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Avon Calling Ch. 6

by Stardog Champion 07/24/01

"Hold it right there for a second, Mom," Rahim quickly interjected. "Let me get down there want it up the ass..ain't no reason we can't get your pussy licked at the same time."

Holding her pose until Rahim had wedged himself underneath her and laid flat on his back, Deloris lifted her weight up on her knees and rocked backwards, assuming the position her oldest Son had suggested.

Straddling her legs over top Rahim's straining groin, Deloris gently lowered her round black ass down on top of her Son's crotch.

"AHHHH," Rahim whistled as he adjusted himself slightly, trying to accomodate his Mother's weight.

Easing his hips gradually lower to create just the right angle to enter her from behind, Rahim nuzzled his Mother's ear and motioned for Sterling to come closer, so he could help Ida with Deloris's anal preparation.

Spreading her thick thighs apart, directly in front of Ida's shellshocked face, Deloris reached down and fondled the ripe and puffy lips of her vagina, waiting for her two virile sons to position themselves just right around her.

Feeling Rahim's hot breath cascade over her bare shoulder, Deloris listened with lustful pride as her oldest boy told Ida how to loosen up his Mother's tight asshole.

"Remember how I opened up that shithole of yours earlier, sticking my whole middle finger all the way up to the knuckle," Rahim began,"..Well... I'm gonna fuck her right up that same chute and now its your turn to spit on that finger of yours and grease Mom's butt. Your remember just how big my cock felt rippin' you open, Ida...remember better do a damn good job gettin' Mom prepped! If she yells out when I ram my cock up her ass...I'm gonna hold you responsible."

* * * * *

Bending down to Ida's left, Sterling wedged his frame between his Mom and Ida until he could comfortably take hold of the older woman's right hand and guide it up to Deloris's waiting asshole. Stretching Ida's short middle finger out as far as it could go with his meaty black grip, Sterling aimed Ida's pointed digit straight for the small, round opening.

Looking down at Ida's expression, Sterling visibly saw the white woman wince the instant her fingertip made contact with the outer edge of Deloris's bunghole. Feeling the muscles in Ida's forearm wretch and tighten, Sterling kept the pressure of his grip up until Ida's fingernail had disappeared inside his Mom's rear end.

"That's it, Baby," Sterling groaned soothingly to Ida. "Now..just a little bit further and we'll have something going."

Quickly scanning his Mother's face to make sure she was adaquatly handling Ida's hesitant anal probe, Sterling smiled as soon as Deloris cast him a lurid smile of approval, nodding for him to force Ida's finger in further.

Sterling slowly inched forth his progression, watching with disbelieving glee as his Mom's brown eye was sliced open by Ida's small and shaky white finger. Digging his fingertips deeper into the flesh of Ida's wrist, Sterling hummed out loud when he heard Deloris cry out from having her bunghole penetrated.

Tightening his grip around Ida's wrist, Sterling twisted her hand as far as it would go until her embedded finger swirled, first clockwise, then counterclockwise, inside his Mom's rectum.

"GODDAMNIT...SON," Deloris shouted out as she whimpered with pleasure on top of Rahim's chisled chest.

Squeezing his Mom's ample breasts between his kneading fingers, as they spilled wildly across her chest, Rahim nibbled back and forth across his Mother's ear and neck as Ida was forced to burrow her middle finger deeper into Deloris's constricting anus.

Rahim let the warm flesh of his Mother's titties caress his clenching fingers as she gasped out madly for air from the Avon Lady's anal penetration.

"She almost ready down there?" Rahim asked down to Sterling, feeling his own dick on the verge of exploding from the way Deloris grinded her asscheeks against his buzzing gentitals.

Seeing his Mother's crotch grind as if she had become possessed by some carnal and demonic force, Sterling knew she couldn't take much more without cumming again before Rahim even got a shot at her. Squeezing Ida's wrist even tighter in his hand, Sterling slowly helped the stunned white woman remove her unsteady middle finger from Deloris's depths.

"Yeah Bro," Sterling finally replied, watching Deloris's pink inner anal lining flower out when Ida's greasy finger was expelled from it. "I think she gave you just enough room to slam that big dick of yours up inside Mom."

Turning his attention to Ida briefly, as he dropped her hand back down by her side, Sterling saw a morose mixture of apprehention and anticipation in the white woman's dark blue eyes. One that he had never quite seen before from another human being.

Without giving Ida a moment to pause and collect her thoughts, Sterling instantly manuevered Ida's right hand underneath Deloris's rear and dropped the white woman's fingers on top of Rahim's steely erection.

"UMMPPHH," Ida winced when her fingertips blindly felt the virile warmth radiating out from the 20 year old stud's crotch.

"Take his dick in your hand, Lady..and ball that fist around it real tight," Sterling mouthed approvingly as Ida tentativly tightened her weak grip around Rahim's beheamouth and jerked it awkwardly up and down.

"Now that pretty little mouth of yours and stick my Brother's cock in it...get it all nasty and wet so it will slide right into my Mom's asshole," Sterling leaned in and sternly ordered.

Sterling saw a look of disgusted acceptance wash across Ida's face as she looked up at Rahim's cock, trying to figure out how to get the beast back into her mouth.

Catching a quick peek at Rahim and Deloris waiting above, Sterling winked slyly up to the two as Ida's mouth parted so she could lubricate Rahim's manhood for its impending dark journey.

Sterling could hear his Brother sigh loudly the moment Ida's front row of teeth met the sensitive spongy hear of Rahim's cockflesh. Patting the older woman on the back of the neck, Sterling nudged her head gently forward until the fistlike tip of Rahim's dick had disappeared down Ida's throat.

"UUGGRRMMPPHH,'" everyone in the room heard Ida groan when the head of Rahim's joint slammed into the back wall of her mouth.

"Now let that spit of yours soak his dick, Bitch," Sterling hissed down to Ida. "Hold your breath so all that sweet saliva can wash down my Brother's missile. I don't want my Momma to feel any more pain than she has to when you inject Rahim's cock into her backside."

* * * * *

With her face buried deeply between Rahim and Deloris's parted legs, the pungeant smell of male and female arousal permiated Ida's senses each time she inhaled through her nose as she tried her best to orally rinse Rahim's cock.

Her muscles numb from the multitude of pyhsical and mental obstacles she had been forced to overcome, Ida had so cognitivly distanced herself from reality, that it took Sterling several times to pat her on the back before she realized he was trying to tell her it was time to put Rahim's dick inside Deloris's ass.

Feeling Rahim's rough hand brush up against her chin as he proceeded to ease his cock free from the clutches of her lips, Ida jerked her head back just enough so that Rahim's greased up erection slid messily out of her mouth and down her slimy chin.

"Now grab it in your hand, Ida and aim it for Momma's tail," she heard both boys mockingly order.

Sickened by the perversity of it all, Ida gulped and swallowed hard before taking Rahim's sloppy joint into her hand and angling its wicked mass upwards, so that its helmet shaped head was right at the doorstep of Deloris's anus.

* * * * *

Rahim looked over his Mother's writhing shoulder and clearly saw Ida's white hand gripping his meaty appendage as she tried bending it at the right angle to fit inside Deloris's rectum.

"Help her out if she needs it Sterling..she looks like a paralysed kid with that thing in her hand," Rahim commented with a mix of humor and pity.

Rolling his hips down the mattress slightly, to allow Ida a little more slack with his cock, Rahim cracked a big smile when he felt his throbbing prick collide against his Mother's loosened anal bud.

"Now snake that thing inside her ass, Bitch," Rahim bellowed from above.

With a little support from the younger of the two boys, Ida steadily inched the monsterous endowment twitching in her hand, into the button sized hole in the center of the voluptuous black woman's asscheeks.

The sound of the air flowing out of Deloris's mouth turned from a shallow whisper to a bristling and shrill hiss as her oldest Son's gigantic phallus found a home inside her darkest of caverns.

* * * * *

Rahim held his breath as Ida gently forced his enormous black stalk deep into his Mother's ass. Looking down over Deloris's shaky shoulder, he became nearly drunk with lust as the sexually depraved scene unfolded between his and his Mother's legs.

Watching on with Brotherly pride as Sterling helped guide Ida's advances forward, looking stangely as if he were teaching the woman how to drive, Rahim smiled down to his younger Brother as he helped the naked Avon Woman with her digustingly surreal chore.

With his cock emebedded all the way up to the light ring of skin just below the head of his penis, Rahim finally let out a huge exhale that caused a minefield of raging goosebumps to rise across the ebony surface of his Mother's overheated skin.

Rahim could also see Deloris's flaming pussy become brighter and brighter as the brunt of her arousal pooled in her raw and buzzing quim. Seeing his Mom's vagina virtually blooming before his eyes, Rahim whispered down to Sterling. "Hey Bro'.....That Bitch's mouth is free...Look at the way Mom's pussy is beggin' to be loved."

Gritting his teeth in an attempt to keep his composure, as his Mom's powerful rectal muscles squeezed the Hell out of his cock, Rahim looked on in amazement as his younger Brother took Ida by the back of her thin neck and forced the married white woman's face directly into Deloris Franklin's steaming pink fissure.

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