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Back To School: Ski Trip

by Leon22 04/13/05

Brandon couldn't believe his eyes as he saw Emily in all of her naked glory for the first time. Her skin was a flush of light pink and had started to become sweaty as her pulse raised with exertion. Her impossibly large tits were perfectly shaped. Each was toped by a small stiff dark nipple as they careened on her chest. Her loft plump red lips pursed as she cooed in pleasure while she rode on top of him. "Fuck yeah! Ugh!" he exclaimed and groaned as he continued to squeeze her soft ass and watch her breasts bounce around wildly.

Emily slowed her speed down as she started to get a little tired and a small orgasm shook her. She grinded lightly against the senior's body as she leaned forward to catch her breath. Her breasts dangled into Brandon's face and he immediately grabbed a stiff nipple between his lips and began to suckle. Emily cradled his head against her chest and moaned as she greatly enjoyed having her tits sucked.

Sensing that she needed a break Brandon rolled them over so he was on top with his cock still imbedded inside of the mature woman. He sucked one of her nipples and lifted her boob completely off of her chest before he released it and moved to the next one. While he nursed on her beautiful breasts, Brandon lifted his ass into the air and began to pump his cock into her tight wet cunt again.

"Oh yes…." Emily moaned as she held her teenage lover's head to her chest and spread her thighs a little more for him. Her toes curled in pleasure and dug into the sheets of the bed.

Brandon lifted his body up at arms length, again lifting a boob off of Emily's chest while sucking on her other nipple, and began to fuck into her tight pussy. He could feel his entire length being massaged by the muscles in her cunt as he slammed into her and pulled back out. His ass lifted high with each fast stroke. Brandon watched Emily's breasts, each as big as a cinnamon bun as she was on her back, jiggle and wobble on her chest. He was beginning to sweat as he fucked Emily hard and fast.

Emily cooed up at him and rubbed his chest with her hands as she lifted her thighs in time to his thrusts. The bed squeaked loudly as the horny teen fucked the school's secretary with pleasure.

"Get on your hands and knees." Brandon said breathlessly as he pulled his wet cock from her pussy with a loud wet sucking noise. Emily smiled at him and cupped his chin with her hand before she rolled over onto her hands and knees and presented her soft curvy butt to him. Her body was shiny and slick with sweat and Brandon admired her sexy back, toned legs, and soft ass cheeks. He looked over a little and saw both of Emily's huge tits hanging below her. He slapped her ass once, making her gasp in surprise, and then squeezed both of her fleshy butt cheeks. He got on his knees behind her and nuzzled his cock against her pussy lips before he gripped her waist and slammed into her hard and fast.

Emily's eyes became huge in surprise as she was suddenly filled with young hard cock again. "Oooooh yes….." she groaned in pleasure as she lowered her upper body into the mattress. Her tits squashed underneath her and stuck out from her sides as she enjoyed the hard fucking she was receiving. Her toes dug into the mattress and she balled the sheets in her hands.

Brandon gripped her long dark hair in one hand and tugged lightly while he squeezed her ass with the other and bounced her on his ridged shaft. His balls bounced against Emily's clit with each powerful thrust making her squeak with pleasure. Her hair was sticking to her back because it was so sweaty and Brandon released her hair to roam his hands over her sexy back. He massaged the muscles as he continued to pound into her.

"Oh f-fuck me!" Emily exclaimed as she lifted herself up again. Her huge tits swung wildly underneath her as she moaned and screamed in pleasure from the wonderful fucking she was getting.

Brandon didn't miss a chance to play with her tits so he leaned forward, resting his sweaty body against hers, and reached around to cup and fondle them. They felt heavy and sweaty in his palms and they slipped out of his grip every now and again while he humped away at her pussy happily.

Emily chewed on her lower lip and flipped her hair over her shoulder as she felt the beginnings of another orgasm begin to hit her. She gave out a wordless cry that echoed off the walls as her body began to shiver starting at her sensitive pussy and then spread out through her body to the tips of her toes and fingers.

Brandon was glad to feel Emily cum because he was soon feeling the effects of his own. "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum soon!" he moaned into her ear excitedly as he remained bent over and humping her while he played with her big fat tits.

"Y-Yes! Cum in…Ugh!…C-Cum in me!" Emily encouraged. She wanted to feel a young cock jerk and spew into her depths.

She got exactly that as Brandon rose up and fucked her with urgency. Soon he slammed into her and held on as his cock expanded and spasmed around into her tight cunt as thick scalding cum filled Emily's belly. He pumped in and out of her a few times, riding out his orgasm and making sure she got every drop.

After a few moments, both lovers gasping for breath, Brandon pulled his still hard cock out of the warm juicy confines of Emily's pussy and slapped it against her ass. "Oh my god that was incredible!" he said.

"Mmm you're telling me!" Emily basked in the pleasure of post orgasmic bliss and gently rubbed her snatch while she remained on her knees. She could feel the warm cum inside of her and it made her smile. "I bet Betty is going to want to hear all about this." She thought to herself as she leaned her upper body against the mattress again, squashing her tits underneath her.

* * * * *

Betty Smith was sharing the same room as Emily and knew that her new friend was going to need some "private time" to herself tonight so Betty decided to head down to the outside hot tubs. She whistled to herself as she walked down the quiet hallways to the changing rooms. Her short brown hair framed her beautiful face perfectly and bounced around her cheeks as she walked. She was wearing a very small white bikini underneath her short cotton robe and a pair of bathroom slippers. The robe was open enough in the front to reveal her very ample lightly tanned cleavage. She was easily a 36DD or a little bit bigger. Her breasts bounced under the confines of her small robe while her smooth toned legs were completely revealed as the robe only came down over her cute bubble butt.

Betty entered the ladies changing room and noticed that no one was around. "Hello?" she called out but no one replied. She walked out to the jacuzzi and noticed that no one was inside them either. "Hmmm, well it is late. Guess no one is coming down here tonight." Betty smiled to herself as she walked back into the changing room and dropped her towel before she pulled off her robe to reveal her unbelievably sexy and curvy body. Even though she was in her thirties her body was as firm as a teenager's and as luscious as a woman in her young twenties. After she set her robe down on the bench next to the lockers she next kicked off her slippers and slipped her very small bikini bottom down her thighs and threw it on top of her robe along with her top. Her pussy was trimmed very short and neat and her firm tits jiggled a little as they were freed from the constraining top.

"Ah that's much better!" she said as she walked barefoot to the hot tubs. Betty loved to be naked and was always a bit of an exhibitionist. She loved having people staring at her naked body, especially if she was fucking. As she rounded the corner and headed outside her clothes fell to the floor onto her slippers along with the keycard to her room.

Betty's skin was covered in goose bumps as she went outside into the chilly mountain night air. Her nipples immediately became hard and she wrapped her arms around her breasts, squashing them against her chest, as she walked to the hot tubs on her tiptoes. Steam rose up around her and made her skin moist as she came up to the closest one. She tenderly dipped her toe in to test the water before she slid her luscious curves into the pleasantly warm water. She leaned her head back and sighed as the jets caressed her. The top of her chest and everything above was out of the water but still kept warm by the steam.

Unbeknownst to Betty, at that very moment the hotel cleaning made was doing her last round before her shift. She entered the changing room and found a pile of clothes and a towel on the floor lying against the lockers. Thinking that someone left them behind earlier in the day she cleaned them up and placed them in her cart and continued on to finish her work for the day.

After about twenty minutes Betty arose from the steaming waters and headed inside to dry off. She was getting to hot and she wanted to cool off again before she went back in. "What the hell?" she exclaimed when she saw that all of her clothes were missing. Thinking that she had come around to the wrong bench she went over to the next one and the next.

"Oh shit!" she exclaimed as she realized that all of her things were gone. She was naked and her skin was moist as she stood in the room with her hands on her hips and chewed on her lower lip in thought. She checked all of the lockers next but all of them were empty as well much to her dismay. "Great I've got to get all the way back up to my room and I'm buck naked." She looked down at her sexy curvy body and couldn't help but smile. "Well at least someone might get a good show." She joked as she headed towards the hallway.

Betty poked her head out and looked both ways down the hall to see that it was clear. Covering her breasts with one arm and her pussy with her other hand she quickly ran towards the stairs that would take her up to the third floor. She opened the door with the hand covering her pussy and shut it closed behind her when she was inside the stairwell. Making sure that it was clear she began to make her way up the stairs as quickly and quietly as possible. Her large breasts jiggled under her arm as she ran up the stairs. She was a little confused because she'd never been on this side of the hotel before but when she finally got to the third floor and poked her head down the hallway things looked familiar. Seeing that the coast was clear she quickly opened the door and ran down the hall towards her room. Her bubble butt jiggled with each quick step she took as she headed to her room.

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