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Blackmailed into Black Submission

by silkstockingslover 05/29/13

NOTE 1: This story is dedicated to the real JESSICA who requested this DARK fantasy.

NOTE 2: Thanks to MAB7991 for editing this and many of my other stories.

Warning: Although the story is in the non-consent/reluctant category because of the blackmail, the story is really an interracial fantasy of a white girl who submits completely both black men and women. If coercion, white submission, blackmail, or the use of the N-word offends you please don't read.

1. The one where I tell you relevant but somewhat boring info about my life up until the fateful day and the brief moment of weakness that changed everything!

I wouldn't say I was a prude, but I was definitely rather conservative. I was nineteen, and on an academic biology scholarship. I spent hours with my head in a book and although not a virgin, I found sex rather dull. I gave my boyfriend head and even swallowed it usually (even though I hated the taste of his cum), not being one to usually say no or liking confrontation. Yet, at nineteen my only orgasms had been self-inflicted. Ethan usually only lasting less than two minutes inside me, not enough time to do more than get me starting to enjoy it, before he would pull out and come on my firm large breasts that he loved so much. As soon as he was done, I would go to the bathroom and rubbed myself to orgasm.

My vanilla life came to an abrupt end completely by accident. Ethan was hornier than usual and wouldn't stop pestering me as I was trying to study at the library late one Saturday night when he figured we should be out partying or having sex instead.

"No one else is here, Jess," he said, cupping my breasts from behind while I tried to read.

"Stop, Ethan, this is not the time or place," I protested.

"Come on, just a quickie," he begged, as I thought 'if that isn't the truth'.

"No," I said, already knowing it would be easier to pacify him with a blow job than keep thwarting his advances, he was relentlessly needy.

"A blow job then," he suggested.

"Fine," I said, "let's go back to your dorm."

"No, let's do it here," he pleaded.

"What? God, no," I said, even though the idea of such a risky setting had my panties suddenly getting damp.

"Come on, Jessica, take a risk," he said, unzipping his pants and pulling out his hard four inch cock.

I looked around and finally said, "Ok, but you better be watching for people."

"Sure," he said, clearly focused on getting head.

I fell to my knees and reluctantly took his cock in my mouth. I bobbed back and forth quickly, desperate to get him off as fast as possible. Yet, as I did suck him I felt a rush at knowing I was doing something in public. As usual, he took only a couple of minutes before he surprised me pulling out and shooting his cum all over my face.

"What the hell, Ethan," I gasped, suddenly mortified someone would see my face covered with cum.

"Sorry, babe, it has always been a fantasy of mine," he shrugged as if it was no big deal.

I got up and wiped my face with my sweater, before grabbing my books and admonished him, "You are such an asshole."

I went straight to a bathroom to make sure I had got all his disgusting cum off of me. I had some in my hair and I wiped it out with a Kleenex and sighed at the already white sticky residue on my black sweater.

I returned to my dorm and tossed the sweater in with a load of laundry. I ignored Ethan's constant texts of apology and phone calls and was about to go to bed when I got a text with an attachment. Usually, I would ignore it as I don't usually respond to anybody I don't know but the sender name intrigued me: Blackmaster.

Figuring what the hell, I clicked on the text message and gasped. It was a picture of me on my knees with Ethan's cock in my mouth, although the quality wasn't great, I could tell it was me.

The only words in the text were: Monday 7:30 pm Elster Field.

I stared at the picture forever. There was no mistaking it was me. Tears streamed down my face as I tried to figure out what to do. How did someone get such a picture? There was nobody around.

I texted the number back:
Who is this? What do you want?

A few minutes later another text arrived with another picture, this time a close-up of my face coated with cum. The same words accompanied it: Monday 7:30 pm Elster Field.

My tears stung my eyes as I drowned in my own sorrows. I called Ethan, "Are you responsible for this?"

"For what?" He asked, his tone instantly telling me he had no idea what I was talking about.

"Never mind," I snapped, hanging up on him.

After an hour of considering my options, I decided I had to meet with whoever had these pictures and reason with them. My parents are quite well off and I hoped I could buy my way out of this. Unlike my older sister, I had never used my family's fortune to get ahead; I actually tried to distance myself from my family's wealth as much as possible. Yet, I didn't see any other choice.

I went to bed and tossed and turned all night and all day Sunday I wondered what the blackmailer may want from me as I dreaded Monday coming.

2. The one where I go to a Gloryhole and begin my fall into the depths of my own sexual depravity.

Monday's classes were a write off as I couldn't concentrate at all. It wasn't until I was returning to my dorm that I got a new text from my potential blackmailer.

Jessica my pet,
Go to locker 721 in Allister Hall and get a package from it. The Combination is 22-33-06. Follow the instructions word for word or the pictures and video go viral.

I froze in my tracks. There was a video? Tears began welling up again as I turned around and went to Allister Hall. My head was spinning as it was officially now confirmed that I was being blackmailed and now the picture evidence had been compounded by some supposed video evidence as well. I cursed my brief moment of spontaneity and my weakness at not being able to say no means no as I entered Allister Hall. Another thought popped into my head: how did he know my name? Also, how did he get my cell number? A plethora of confusion ricocheted in my head as I tried to understand my current predicament.

I looked at everyone I walked past trying to get some clue to my blackmailer, not surprisingly, I got none. Reaching the locker, I looked around to see if anyone was watching me, yet everyone seemed oblivious to my inner turmoil. My hands trembled as I turned the lock, screwing up the combination three times before finally getting it right. Inside the locker was a box, which I took and after locking the now empty locker, I returned to my dorm, extremely curious as to what was in the box. Oddly, even though I was riddled with anxiety and fear of what lie ahead, I felt a strange feeling of excitement from not knowing what was in the box. It was an absurd feeling during such a stressful time.

Once in my room, I opened the box and saw that it was an outfit...a ridiculously revealing outfit. I had always been a long skirts and sweaters or jeans and sweater sort of girl, yet as I pulled the outfit out of the box I gasped. It was our school's cheerleading outfit with Pompoms. Seeing an envelope, I opened it praying this was some kind of joke.

Pet Jessica,
I have assigned you four tasks to complete. Any disobedience will result in the pictures and video of you going viral.

1. Get naked...that includes EVERYTHING...including your bra and panties...SLUTS like you don't need to wear either...NOW!

Being called a slut, even on paper, felt like getting slapped across the face. I was anything but a slut having only had sex with Ethan. I had gone without underwear a couple of times for Ethan's sake, but my 38dd breasts were not built to run wild and free. I couldn't fathom walking in public without the proper support. Yet, feeling like I had to obey, even though I had two hours until I was to meet my blackmailer, I got undressed. Once naked, I returned to the letter.

2. Put on the outfit given for you as a gift ...NOW!

The capitalized NOW rattled me, somehow compelling me to obey. I pulled out the skimpy white skirt and put it on. I pulled the sweater on and quickly realized my large breasts would be held up by the very tight sweater. Thankfully the sweater was thick enough to hide my erect nipples, my body somehow getting turned on by the ridiculous blackmail tasks. I grabbed the pantyhose package that was there as will and gasped as I saw that they were Hooters pantyhose. As I put them on, I could literally feel myself feeling sexier. The dark brown nylon fabric showcasing my legs in a way no other pantyhose ever had. Once on, I looked in the mirror and thought WOW I looked pretty damn good. Task 2 done, I returned to the blackmailer's instructions.

3. Put your hair up in two you usually do.

I froze at the words 'like you usually do'. That implied whoever was blackmailing me knew enough about me to know I usually wore my hair in pigtails. It was also obviously a guy as he wrote two ponytails instead of pigtails which no girl would do. My hair was already in pigtails so task three was already done.

4. Be at Elster Field at exactly 6:30, section 12.

Looking at the clock, I still had an hour so I finished reading the blackmailer's instructions.

Just a reminder, any disobedience to any task given today or in the future will lead to your photos going online.

P.S.: Bring the Pompoms with you.

I grabbed the Pompoms and looked in the mirror again. I had never considered being a cheerleader, but having the outfit on, one that was identical to the one's our school cheerleaders wore, was kinda exhilarating. Especially for someone who had went unnoticed throughout most of high school, albeit at my own cognition.

I paced my dorm unable to even try and do any school work, as each minute ticked by my anxiety doubled. I was also very nervous of being seen in a school cheerleader's outfit.

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