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Bound: Late One Night Pt. 02, 2011

by Sumddy 09/23/11

"Shhhh, stay still, lil baby. Your little pussy is so wet, baby. You like this, don't you, being fingered here on the beach, my hands inside your suit, touching you, fucking you, not wanting to move not wanting it to stop."

"Ohhhh, Daddy, yesssss, going to, going to cum again, Papa."

Her father whispered so hotly, so lovingly, so erotically "Mmmm, not yet, lil baby, Daddy wants to take you swimming" he whispered again hotly against the side of her face. He gripped her tightly in his arm around her side, gripping her enflamed breasts, pinching her nipple with just enough force to make her quiver and gush out a breath in his arms, pushing his finger deep inside her, pressing his palm into her vulva, mouthing the side of her neck, her head thrown back against his shoulder.

"Let Daddy, touch youuuu" he breathed into her ear. "Let Daddy make you feel good, baby."

"Ohhh god, Daddy, you're making me crazy. Touch me, you're making me, so wet, Daddy. Are people watching, Daddy?"

"Mmm, yessss, baby, people are watching, watching me touch my sexy lil girl" he breathed out, withdrawing his finger "fingering my little girl, fondling my daughters gorgeous tits, your nipples" rubbing the flat of his fingers over her slippery wet, puffy swollen bald little pussy, easing his grip on her, bringing her down slowly, keeping her sexual charge high. "Let's go into the water, baby."

Linsey felt like she was swimming already. Her father's arms inside her suit under the hot sun against her hot skin and they were both perspiring, their sweat mingling and dripping down her belly. Her legs were shaking when she stood up. Her suit a little stretched out, she smoothed it down, glad the suntan oil would wash away in the lake water; she could only imagine walking back to the car now, her nipples pressing out through the suit, a suntan oil stain all around her swollen breasts, down her belly and between her legs.

Her heart was still racing as her Daddy helped her stand, still shaky, taking his arm as they walked down to the water, smiling and laughing intimately, and began wading out.

They both dove in and under the water smiling at each as they swam as far as they could underwater. They came back up further from the beach.

The water was so warm and clear, and the white sand made it purely translucent. Linsey could see her legs and feet touching the bottom even when they were in water up to her shoulders.

They stood face to face, her father's cock standing up and out in his suit bumping her belly. Looking down into the water she arched her back and pushed her tummy against it, letting it bump her pussy through her suit.

"Wait baby, they're some people walking by" her father said looking over her shoulder back at the beach.

Linsey grinned, and pushed her tummy against her father's erection again.

"It's okay, Daddy, it's just" she paused, pressing her tummy against her father's throbbing hard cock "a father and his little girl, you giving me, ... swimming lessons" she teased, her father's cock pushing through her suit between the lips of her still tingling sex.

"They wont know, Daddy" she teased, her pussy humming "my Daddy's cock, is pushing at my little pussy through my suit. That your little girl is so slippery between her legs."

Pushing up off the bottom, her pussy came down right on top of the head of her father's erection pressing up in his suit, her belly pressed into his, her breasts swollen and touching against her father's chest, floating on him like a water bird perched atop a piling.

"Mmm, my little kitten is a naughty little girl. Tell Daddy how naughty you are, lil baby."

"You make me naughty, Daddy" she beamed up at her father, sliding down his stomach until she touched the bottom again.

"Oohhh Daddy, what's this in your suit?" she teased coyly.

Linsey pressed the flat of her hand against her father's erection through his suit.

"You're hard, Daddy, did I make you like this?" she mused in her little voice, cupping her father's balls in her other hand through his trunks.

"Why are you breathing so hard, Papa? Are my little hands making you feel good, Daddy? Is this, ... your cock, Daddy?" she breathed out hotly making herself gush, pushing her hand up and down her father's erection.

"The girls at school" she went on "talk about boy's cocks, Daddy. They say when they get hard, like this, they want, ... they want to, ..." Linsey was breathing hard now "... to put their cocks inside a girl, Daddy" she cooed.

"Do you, do you want, to put, your cock in me, Daddy? Is, is that, why you're so hard?"

"Mmm, yessss, baby. Your hands feel so good. Look how sexy you are, baby. Your breasts are floating up inside your suit. Daddy wants to swim under and suck your nipples where no one can see. Daddy wants to touch you through your suit, baby."

"Daddy, my pussy feels so warm, Papa. My breasts, my breasts ache, Papa. What's happening, Daddy? Why does my body feel so funny as I rub on you like this, Daddy?" she teased again.

Linsey slid her hand inside her father's trunks, wrapping her fingers around his stiff hard throbbing hot cock under the water. Her hands slippery from suntan oil, sliding up and down her father's erection.

"Ohh, lil baby, mmmmyessss, pull on Daddy."

Linsey began jerking her father's cock under the water, rubbing it against her belly, the side of her face on her father's warm wet chest, making herself so hot and horny pretending.

"Ohhh god, Daddy, you're, so hard, your cock is so, big in my hands, Daddy, it's so thick" she squeezed, over and again feeling the thick weight of her father in her hands.

She could feel the slipperiness of her father's pre-cum mix with the fluidity of the water, and she gushed, her little hands sliding up and down her father's erection, cupping his balls, squeezing and pulling on his cock.

She'd fantasized so many times, reaching out and jacking off the man fingering her on the beach. His big, thick, dripping wet cock in her fist as he fingered her. She saw her father. It had been him in her fantasies, his cock in her hand, his fingers under her bikini.

Collin wrapped his arms around her, pulling her to him, fucking his cock through his daughter's hand, against her warm belly, her swimsuit, so silky smooth.

"Nnn, Daddy, my little pussy, needs something, Daddy, your ... your cock, rubbing your cock, is making, my little pussy so warm, Papa. Like, my pussy, like it needs something in it, Papa. Is this what girls feel when boys want, to put their, hard cocks inside girls, Daddy? Is this why, I get so slippery wet when you touch me, Daddy? When you slide your hands under my suit, like we were back on the beach? Nnnn, Daddyyy, your cock is throbbing and getting bigger. You liked touching me under my suit, didn't you, Papa?" She lifted in the water, and whispered "I liked it, too, Papa, your hands under my suit."

Collin wrapped his hands around and under Linsey's bottom, and lifted her to him, pulled her against him, her pulling on his cock between them.

"Can I, can I, put it in me, Daddy? My pussy needs your cock, Daddy. Need it in me, Papa" Linsey gushed, her really needing it, her really wanting it.

"Mmm, do you, baby? Daddy needs it in you, too, baby. Daddy needs to put it in you, too."

"The girls at school, they say, a boy's hard cock, builds a lot of pressure, in his balls, Daddy" she breathed out, cupping her father's balls in her warm little hands, jacking his cock against her belly.

"Do they, baby? Is that what the girls say?" he played along.

Linsey nodded sheepishly.

"They do, Papa. They say a girl, they say a girl can help, Daddy. Can a girl help a man, that way, Daddy? Can a little girl, help her Daddy, that way?"

"Oh god, baby, you're making me so fucking hot."

"I know, Daddy, your cock is so hard, so big in my hand. Can I, help, help you relieve, ... the pressure, Papa? Will my hands help, Daddy? Will, will my, will my little pussy, help, Daddy? If you put it, in me, Papa? Will that help?" Linsey was working herself and her father into a frenzy. They were both panting, humping each other under the water.

"Yesss, baby, you can help, Daddy" he answered, putting his hands on her hips, he turned her in the water to face the beach, and whispered "let's let them think I'm giving my little daughter swimming lessons."

Linsey looked back at the beach, where a number of people were now walking. An older couple had stopped and were looking out over the lake. The woman saw Linsey look at them, and she smiled and waved a little wave at Linsey. Linsey smiled even as she reached behind her, and wrapped her fingers back around her father's cock, pulling on him, rubbing him against her lower back. She felt terribly naughty. Thrilled. Excited,

"Just think, she has no idea your father is rubbing his hard cock against your little bottom" he said of the woman on shore. "She has no idea your father is holding you by your hips" his fingers wrapping around her "and pushing my cock between your legs" he growled "sliding against your hot little pussy through your suit. They have no idea, you're your Daddy's" he paused, and growled "little fuck toy. That when we go home at night, Daddy has my cock in my lil girl. That alone in our house, my lil girl is sucking her father's cock, that her father is making her suck his cock, making her suck him off in her hot little mouth. That your father, ties you to the bed."

Linsey gushed. Felt her father slide his now hugely hard cock between her legs, rubbing her pussy through her suit, holding her off the bottom, floating her, moving her in the water, rubbing himself between her legs, Linsey's whole body electric, tingling hot. Her nipples had never been so hard, aching hard.

"Nnn, they don't Daddy. They have no idea I pull my panties aside for my father to fuck me. That I sleep in your bed, that we're lovers, Daddy, incestuous lovers, father and daughter, do they? That I'm my father's little fuck toy, aren't I Daddy? That I lay against your lap at night. That I suck my father's cock, that slip it inside my hot little pussy. That my father owns me, and that I let him, want him, to fuck me whenever he wants. That my father wakes up, in the middle of the night, and lifts up my nightie, and plays with my swollen breasts, that my Daddy sucks my nipples, and slides his cock inside me from behind, do they Daddy? That my father watches me touch myself. That I watch my father jerk his big, hard daddy-cock at night when I sleep in his room. That I suck you off, in my mouth" she gushed. "That I love sucking my father off. Your hot cum in my mouth, do they Daddy?"

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