her nephew was bad enough, but sitting here in church getting aroused about it all was even worse. And it all just seemed to excite her more and more.

The wedding ended and everyone started out of the church. Emily excused herself from her family and went to the side of the church to lean behind a large column and gather herself together before facing the other wedding guests.

As she leaned against the column taking deep steadying breaths and commanding her hormones to behave, she felt a presence come to stand in front of her.

"Auntie Em..." Dom whispered, "You look all flushed."

Emily opened her eyes and there stood her tormentor. His hands stole around the waist of her blue satin wrap dress. His fingers played with the tie at the side. Her breathing increased and her knees grew week.

"Dom, what are you doing?" She asked huskily. "You should be with the wedding party. Aren't there pictures or something?" She could feel the heat of his hands branding her through the material of her dress. His thumbs rubbing the underside of her large breasts.

"You're looking awfully sexy Auntie Em. I can't stop thinking about last night, and this morning. Are you thinking about it too, Auntie Em?" He breathed the words against her neck.

"Dom, stop. We can't do this, not here, not anywhere. Someone will see. This is not right, Dom, we were very bad last night." Emily tried to admonish, but his lips on her neck made it difficult for her to speak.

"And this morning. Don't forget about this morning, Auntie Em. You remember, when I took you from behind, when you were so wet for me and you begged me to fuck your pussy." He growled as he nipped her ear.

Emily's knees would have given out if he hadn't been pressing his body against hers and holding her up against the column.

"Dom, we we we're in a, a, a, church. Don't say those things." Emily stuttered.

"Ahh, but Auntie, we did them, in the eyes of God we did them, so why not say it. You wanted it. You like being naughty, don't you Auntie Em. And it's just the beginning, we have so many things to explore....." He kissed her full on the mouth with that and she kissed him back, tongues battling, bodies rubbing.

His hand came up between her legs, lifting the hem of her satin dress as he caressed up the inside of her thigh. Her wrap dress parted allowing him better access, and he felt the lacey top of her stockings, and her bare thigh above that. He groaned, and it seemed to echo in the church.

"Shhhhh, someone will hear us." Emily whispered, feeling hot and panicked.

"No one is here, we're all alone. Everyone is outside. Oh Auntie, I do love stockings and garters, they are the sexiest. You are so hot, Auntie Em." Dom said this as he bent to one knee. He parted Emily's dress and groaned at the way it framed the tops of her stockings and her blue garter belt, with matching blue panties.

Dom could see the wet spot on her panties. "Oh Auntie, you were a very bad girl in church, what were you thinking about that made you so wet? Was it this?" he asked as his mouth blew warm breath right through her panties onto her sensitive clit.

Emily hissed breath through her teeth as she grabbed his head, meaning to push him away but pulling him closer instead. He sucked her through the material of her silk panties and relished the taste and scent of her. No woman had ever turned him on like this.

He had fantasized about his Aunt for the last 10 years, and now, finally at 25, all his fantasies were coming true. She was sexier than ever. With her dark Auburn hair, her large rounded breasts, and her womanly curves that drove him over the edge. Her skin was like velvet and he could spend days just stroking it, but right now he couldn't stop thinking of the honey that was flowing freeing between her legs.

He stood up abruptly and kissed her forcefully, rubbing his hard cock against her wet pussy. He lifted one of her legs up against the outside of his thigh and ran his hand up to the delicate flesh of her upper thigh. His other hand titillated her nipple through her dress and bra. He felt it harden and beg for more. They were both panting and devouring each other’s mouths.

"I could take you right here. Right here in church, with all our family just outside. I could pull your panties to the side and slide my cock right inside that hot, ripe pussy." Dominick groaned the words against her mouth.

"Yes, Dom, Yes. I need your cock inside me. Oh God, I need it now." Emily said as she ground her pussy against his hard thick shaft. Remembering every stroke of his big cock in and out of her last night and this morning. And here they were at 5 in the afternoon, in church and she wanted him again, mindlessly.

The sound of the large church door closing echoed through the church, along with voices.

They both froze, breathing heavily, staring into each other’s eyes. Dominick pressed his hard member right up against Emily's wet panties. They listened to one of the ushers say to another one, "I didn't see him leave, let's check the side parking lot, maybe he's out there." They heard the footsteps come closer, their hearts pounding, pounding, Emily could feel the blood throbbing in Dom's cock where it pressed against her pussy, or was it her pussy that was throbbing.

The footsteps turned and headed across the church away from them. Dom slowly rubbed himself up and down her pussy. All the while looking deeply into her eyes until she felt it building and building. Her eyes dilated and she tried to push him away, afraid that someone would hear.

Dom grabbed her hands and held them at her side as he ground into her harder. "Let go Em, give over to me. That's it, feel how good it is, how hot you are. Feel how hard you made me, my cock is about to explode and I'm not even inside of you. Take your release Auntie" he commanded as he sucked on the side of her neck where it joined her shoulder. His head came back up as he watched her intently.

That did it, she lost control, throwing her head back as she came, but never losing eye contact with him. Biting her lip so as not to make any noise. Hearing the door shut as the ushers exited the church, she made a mewling sound as her release was completed. Her leg slid down his hip and both her feet were once again on the ground.

Dom pressed against her and whispered in her ear "Auntie, there's something you need to take care of. It won't take a minute but I can't go out there with this rather large problem." He smiled wickedly at her as he took her hand and placed it on his rigid length.

Dom swiftly turned them so that their positions were reversed, and then place his hands on his Aunt’s shoulders, pressing her down. Emily slid down to her knees as Dom leaned back against the post. “Now, take out may cock, Auntie, suck me good.” Dom commanded.

Emily was still breathing heavily as she looked up at him like some wanton sacrifice, and unzipped his pants, taking out his long, thick cock.

"Oh, God Auntie, I'm so close, just the touch of your hands has me right at the edge, " he whispered huskily. "Take me in your mouth, Auntie."

Emily didn't need any other encouragement; she was still riding the rush of her orgasm, her blood racing through her body, her heart beating faster. She leaned forward, all the while looking up at him, and gently licked the glistening head of his cock. It was so red and wet, she drew her tongue away, taking a string of precum with her, connecting her to his throbbing cock. He almost came right then and there, seeing her kneeling before him, looking up at him, with that lifeline connecting them.

He placed his hands on either side of her head and guided her back to his aching shaft. "Put your mouth on me Auntie, suck on your nephew's cock, oh yes, your mouth is so warm, feels so good on me. Take it all, Auntie, I feel the back of your throat, OH GODDDDDDDDD........" he exclaimed as he felt her throat open and take him all the way in, closing around his shaft, her lips touching the base of his cock, her tongue swirling around the underside, as she sucked back up the entire length of it until her tongue played at the seem just under the head.

That's all it took, "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS," he now hissed between his teeth as his hot juice shot down her throat and she continued to suck until every last drop was milked from his balls.

He collapsed onto the floor beside her, gathering her into his arms and leaning against the column. Their eyes met just as she ran her tongue around her lips, gathering any loose drops that may have strayed. It was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen, he could feel his cock get heavy again and groaned.

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