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Beach Escape

by Klogg 05/24/14

It is early evening. The sun is low in the sky. We are laying down on a soft towel in the sand. I am laying with my hands behind my head. You are lying next to me, your hand and head on my bare chest. We have been swimming half of the day and enjoying ourselves on the beach the other half. I looked down at you. You are so beautiful. You had been hesitant to wear the form fitting black two piece bathing suit but as it's a private beach and only we have access to it, you were comfortable enough to wear it. I am glad you did. You look absolutely stunning in it. I had told you so. You just smiled and looked away shyly in that irresistible way you do.

We just got out of the water so we were still soaking wet. Your suit clings to your soft skin. My swimming trunks are tight and show what lay underneath. You have one leg over mine as we lay there enjoying the moment. You look up at me with those enchanting eyes. I wrap one arm around you and pull you closer. The moment our lips meet I feel a smile cross your face. As we kiss I inhale your scent. You smell of salt water and vanilla and sweat. As our kiss gets deeper, our hands begin to explore each other's bodies. Your hands move over my back and down my arms. My hands caress your neck before they both held your hips. I pull the string on your top and it fell to the sand.

Slowly, I roll over until I lay over you. you feel me begin to harden through my shorts. You smile and loop your thumbs over the waistband and pull them off of me. I kiss you again. I move down and kiss your stomach. Your suit bottoms have a tie on both sides. I grab the string between my teeth and pull. I kiss your hip as I pull away the fabric. I do the same to the other side. I kiss your other hip. I gently rub up and down your legs I kiss the inside of your thigh. I could feel the heat coming from you. I bury my tongue into your warm body. I play with your clit with the tip of my tongue. I use my fingers to massage your g-spot inside. I then slide up your body. I kiss your neck, your cheek and then your soft lips.

You spread your legs and allow me to enter. You feel my hard cock slide into your wet pussy. As it sinks deeper, your breath becomes quicker. I look into your eyes and in them I see eternity. I see love. I see desire. I see the beautiful faces of our unborn children. I see lust burning inside you. Rhythmically, I begin to thrust in and out of you. Your hands start on my hips but as my speed begins to rise, your hands grab the towel beneath us. You wrap your legs around my waist. I stand up, your legs around my waist and your arms around my neck. I walk up the beach to our beach house. I climb the short steps and walk to our bed on the balcony overlooking the ocean. I lay you down on the bed.

For a moment I just stand there naked, looking at you and smiling. You are so beautiful and so incredibly sexy. I see the need in your eyes. I crawl in to the bed next to you and we kiss again. My hands begin to explore your body and I feel your hand drift to my hard cock and wrap your fingers around it. You roll onto your back and give me that come hither look. I have never been able to say no to those eyes. Once again you feel me enter you. Our hands grip around my muscular back. I kiss your neck. I bite it softly. You feel me inside you thrusting slowly at first. Then faster and a little harder. You begin to dig your fingernails into my back. You put your legs over my shoulders. I begin to thrust harder and faster. With each thrust you feel me deeper inside of you.

Finally you lower your legs so I lay on top of you again. You can feel your orgasm building. My hands drift down and play with your clit while I continue to thrust slowly. As you feel your orgasm climax, you feel my cock pulse inside you. You feel as my warm cum erupts into you. We collapse onto the bed. We lay there staring into each other's eyes. As you drift off to sleep, you feel me run my hand down the side of your face. The last thing you hear before drifting into dreamland is my voice whispering in your ear, "I love you."

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