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Becky's First Time with Luci

by lucioz 01/05/10

My husband once worked for a major international tractor company, most people would have heard the name, but I won't mention it here. He was a highly qualified mechanic and one of the head supervisors.

One night just a few years ago, he and I got into a discussion about him going out on his own to start a business. He surprised me by telling me that he had learned already of a motor repair business that was for sale. At least it was within the state in which we live in Australia, but the town was over 3 hours drive from the capital city in which we then lived.

"That's okay," I told him, "but what about my job?" I am in a public service role in the travel and tourism industry, which takes me away from home a lot. Where this business that he wanted to buy was based, I would have a 3½-hour drive to reach the airport from where my working day started and finished. Some of my flights are in the very early hours of the morning … both outbound and inbound. I certainly didn't want such a long drive home after spending long hours on a plane.

So we both thought long and hard about it, weighing up the good against the bad points. On the bad side was everything about my job, but I had to admit that there was a lot going for the business and I knew my husband always wanted to own his own business.

We had both always agreed too that we would love to live close to the beach, on at least a few acres of land where it would be peaceful and quiet, giving us time to relax with each other. We have no children, both of us content to concentrate on our careers. We weren't really fussy about kids, but I was on the pill and we were happy the way we were.

If we took this opportunity, we could escape the rat race of the city, and as his own boss, he would not be bound to do the huge amounts of overtime that the tractor company expected of him. We would have lots more time for each other and I knew my husband would love that.

Before I go much further, I better tell you about us. My husband, Barry is tall, around 6-4, fair-haired, well-built, keeps fit … he's into Muay Thai kick boxing. He's had some fights in the ring, which he's enjoyed, and he's won.

As for myself, I am quite tall too, blonde hair that runs down over my shoulders, I'm a natural blonde, 5-9, slim 34c-24-35. I like to keep fit, I lay in the sun a lot, swim, don't smoke, social drinker … and I love to tease guys. I have been told that I have a killer arse and a weird sense of humour. 'Oh, I should say too that I enjoy sex,' just figured I should throw that in.

The type of work that I do tends to lead to me getting hit on quite often … which I have to admit to enjoying sometimes. For some guys, it can get a bit awkward if I rebuff them, so I have to be careful how I do it … but most are okay about it.

So, after much discussion about moving out of town to a whole new life, we decided 'let's do it,' but not knowing what I was going to find.

Before we made the move, we had to find rental accommodation. We thought that we would take it easy, not rush in, take our time to find the sort of place that we both wanted. We wanted somewhere nice and quiet with nobody looking over our shoulders like there had been in the city.

So we moved down there, declaring that we would give it one year. Little did either of us know what was about to happen.

Within three months, Barry had so much mechanical work that he had to advertise for a qualified mechanic. My husband was working seven days a week, so much for taking it easy, but he had already made a good name for himself. A lot of you will know what small towns are like, word of mouth gets around quickly when someone is doing a good job.

He started to get lots of farmers who had previously gone to out-of-town mechanics, but like all farmers, they wanted him to work on their machinery yesterday.

I had taken a few months off work so that I could help Barry in the early stages … you know, taking phone calls, making appointments so that he didn't have to keep stopping work to answer the phone. Mobile coverage is pretty disgusting in this part of the country and he didn't want to lose hard-earned business by not being able to acknowledge callers when they rang in.

We even found that our sex life was not as it used to be. Back in the city, when Barry came home from work, he would want a quickie, so he would call me up to let me know that he was on his way home. I would go in and shower and make myself ready for him. I have never refused my husband and, as I have said already, I love sex. Even if I don't cum, just giving my lover pleasure is my reward.

I know that lots of other girls feel the same way, we are not like guys having to cum all the time … we can enjoy sex, giving a blow job, seeing the look of pleasure on my lover's face as he cums. But don't get me wrong, I do enjoy coming, it's like the icing on the cake of sex.

When I was at Uni, studying for my public relations degree, I got on extremely well with one of the lecturers, who was female. One time over coffee, we got to chatting about guys, and how to use our feminine sexuality to help guide guys to get what we want. She explained lots of things to me over that time. I would go around to her place some nights and she would show me how to dress, how to conduct myself if I was going for an interview, how to act around guys, how to flirt, but not going too far.

She was great, but the most important thing she ever said to me was 'To keep your guy happy, you have to be a whore in bed and a cook in the kitchen.' I have never forgotten that advice.

Sorry, I do tend to go on … I better get back to my story.

One night, the estate agent that looked after us when we moved, invited us out for dinner. So we went, it was at one of the big local resorts with he and his wife. While the four of us were having dinner, my husband spotted the mechanic that he had just hired. Barry pointed him out to all of us and the agent seemed to know him. He told us, "You've got a good guy there, it could be just the break he deserves. He had a big bust up with the boss of the big motor dealer in town, he's been keen to get another job, you won't go wrong with him." Barry looked pleased with that response, confirming that he had made the right decision in hiring the new guy.

After we finished dinner, the agent and his wife excused themselves, telling us that they had to get home to relieve the babysitter before it got too late. We didn't have such a problem so Barry and I went into the lounge area to enjoy another drink. While we were sitting there enjoying our night-cap, Paul, my husband's new employee, and his wife came in to the lounge and took a nearby table.

I had not met either of them, but instead of checking out the husband first, as most women would do, the wife's and my eyes locked. She sort of gave a nervous smile and gently nodded her head toward me. 'Wow,' I thought, 'she is gorgeous, I wonder what she does in a small town like this.'

I hadn't even met her, but I felt like I couldn't take my eyes off her. I felt myself wanting to 'know' her more … lots more. Don't get me wrong, I am a very happily married woman and Barry and I enjoy great sex. But way back in my Uni days, I had once tried messing around with another girl, which I enjoyed a lot. But since then, I had not met any other girl that I was interested in.

All I had on was a black woollen dress that clung to my body and ended about 3 inches above the knees, so I had to be very careful sitting down. It was one of my husband's favourites … he likes touching me when we're driving home from a night out, stroking my legs and thighs. This dress is ideal for that, because it rides up my thighs. I have previously pulled it up over my arse for him and sometimes I take off my thong.

I also had a small sweater, with the arms draped over my shoulders. I could feel my nipples starting to tingle, and with no bra on, they would soon stick out. Also, since I was wearing just a small thong, I was thinking that I might have to adjourn to the rest room and place some tissues down there, to help absorb any moisture that might leak from my sexual parts.

I touched my husband's arm, "Hey, there's that Paul that you hired, and I guess that must be his wife."

"Yes it is, would you mind if I invite them over for a drink, so we can get to know them better. It seems as if I touched lucky with him."

'Would I mind?' I thought, 'Oh God no, I already wanted to get to know her a lot better, maybe even become really good friends.'

So Barry went over and was talking to them, then they got up and came over to our table with their drinks.

"Hey Luci, this is Paul." With that, my husband's new employee leaned over to shake my hand. I felt a bit awkward, because being so tall and wearing 3 inch heels, I tended to look down at him … he was 5-8.

Hi Paul, I'm pleased to meet you."

"And," my husband continued, "this is his wife, Rebecca."

"Hey, not so formal," the young woman suggested, smiling, "I'm called Becky," and she held out her hand to me.

I took her warm hand in mine. 'Oh God, I wonder if she feels the same way I do.' I could feel the buzz going up my arm and down into my body, seeming to touch all of my erogenous zones. I did not want to let her hand go.

She was wearing a simple black dress, just above the knees, but what I could see of her was so well put together. She was around 5-4, average figure, but later I was to find out just how well put together she was. Beautiful dark hair, down over her shoulders, and her breasts seemed full and firm.

So the guys began talking together, as they do. I asked Becky, "What do you do?"

"I'm into public relations," she told me happily.

My husband must have been listening in, "Hey, so is Luci, she has a degree in public relations, so you two should get on real well."

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