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by susurrus 08/27/08

This is a story for a friend. She gave me the characters, and I know her interests, which is why certain activities are included here.

That said, if you are offended by male-male sex, this is NOT the story for you.

Oh, and if - for some reason - you don't like mention of contraceptive devices in your sex stories, pass this one up.

Everyone else... Enjoy.


"Baby, would you come down here, please?"

Baby's daddy called from downstairs. She'd been laying on her bed, her fingers between her legs, rubbing her pussy. It was strange: the last few weeks, just about the only thing she could think about was sex.

She let out a little whimper at being interrupted, when her orgasm was only a few minutes away, but knew that if she kept Daddy waiting too long, he'd get angry. The last time he'd gotten angry at her, he'd given her twenty swats on her bare ass. It'd been embarrassing, being spanked like she was a little girl again, yet she felt her pussy getting wet, even as her butt was being warmed.

Not too long after that, she'd kissed her daddy goodnight. Not that that was unusual: even though she'd kissed his lips, it was typical for them to do that. It didn't feel wrong, even though she knew everybody else would think so. This was her Daddy, the man she loved more than any other in the world. He'd done everything for her all her life, and even more so since her Mama had died three years earlier. She knew it hadn't been easy for him, being a single dad with a teenaged daughter in the house. She'd noticed the looks. Every once in a while, Baby'd catch him admiring the woman she'd become. She knew it was what he was thinking, the look in his eyes told her that. It wasn't a very fatherly thing to think, she knew, but it was flattering that her own dad would think her pretty enough to check out in that way.

How it started: she'd had her eighteenth birthday and was coming home from a party some friends had thrown for her. Daddy was sitting in his chair, asleep and naked. The TV was all snow, and the light on the video player was on. She had a pretty good idea what he'd been doing, and was a little embarrassed to know that her own father still did such things. Then again, she knew he didn't go out much, so he wouldn't have much outlet for taking care of himself outside of taking matters into his own hands.

Turning off the player, she also shut off the TV. The only light that came in then was from the streetlights outside. While the proper young lady she'd been told she should always be scolded that what she was thinking wasn't right, Baby found herself kneeling beside Daddy's chair.

The light sneaking in from the window fell directly across Daddy's penis, putting it in sort of a spotlight for her. She'd heard other terms for it, from overhearing some of the other girls talking about their boyfriends: prick, dick, cock...

All the times she'd heard other girls talking about their man's member, she'd been given the impression that they were a lot bigger than her daddy's was right at that moment. She'd had "the talk," but nobody had told her about penises being little shriveled things like this one was. The other girls made it sound like a cock was a big, thick, stiff thing. Baby didn't like to think she was a baby for real, but maybe there was something *she* had to do to make it big and hard.

Now that she was curious, she didn't even think about what she was doing, and to whom. With no consideration for what anyone else would think -- not even her daddy -- she reached out and touched his penis.

It felt funny. Soft and smooth. She couldn't imagine how this could ever be the huge hardness she'd heard about. Daddy let out a little moan, and his hips moved. It hadn't sounded like it hurt: actually, it was a sound a lot like she made while rubbing her pussy when she was home alone.

Curiosity still having a firm grip on her, Baby started to pet her daddy's penis, making him moan more. He hadn't woken up, surprisingly, so she kept playing with it. Slowly, she watched -- amazed -- as it started to grow. Soon it was big enough she could wrap her fingers around it. It felt much firmer than it did before, she was beginning to understand what the girls were talking about.

With her fingers still encircling Daddy's penis... No, wait. Now with it getting bigger like this, it didn't look like a penis. She could see where the other girls called it a "cock." It fascinated her no end.

With her fingers still encircling Daddy's cock (yes, that was better, and she felt a twinge of arousal in her pussy at the thought) she could do better stroking up and down the growing shaft.

After not too long, his cock stopped growing, and was how hard and long. She didn't know how big it actually was, but Baby thought how good something that size would feel inside her. The only thing she'd ever tried up her pussy had been the handle of her hairbrush, and that was way smaller than what she now held in her hand. Then, she realized what she was thinking and chastised herself for thinking such things about her own father. It didn't make her take her hand off him, though...

Baby found it remarkable that even after all this, her daddy still was asleep. Then again, she knew he was a heavy sleeper. It'd be really hard for her to wake him up enough to get him to go to bed, so she figured her little exploration wouldn't be discovered.

Once again, she remembered some of the things she'd heard the other girls talking about doing with their boyfriends and wondered if she could do it, too. Without consideration for who she had in her hand, Baby opened her mouth and closed the head of her daddy's cock in it.

Now, Daddy started waking up a little, but Baby was too into her experiment to be afraid of his reaction. She found she liked the feel of cock in her mouth. The head was a little spongy feeling against her tongue, and the shaft was hard, soft and smooth all at the same time. Daddy moaned in his sleep, and Baby found herself not caring if he woke up or not. She was pretty sure that he'd let her keep doing what she was doing.

While she sucked her daddy's cock (what the girls at school had called a "blowjob"), Baby reached up a hand and touched his balls. This made Daddy moan even louder. The skin on them was even softer, and there were two firm things inside the sack that felt a little like nuts -- probably why she'd heard some of the guys at school call them that before.

"Uhh. Suck me, baby," Daddy mumbled. She didn't know if he was talking directly to her, or to some fantasy woman in his dreams, but she felt her pussy get wetter at the notion that he was telling her to do what she was doing.

Before too long, she saw Daddy's eyes fly open in the half-light, and he looked down at her in amazement. She smiled at the fact that he didn't jump up and push her away. He *did* seem really surprised, and a little confused, as if he couldn't tell if he was awake or dreaming.

When she felt his hands in her hair, but didn't feel him try to pull her off his cock, she knew it was okay. Baby knew she'd never be able to tell anyone about this, nobody would ever understand. That was okay, though, nobody else needed to know about it. It could be a secret between her and her daddy.

Baby looked up into her daddy's eyes, and saw love there, plus something else. Was it desire? Lust? She didn't really know, she'd never seen a look like that from anyone she'd known before.

"I'm gonna cum, Baby. You want Daddy to cum in your mouth?"

There was no question in her mind. She loved what she was doing, and especially loved that she could do it for the man she loved most. She didn't know for sure what he meant, she'd heard different things from different girls, but it was kind of confusing what they were talking about.

"Mm hmm," Baby hummed in the affirmative. She wanted whatever he was going to give her. She knew she'd made him feel *really* good.

What she *wasn't* ready for, was the first spurt from the tip. It didn't hurt or anything, but there was a lot of stuff all at once. His cock pulsed, and another big gob filled her mouth. Again and again, she felt Daddy's cock throb, and before long, it felt like her whole mouth was full of it. She tried to keep it all in, but it was hard to keep her lips sealed around the shaft while it pumped his cum into her. She felt a little bit leak out the corner of her mouth, but she managed to hold the rest.

Baby held her mouth on his hard cock for a while longer, until it was pretty evident nothing more was going to come out of it. In fact, she could feel it start to get softer the longer she kept her mouth on it. The feeling of his cock getting softer in her mouth was almost as exciting as the thought of feeling it get hard there.

After a few minutes, his cock had gotten really soft, and Baby pulled her mouth off it, then beamed up at her daddy, her mouth still full of his cum. Daddy beamed back down at her, proud, pleased and satisfied all at once.

"Did you like that, Baby?" Daddy whispered.

"Mm hmm," she responded, still not able to speak.

Daddy laughed. "What, you mean you still have a mouthful? Don't you like it? Spit it out if you don't."

"Mm mmm," Baby hummed to the negative. She then made a production out of swallowing down his cum, being sure to make a big gulping noise.

"Mmmm. I love it, Daddy.

"So, you're not mad at me? This isn't the kind of thing daughters normally do for their daddies, is it?"

He pulled her up off the floor till he could reach her lips. He then pressed his lips against hers in a kiss unlike any other he'd ever given her. Baby noticed Daddy didn't even mind that his lips were touching the cum that'd leaked from her mouth. When his tongue slid up against her lips and started to push, Baby opened her teeth and let it in. She even snaked her own tongue out experimentally, and was surprised at how much fun it was to feel Daddy's tongue play with hers.

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