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Because We Both Want To

by kinpatsu 09/03/06

For some reason the thought of her brother rubbing his penis between the round globes of her ass was particularly exciting, but his lips around her nipple and his hands on her body continued to distract Joann's mind. "Hmm, I like you tongue on my nipple Tommie, but I can feel your prick on my ass. Do you want to put it inside me?"

"Fuck yes I want inside you!" Thom replied breathlessly releasing hold of her nipple for a moment. "The taste of you tit has me so hard I can barely stand it."

"Yeah, I want you inside me too, but I want your hands on my tits." Excited and cooling slightly from the release of her nipple, Joanne moved further down his body and pressed against the waiting erection. "I also like the feel of your cock rubbing my ass. Every way you touch me seems to make me tingle even more!"

"Jo," Thom broke out almost with a deep sigh, "Just take it inside and fuck me and I'll play with your tits. I'm so fucking hard right now!"

"Ooh I can feel it all nice and hard, and I'm slippery and wet. Can't you feel it on your skin where I'm rubbing?"

"Please Jo, Fuck me!"

Raising herself up off his body Joanne broke all the physical contact between them for a second, allowing the night air to cool the dampness the she was leaving between them. "I never guessed I'd have my brother's cock in my pussy," she said teasingly. "Even if I do think he's one of the sexiest guys around. He's got a pretty nice prick too. Stiff and big. I want it inside me again..."

"Please Jo, your pussy's so tight. I want inside you too..."

The encouragement wasn't necessary, and as Thom's hands rose to caress Joanne's breasts she lowered herself easily down onto him eagerly. The dual stimulation of his thumbs on her nipples and the slow penetration of his sibling prick was almost too much for her. "Oh Tommie, that's exactly what I want!" Up and down she slid to her own rhythm, pressing herself down on his prick and pulling her lips up and over it's length in loving strokes. "Your prick feels so good inside me. I'm going to make you cum again!"

Thom was breathless in his pleasure, and involved in the game of playing with his sisters beautiful nipples. "You're going to cum too, aren't you?" he managed to say between his labored breaths.

"Fuck yes!" was her reaction, sharp in it's tone. "You feel so good inside me that I'm sure I will."

"Jo, I want you to play with your clit while you ride me," her brother replied, removing one of his hands from a hanging breast and caressing her moving ass as she fucked. "I want every part of you that can feel good to feel good. It turns me on."

Smiling at his request, Joanne did as he asked and took one hand from where it supported her above him for the task. She felt the firm knob at the top of her prick filled pussy throb, slippery in the juices she was producing. Her brothers hand on her ass encouraged her, and his other hand on her tit was like dessert. Enjoyable, but not completely necessary.

Beginning to playfully rub her clit as she fucked, Joanne felt the waves of her coming orgasm begin to roll. A great current flowed between each part of her stimulated body, from tit to ass to clit to the slippery channel of her pussy, filled with Thom's sweet penis. "Thom, I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum NOW!"

Thom was ready, and had been restraining himself as much as possible. He knew it wouldn't take much to push him over the edge. "Fuck me faster big sister, I'll cum with you!"

Distantly Joanne heard his plea. Releasing the slight touches on her clit, she pushed Thom's hand away from her breast and lay directly atop him, fucking slightly faster and wildly as her orgasm burst over the top. She shivered, shook, and felt every wave of her bodies contractions from her pussy to the curl of her toes. In the midst, almost without realizing it, she felt her brother move and spasm inside her. Those involuntary motions set off another wave of sweet orgasm while she hugged Thom closely to her naked breast.

With his sister limp atop him and his prick continuing to shutter in the last motions of orgasm inside her, Thom found her smiling face close to his own. Turning his head to face her he offered a sibling kiss in it's tenderness, while a lovers embrace made it a passionate essay. Joanne lovingly returned that kiss, never allowing it to be anything other than what it was; a lover's thanks.

"That was wonderful, Tommie. I..." For a moment Joanne was at a loss for words. "I really liked that fuck. More than the fist one."

"Really? You fainted the first time."

Joanne snuggled down more comfortably into her brothers space. "Really. That fist one was super intense, but this one was friendly and fun, and it just felt right. I love you, Tommie."

"What brought that on? I love you too Jo, but I feel a little weird saying it after what we've just done."

Laying silently feeling her brothers wandering hands over her satiated flesh, Joanne took some time to formulate an answer. "I guess it's just that... Maybe, it's that I feel closer to you than I ever have before. I think I'll always feel that way, even though we won't ever do that again."

"What we did Jo, I felt close to you before we did that. I mean, we didn't need to fuck to be close." Thom was having trouble with the conflict inside him, and didn't want his future relationship with his sister to be based on what had happened on this one night when she was feeling down.

"It's not that, Tommie," Joanne told him feeling his confusion and his shrinking prick inside her. "The sex was great, and I really needed it. It wouldn't have happened if there hadn't been an attraction between us in both directions. What really shook me up was how sweet you were about it."

"I guess I don't get it."

"Of course not. It's something you just do without thinking. That's what makes me love you." Holding him tight and wiggling herself in what she hoped was a sexy way, she tried to stimulate him into another erection. "The whole thing started because you were trying to comfort me, and that's wonderful. Then it started to get out of hand, and you offered to stop. When it did get out of hand you didn't want to hurt me, even though you couldn't." Joanne kissed him loudly and properly. "Is it any wonder that I love you?"

"I guess not." Thom managed to feel uncomfortable and very pleased with himself at the same time. "I love you too, and I'm sorry that we'll never get to do this again. It was fun."

Suddenly the annoying sister inside of her broke through to the surface. "Oh, we're going to do it again."

"...say what?"

"Tommie, you gave me a great gift. I was trying to masturbate and I kept seeing Mark's face when I tried. It was horrible! Now, when I want to masturbate I can imagine YOUR face!" Even in the gloom, Joanne could imagine the shocked look on his face. "I'll be thinking about you every time I play with myself, Tommie. Just like I know that you'll think of me."

Almost relieved, Thom took her close into his arms. "For a minute there I was worried. I really don't think it's a good idea to do this again after tonight."

"Sure, after tonight's over..." Suddenly, Joanne began wiggling her pussy against Thom's prick again. "...but tonight isn't over yet, is it?"

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