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Auntie's New Tenant

by BrettJ 05/06/11

Katrina seemed to be feeling it too. She was as close to him as a person could be and he felt her hot breath on his neck as they danced. When Dan looked into her eyes, he was sure he saw something there. "I think we should go home now," Katrina whispered, her breath even hotter against his ear.

"Oh, you're not having a good time?" Dan said, sorry that he had disappointed her.

"Oh no, I'm having a very good time, I'd just like it to continue ... elsewhere," Katrina told him, her fingers stroking his cheek.

Dan could scarcely believe this was happening, but now that it was, he was just going for it! He settled their tab and escorted her outside; where they drove back to the home they shared. Once inside, Katrina kissed him in a way that left no questions remaining. Her slender fingers stroked his cheek again and she smiled. "Give me 15 minutes and come upstairs," Katrina told him. "You know where my bedroom is."

Dan nodded, not wanting to spoil the moment. He watched her move up the stairs and couldn't wrap his head around the fact that this was really happening. He was going to have sex with his Aunt Katrina; they were going to make love. He was happy he wasn't coming to her bed a shy virgin, but he told himself to pay attention. This was not an easy-to-impress young girl; this was a sensual, passionate mature woman. Katrina would be someone with whom he'd have to use his A-game.

The 15 minutes seemed to tick by forever, he could hear the grandfather clock ticking and when time was up, Dan almost wanted to run upstairs. He checked that impulse and went up slowly. Opening the door to her room, he saw Katrina stretched out on the bed. She was wearing a skimpy, lacy pink teddy that was loosely belted by a sash. He could see her tanned skin and she had put her heels back on. He moved to the bed and playfully, she yanked him by his tie and pulled his mouth to hers. Their kiss was heated and passionate, Katrina knew how to kiss.

"You're so handsome," Katrina told him as he got into bed beside her. "I've wanted to make love to you for weeks now, so don't you dare keep me waiting."

Katrina sighed as he pulled her close and kissed her. He removed the sash and her body was on display, nude and tanned and perfect. He kissed her stomach and breasts; he tasted her nipples and nuzzled her neck. Katrina's breathy sighs were a guide to show him what to do. He could see desire in her dark eyes, so he knew he'd better get out of his clothes as fast as he could without looking the fool.

Katrina's nails were digging into his back once he began ardently pursuing his goal of pleasuring her. She was whimpering and begging for more, he kissed from her instep all up her long legs. Those legs were wrapped around his back as he ate pussy, loving how meticulous she was about her personal grooming. Every inch of her body was baby-soft and she smelled so good.

"My turn," Katrina grinned. "It's been some time since I sucked a hard, young cock. I want this big fucker in my mouth and don't worry if you cum ... you can make more."

Katrina gave him head like his cock was the most precious thing in the world and Dan did cum, he couldn't help it. His naughty aunt swallowed it all down and licked her lips. She looked like such a slut, but he was turned on by that. Katrina seemed to pick up on what he was thinking.

"You're right lover, Auntie Katrina is a slut. Your big sister told me the same thing? Oh, didn't you know?" Katrina giggled. "Denise is bi, well, she is now. I seduced your sister last year and made her my toy, but now she's Deborah's toy. At least I get to see her once in a while, like last week."

Dan gasped in shock. That had been his sister in bed with their aunt he'd been watching? He was stunned, but part of it made sense. That's why she hadn't told him much about Katrina; Denise had her own secrets to keep. The thought of it made him hard again and Katrina bobbed her head up and down on his shaft to complete the job.

"Okay sexy, I'm going to be your toy now. Fuck me Dan, make love to me and make me want more. We're going to have wonderful times together, make me feel how much you want me," Katrina groaned, spreading her legs wide. He moved in and out of Katrina's body and pumped with smooth precision. Fired on by the incestuous revelations, Dan gave her the best fucking he knew how to give, although he suspected if they kept going, that wouldn't be true for much longer. She inspired lewd, passionate desires. After a while, she pushed him down on his back and fucked Dan until he came again. If Dan thought he was done, he had underestimated Katrina and her desires. She sucked his cock clean of their juices and went from stem to stern on his shaft until he began to get stiff again. With all the heat of youth, he fucked her from behind until Katrina screamed out in delight.

They had sex for the remainder of the night until neither partner could fuck any longer. When Dan woke the following morning, it was almost 11 and bright and sunny. He went to his own room, threw on a robe and went downstairs to find Katrina having coffee and muffins. He got some for himself and sat across from her.

"Obviously, you can tell I live my life by my own standards," Katrina told him as she kissed his lips. "I fuck who I want and I won't be exclusive to you, but I won't sneak around either. Nor do I expect exclusivity from you, just honesty. I also think you should know I've slept with your father ... he was my first. Your Mom doesn't know and given the circumstances, I hope she never finds out. Denise knows all this and I intend to keep sleeping with her, your father doesn't know about that, although he might suspect. I hope you're okay with all of this, because last night was wonderful and I want us to enjoy each other for the duration of your stay."

"I'm fine with it Katrina and of course, I'll be discreet," Dan assured her. "If we keep having nights like that, I might never leave."

"If we keep on having nights like that, I might not let you," Katrina said as she sat on his lap. "I have a lot of surprises in store for you, young man."

"Oh, really? Such as?"

Katrina licked her lips and ran her hands over his strong chest through his robe. "Oh, like the fact that your sister has noticed how you've grown up and that she's very interested in fucking you? I know that you overheard us last weekend and I'm telling you, Denise is a wonderful fuck. If you're agreeable, I'll set it up. I might even have her bring Deborah, I haven't fucked her yet."

Dan was sure that his aunt could feel his cock stiffen as she wiggled on his lap and all he could do is hope that he'd be able to do well at university with all the eroticism he now knew laid ahead.

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